Oct 2, 2013

September 2013

One word for this month : Best month ever!
Was blessed with things one after another!

This was the month where there was:
gathering with old friends,
crazy fun,
crazy crazy,
crazy blessings,
crazy drinking,
crazy running,
crazy outings,
crazy me.

There was a whole month of semester break for me so it was nothing less than AWESOME!
I guess after the tiring month of August, September was very different :D
Just thinking of the stuff that I went trough the whole month is giving me smiles already. 
Oh God I am so happy with my life right now tho i do feel empty in the inside.

Free Trip!
Went to Royal Selangor to see how stuff there are made.
Went to Bursa Malaysia. Got to know more about the stock exchange.

Then I took my brothers from another mother and father to tour KL.
Sort of.

Braced myself and went to the shop at last.
The most expensive drink I've every paid for.

Then September 10th came and finally the Apple announcement was on.
We were so hyped up but was disappointed because there wasn't an official live video streaming.

If you do not know, September 10th was also my birthday.

Technically no one was home so on the day I was just sleeping, working out and bulking with this.

2 days later I finally gathered with the people I celebrated my 21st birthday with.
So blessed with these monkeys hahahaha!
Actually until today I've still not eaten any cake but cake are bad anyways so yeah :'/
Made them sing me birthday song.
It was also the night I tried to get wasted in which I actually succeed and made a whole lot of mess.
And the feeling of hangover is no good indeed.
And so I said 'I will not take alcohol again'.

2 more days later and this finally came!
After training for the past 3 months, finally the day came.
I usually train about 3 to 5km only but during the run,
I just ran and ran and ran and it didn't feel impossible anymore!
My leg did GG tho due to muscle overuse and I'm still suffering from it after 3 weeks.
Indeed it was a great personal achievement for me eventho I didn't win anything.
It was my first time joining a Marathon not from school btw :D

And then CF camp came.
Its like my 5th camp.
Found the way again.
Still following it today,

Here is the compilation of the food we had there.
It was at El Sanctuary and if you do not know,
the place serves very good meals and facilities.
Took me 4 days to complete and took a lot of heat because
I chose to sit where there was natural lighting for these pictures.

then straight after camp i was rushing around for another gathering and all.
Finally met them again after 5 years.
Friends from secondary school.
Everyone look very much the same.
I'm different tho because i think I'm bigger already hehehe.

the guys went all out.
since i was trying to be sober so I took a lot of pictures instead of drinking.

Then college started.

and OH after many attempts for the FLYFM Game of Clues challenge,
I finally won!
Getting to speak to Hani was the second most exciting part of the day :)

And also OH BABY my results were unexpected!
CGPA rose till a point where I've never gotten so high before.
I'm just an average B student btw if you do now know that.
So all the last minute camping and supplements didn't go to waste
and definitely need to thank God for his blessings over and over again :)

Then being random us,
we went up to Genting for no particular reason.

No particular reasons at all.
We just went up at 2am after going to the Karaoke for 3 hours.
With crazy and forever 'on' people, comes crazy and forever 'on' plans.

After some consideration,
I bought this and will be testing it out.
Only part I hate is that it gets harden too fast.

OH i haven't mentioned!
While I was in camp I won tickets to Arthur's Day by Guinness as well!
Good thing my friend tagged me at the post if not I wouldn't know also.

On the day, the international artist came but the only reason I was there was because of them

The-All American Rejects live In Malaysia 2013.

It was definitely great to see them again after 4 years.
I was so close to the them and that was really really awesome.

All the photos were taking with my iPhone 4s and uploaded to instagram and here are just the compilation of and more description of them.

So yea September 2013 was definitely the best month of the year so far.
It was very different from last year's Sept because there was some sad stuff in it but this time it was all good only.
also if I've mentioned any months before in this year that I said that they were the best, it is now considered void.

Thank you for looking thru.
Good Bye!

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