Sep 2, 2013

August 2013

Its that time of the month again where I will usually give a summary of my month. This month i've decided to go back to ranting.

Well generally the months was okay. It was my exam month so I spend 2 weeks camping in my room revising and the weeks before slacking as usual. I would study till 3am then wake up at 6am for the final round. After the second exam I kind of got use to it. It was also a dry month. Didn't get any jobs. Had 2 PC fairs but was unavailable and actually took up a usual hard labour work for shit nuts pay job because my friend sounded like he really needed help from someone with experience.

Highlights :

Finally got to met the people I usually only hear on the radio.
Thats Ben from if you do not know.

My mentee doing great

Finally decided to go to the next level.
But then again I'm only taking one tube of this to test out.

Noticed any physical changes apart from the hair and pimples assuming you have known me for a long time? :P

The rant :
Some things that really annoys me and other people includes slackers. I mean free riders and social loafers. Something like that. They expect to do less and get bigger rewards. When everyone else is also working hard or even harder but just that you don't see it because you don't get it and you are just doing stuff but you keep thinking that you are greater and and exclusive. Want to get offers but not willing to work and keep complaining. Come one la.  Assuming you will be a boss one day, will you want to hire a demanding and lazy employee? I always think or try to be the person I want to hire. Be damn hard working and good at what you are at then others may notice it and then reward you later. Be more realistic and expect the worst. Don't take people's word for word. Its hard to be the middle person so please lah don't be an ass to others.

Anyway We're the Millers is a damn good movie and I would rate it 9 out of 10 for a comedy.

Anyways there at there end of the day usually it will be the reward for you if you do your work properly and if you really deserve it.

and also Happy independence day.
and oh i just realised that this is my 600th post.
Yay to me and eerickishere :D
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