Aug 8, 2013

Starbucks Key Lime Banana Pie

A post dedicated to this fine pie.

Starbucks Key Lime Chocolate Pie from Starbucks
It has Caramel as well depending on the syrup flavour that you prefer

Didn't taste too bad.
The cream was nice. The lime was sour (duh) but a bit sour for my liking.

Price : RM9.80
Taken at : Starbucks at Pavilion & Alpha Angle

Aug 4, 2013

Hobbies / Pastime 1.0

As of now, I have developed a few pastimes and hobbies and skills along the years. I will post a list of things I do when I am free and when I am older I will read back this post and see how many I am still doing.

Past times - Very frequent ones
1. Body weight workouts Approx 2+ hours if got time.
2. Running.
4. Sleeping
5. Listening to music.. Currently Dubstep
5. Playing my guitars
8. Casual surfing the net
9. Read tech news. Apple related news more.
10. Watching movies in the cinemas
11. Watch good sitcoms like HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Avatar the Last Airbender etc.
12. Cleaning stuff
13. Cooking
14. Taking pictures
15. Web window shopping

Past times - Rarely now

1. Selling. Smalltime.
2. Bullshitting.

We will see how many I will be able to maintain.

Aug 2, 2013

July 2013

It is indeed a curse. I am only free and available to update during the beginning of the month.

July was a dry and boring month.
It was the peak time of our semester hence the stress and dryness.

There was some nice food place visited too fortunately bit it was in the ending of the month.

Got sick for 2 weeks and it was all about assignments one after another because this semester has no mid-term tests.

A lot of our nights were spent like this

Doing crazy stuff like photo shooting at 4am in the morning due to time constrain

Let me show you basically what I was more busy with in my group for this one particular subject which needed banyak pattern.
My first time designing a website

Opened another blog
and Facebook page

Not only that.

For my individual project

For our group assignment.
I didn't create this one.
I was the co-person only.

and so
Our final presentation for the semester.
THis picture do not illustrate how happy we were.
And also when this was taken, it was suppose to be the last presentation.
Then suddenly one of the lecturers told us that we had to do another presentation to the Uni principle.

What is life and celebrations without food you love?
Taken at T.G.I.F Pavilion

Got free Cake from Starbucks.
Starbucks Key Lime Chocolate Pie.

Dem cream.
Didnt taste too bad. The cream was nice. The lime was sour (duh) but a bit sour for my liking.

The funny thing is that the pie didn't appear on Google search results.
Maybe it will now.

Most notable things of the month :

Snapped my specs stupidly.
Thank God for the cheap replacements.
DIfferent colour now but no one will care and notice.

Sunway Lagoon all park entry for RM20 only.
My body starting to show a little of hope.
and here is my 700th picture for my Instagram.

My love for my guitars.
Played for some great sessions I think.
Passed my Ukulele level 3 test well (meh)
and manage to do this project I had on my mind successfully.

Won these babies.
I haven't received them yet but indeed I am really blessed with this prizes from
Great stuff they have. Do check them out.

If there was a graph for this month,
it would look something like this.


So thats all for now. Buh bye!

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