Feb 17, 2014

January up to Mid Feb 2014

So its 2014 huh and I'm going to be 23 this year. Lol.
So it was my semester break and Chinese New Year and it has been great fun as usual and all.

My 6th semester's results just came out and I am satisfied with it :))))
I may have started the revision late even though I wanted to do it earlier as usual but this I only manage to focus on the earlier subjects but still kinda nailed the papers :)))) 
To think of it, actually it was the last easy papers that gave me A minuses.

So lets recap and see what happened :)

My first instagram post of 2014.
Scary or lame?

Now that my results are out, I can officially claim that this was the final exam I will take in TARUC.
Unless if I continue my Masters or PhD there later la :P

After my exams then as usual,
planned myself to be super occupied so that I can earn money and have fun as much as I can.
But then didn't really get to work a lot.
But the Ang Pau money was a lot tho.
The most I've received all my life yet :)

My first activit\ty was kinda dangerous.

We took a train to Kelana Jaya to collect my cheque which I won from a Fly FM contest and he wanted to go to Ikea and all.
So we tried to stop a taxi after Sri Pentas but they didn't wanted to fetch us so we ran and walked over which was very dangerous and hot.

Perspective shit and all.

Oh I will be adding pics from twitter for this time or maybe from this year onwards :)

So I bulked and ate them all by myself because I am a sad person.

and then it got bored for a while because now we have got extra assignments from UK.

Macam yes stuff.

Oh yea my room at home is going thru some changes now.
Hopefully it will be functional soon.
It has been like 3 weeks now.

all the timing luan liao so I will just post.

So I had dem Carls' Jr for 2 days lunch in a row.
Mouthgasm man.

From Iron man to Batman and now to Captain America

around this time, this kinda became popular too.

I was pretty much like this during Spring Cleaning.
Prevented a lot of sneezing,
The week before that I was sneezing so bad that my nose GG kau kau.

Said goodbye to some shoes that has served me well for the past many years.

My old folks making the CNY stuff faithfully every year.

Then CNY came.

Kali pertama ku membeli and memakai baju berwarna pink.

swag shit or whatever.
i don't like swag anyways.

My dad's sister's daughters' daughters.

My dad's sister's daughters' daughter.
I use to sit on that yellow chair when I was about her size.
Getting dem girls to eat are so difficult. All the ones we have here are little.

First time in my life so many leng luis want me.
Good thing I still have the stamina and strength to play with them

As usual we got a lot of stuff at home but no one really wants to eat them or really comes.

Met up with a long lost friend and we went to Tours Le Jours.

Then gathering with the Malats to play and all.
Bought this big ass Sake and all.

before the sake, we went for Laser Tag.
Paid rm50 for unlimited rounds in Puchong IOI Mall.
So badass.

Then Febuary came or something.

Braced myself.

Had a random shoot and won only 2 movie tickets.
Yes only 2 tickers for 5 winners for a contest held sort of Nation Wide. IKR.

Then college almost started or something.

During this period I kinda slowed down on posting because nothing much was happening.

Then this came at one of my CF friend's house.
GG imba gilar.

Of course pictures don't take themselves.

and then there was a few house visitations around and I must say that they were pretty generous.

and then another awesome party came along.
spot the leng luis?

and they all talk cock and bullshit until 3am I think
I thought it was not going to end. lol.
i was so freaking tired already but it just went on and on HAHA

and then the V day came and I spent it obama self as usual.
like for the most of my life.
just another normal day.

Just wondering, do these look suitable on me?
My traps and chest are non visible so yeah.
Leave me a comment or tweet me or something if anyone is ever going to read this :')

Saved the best for last but also cause its only this week I got some shitz.

That's another stadium down.
Like as in Ive visited before.

Okay iz time for mez to write some shiz.

Taken on Valentine's day on the way back from the cinemas after watching a movie with my mum and brother.
The last time this happened was like 10 years ago or more.
Yeah I may have been alone on that day but as of now I still have family and friends to accompany me.
Also I know that there is a Superior one watching over me and guiding me nearer to her.
That is one of the reasons why I dome simply start a relationship because I don't think its a game and perhaps that's why many girls or people think that I've led them but not proceeded to the next stage. Okay maybe its my fault because I didn't address the issue and settle it properly afterwards.
I am sorry.
My fault or not (like you over think or something), I apologise first.

I probably am flirting around or something like that and perhaps that's why I may have subconsciously hurt or mislead people.

So anyways I am trying to be as boring as possible and not do anything or say anything that I shouldn't be speaking to try to limit my mistakes and all.

Sorry la huh,
Anyways I hope that there is someone like me or someone for me that's is still waiting for me to appear like how I am waiting for her to appear. Like Ted from How I Met Your Mother.

Another thing that has been on my mind recently is something on my future.
Its probably I am quite near to my study part of my life.

So what I may be worrying you may not ask because no one is reading this.
its about which field to enter when everything is achieved.

Should I enter sales and marketing, hr, banking and finance, advertisements, event companies or what not.
cause I feel like once i am in that field I will be probably be there for the rest of my life.
oh dont forget the education field as well cuz I still wanna have the name Dr. before my name :PPPPP

So yeah I am trying to look for what's best for me atm and what my light should be shining towards to.

Hopefully all iz well.

All iz well.

Till next time everyone.

Ee Rick.

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