Mar 10, 2014

Where to use 1Malaysia Book Vouchers / Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia BB1M 2014 and their extra rewards! * Updated May 2014 *

Note : Effective from 1st of May

More info here :

Hello there my fellow visitor. You must be wondering and have questions like :

1. Book voucher 1malaysia 2014 can use at where?
2. 1 malaysia book vouchers 2014?
3. Where can spend bb1m?
4. How to spend bb1m 2014?
5. bb1m 2014 where can use?
6. bb1m 2014?
7. book voucher 2014?

Well you are at the right place. In this post I have compiled and constantly updated with the latest offers from all the major bookstores in Malaysia.

Here are some list or places where receivers of the Book Vouchers of 2014 can use them.
Do update me or leave a comment to update me to update this list to keep more informed!

Reminder :
The vouchers are valid till from 1 January until 31 July 2014 so don't forget!

Here are the places where you can use the vouchers. 

Spend RM250 worth of BB1M in any POPULAR outlets and get RM50 Gift Voucher + 1 year POPULAR Card for FREE* while those who spend RM150 worth of BB1M will get RM10 Gift Voucher + 1 year POPULAR Card FREE*!

That's not all! Grab your share of 200 prizes worth RM 70,000 with your BB1M! Just click on this link: to find out how! 
More info check out their Facebook : Popular Book Co (M) Sdn Bhd

So I suppose you get this 'My Little Red Book'

Some list of things in the Red Book

And looks like MPH is getting competitive with competitions to get more people to their outlets as well. Prize includes :
Main Prize: 1 Pair of Air Ticket to Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific
Weekly 1st Prize: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

More info for this go to : and MPHClick

They sure do
Not too bad I suppose?

For more info visit : The Borders

You can now enjoy an instant rebate of 10% off on books and stationery at all of their 
Also, when you:-
Spend RM 150 (3 x BB1M), you will receive 2 x RM10 Gift Voucher; or
Spend RM 250 (5 x BB1M), you will receive 5 x RM10 Gift Voucher

If you do not know, these are the guys behind and running The Big Bad Wolf.
Not much rewards but they do accept the Book Vouchers.

For more info visit : Bookxcess

6. Kinokuniya

According to their Facebook page, it is stated that they do accept the book vouchers.
No other info can be found at the moment on other rewards though.

The Wolf are accepting BB1M vouchers as well but currently they are only in KL and Penang.

Mydin pun boleh!
Info here

Simple steps to join the contest are in this link


From previous years I've heard that small vendors selling computer accessories do accept book voucher at PC Fairs or some even set up stalls at colleges.

I know previously RadioShack actually accepted them as well.

It appears that RadioShack dont accept them anymore.

Anymore updates or info do leave a comment!

Here is some more info from the government on the eligibility and all that.
Nothing much important if you have got them already.
Just FYI if you wanna read more.

Mar 9, 2014

March 2014 : Change Needed

Let it go.
Like the mainstream song now.

Okay so this may be a confession or something like that.
Many know this already but I will just state it out a little.
I put on many masks to masks myself from my real self.
But then dont we all?
Anyways I am here to talk about myself.

So for the past many years, I have become someone that I hate.
Someone that I never really wanted to become.
Someone that I wanted to change for a long time but its always halfway only.

I have done very bad things in the past.
Things I thought I could refrain from.

Some of them are cursing, gossiping and lazying and some other stuff.
Probably you, the one that is reading this already knows.
But this time I think I am for real.
Damn you ee rick you really have to stop your routines if you wanna be of someone you should.

So this will be the day where I start to try to stop for a new beginning.
To put away my masks because I will and should not have any other,
There will only be one all the time.
One that speaks of blessings instead of profanity,
One that glorifies our Creator rather than cursing his creations,
One that God, everyone and myself will be proud of.

So this is the day.
Where I will be letting go of my past.

Bye old Ee Rick.

Mar 3, 2014

Progress : March 2014

This is the first time I am posting anything related to my workout publicly.
Well I did posted on twitter once or twice but those aren't really anything and besides my twitter is kinda private view only. Kinda.

March 2014

(Picture actually taken from the video my friend was helping me to see my back)

So I've started doing chin and pull ups since July 2012 actually.
From the beginning till now, I still struggle to do them properly because there are always reasons.

Then around September 2012 only I started to become more consistent with my workouts and trainings.
One may or not not wonder why I want to go through all these hardships.

Following will be the reasons why I do it:

May 2013

1. I want to be stronger. fitter and healthier
I've always been the loser in secondary school despite being the assistant head prefect.
my physique was weak and i couldn't excel in my school's sports and sports hasn't really been my thing.

September 2010
(Nope I definitely don't want to look like this anymore)

2. I am definitely doing this for myself
some may think I am doing this to prove to someone from my past to compare or whatsoever.
that is not entirely true. firstly, i have moved on long ago and whatever that party does doest affect me at all. and no I don't wanna compare as well. if you're good, you're good. good for you. i will just do my thing.

September 2013
(Yes this is more like it)

3. I want to be the strong person that I want to look up to (besides God)
my family members have been perceived to be weak looking. we are small and what not.
i want to do this and not give up because I want to achieve my goal and proof that I can do something till I succeed and all the doubters and what not can fly off.

November 2013
(Yeah this is the way!)

4. I do it because others say I cannot / because of the teasing
to be honest, all i remember up to today from where I started, what i hear more are discouragements, teasing, doubts and mostly negative feedback. Of course there were positive ones but the negative ones were way more. Since I cannot control what others want to say, I can only prove that I can succeed through my actions and results. Every workout I have gone through, my body has told me to stop more than anything and that is when I will force myself to think of all the negative things that I've heard and turn them to motivations to go harder.

March 2014
(More to come. At least I can stand for about 3 seconds now)

5. I don't want to be like others
skins and bones were the past. or at least they were my past.
today my goal is to be someone with somewhat more flesh and muscles on my body to fill the void that shoud've been filled long ago. plus, everything is better when they are bigger right? (of course this does not apply to everything).

May 2011

Hopefully soon I will be able to take more pictures and then I can be reminded of how small I used to be :)

So long for now.
Progress : March 2014

See the first post here. : Progress : March 2013

Mar 2, 2014

Random Testing 1 2 3

My first pair of Levi's



Cuz of no nicer background in my house, I stood on a chair to use the wall. Lol.
Oh it sucks also when you dont have someone that you can trust and is not too good at taking pictures.

All taken and edited with my iPhone 4s
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