Jul 1, 2013

May and June 2013

It has been a month and a half since the last post. I still visit my blog regularly for fun but I don't really have the time to do anything with it. I'm still active on twitter, facebook and instagram but because of the homework and assignments I am having I cannot allocate the time for this. Hopefully I can remember the things I wanted to say. Even as I type, I still got many assignments undone waiting for me T_T

BTW I think I have developed a habit that I just realised.
I usually blog during the beginning of the month.

Let me go back to

 May :

So the best thing for this year was that I'm OFFICIAL!

I finally can vote!
I remembered knowing about this thing call voting when I was 12 and now I am finally legal to do it. Time indeed has pass.

So what led up to that day was very awesome. It was free food. 
Round 1

Round 2

and finally round 3. 
Too much good and free food and calories that day XD


And then the election results were out and the people were pissed as we all know it.

Then for the first time in my live I braved myself for these kind of gatherings.

It was totally jam because they close the gates and all the cars got stuck and everyone parked in the middle of the road and all and we all walked to the stadium all.

Reached the stadium and there was a LOT of people.

To go in we all did the thing we had to do and we sort of climbed in like this.
The amount of help from the people there was epic.
All these were done with my bros KF and Wayne.

People mountain people sea.

Then came the last weeks of May

TVXQ Concert

Nothing to be proud of since I'm not a fan of K-Pop.
I did look more yeng tho since i was given the walkie talkie :D

Then the following day I went to the first hike with KF and humiliated myself up there.

and after 2 years, I finally made another of these pictures. :)

First time playing on a real pinball machine and its was old as me XD

and then I went on a 4 day movie marathon at the cinemas. It was epic.

The next day after my marathon I went up to Cameron Highlands.
It has been a while since I went up and there it was indeed a very very very good place to be at.

i didn't remember that It was a cold place so I only brought shorts.

The main reason why I was there

It was indeed a bloody crazy hike. 
The hardest I've been to so far.
The bloody trail took us about 4 hours one way and dam we walked for about 8 hours if i remembered correctly We walked mainly on tree roots, mud, climbing in between, on and under tree roots, rock climbing and not so much of a proper clean trail.
Got stung by a bee for the first time and man the pain and swell lasted for a week.

It a 3 days 2 night trip and It was indeed the best place I've visited so far in Malaysia.
mainly is cause its cold :P


June :

Whatever leather goods you buy in the future, don;t get this kind I got.
I don't know how to explain it but basically its nor prone to scratches and the scratches stays.

Karaoke till 3am.
Something I'm not fond of but I will usually take the mic when finally a wild English song appears.
Its because I hang with Chinese speaking people and hence all the lagu cina.
And for the first time i hear Malay songs picked by my friends cause some were from east and they sing Malay songs.
Apple Keynote was happening at the same time as well.
So most of the time I was watching the keynote with my IPhone without sound.
it was a painful experience.

Another job I did. 
Met many local celebs but meh.

Met Aishwarya Rai babeh! The most beautiful woman in India.
Because I was in charge of assisting the talent agent that was taking care of her so I had the privilege to follow her around.
We shared the same lift and all lo. Good thing I manage to hold my fart if not then big time GG HAHAHA :X
She smiled at me and it was like daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

Bough my own Chicky Meal and I got dem Superman pen!

Stupid haze. Lasted for a week.

The time I wanted to say 'Come at me bro haze',
I was too late but its a good thing.

Most notable thing of the year to me maybe.
This will be the first time I will be joining a marathon out of school and I am actually training for it.
The last time I trained for something, there wasn't anything.
Correck ka my sentence?

BFF forever
(till the point they tear)

and many still don't know why i go to movies alone sometimes.

So i think that's it. Finally I did it.So i think thats it. Finally I did it.So i think thats it. Finally I did it.
Took me exactly one hour to get this over.
Bye for now.
Time to kill and score some assignments and then can play more than this.TIme to kill and score some assignments and then can play more than this.TIme to kill and score some assignments and then can play more than this.
Bye you.
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