May 16, 2013


This day will be the official day I start learning the Ukulele.

It seems I have developed a habit of getting something for myself every month and this month its this.
I never thought I would be an owner for such a unique instrument.

This is a Soprano Uke which is also the smallest one in the family.
Got 'brand' equals to no brand cause its some China made with some name slapped on it only.

I wanted to get a Concert Uke initially because of its more generous spacing but
this particular model caught my attention with its bright sound and other neat details.

So 2 minutes of asking the sales person to teach me, i manage to memorise 4 chords without knowing what they were.
2 days later which was yesterday which was when i bought the guitar, I took about 2 hours and can agak-agak memorise all the common chords and play common songs already.
Funny thing is that I've signed up for a 10 week class which I probably will learn the stuff again.

Gave this baby to my housemate with some guitar knowledge and told her some chords, 3 minutes later
she was playing and singing along 對面的女孩看過來 like she pro already with the 6 chords i just told her.

What I can say so far is that for simple playing, this baby is definitely easier to learn
with the low tension unlike acoustic guitars.

So hopefully one day I will finally have the guts to sing and record myself playing ma uke and be on Youtube :D

Anyways should I give it a name?

May 1, 2013

April 2013

How or Where to begin?

I think the whole of April was a holiday break for me.
Haven't been on a holiday break for so long.
However it was not all play and spending for me...
About 13 days of it I was working.
From all the way to KLCC to Penang and all the way back to KLCC again.
I actually got another job offer today but I decided not to.
And FOOD. So much nice food this month!
But no food pictures this post. I promise.
Because some may find it offensive depending on the time they read this.

So my finals for my 2nd semester ended on April Fool's day.
Must say I really did manage prank a lot of people.
\I think the best i've done so far after so many years :P

A few days after i was done with my stuff in college then i went home.
And went hiking with my dad.
The safe kind.
Not those dangerous ones where your lives are being endangered.

Won super last minute from RedFM which i actually do not listen to :X XD
Thinking about it, it has almost been a month since ive been that busy.

I was only home for about 4 days then i had to go come back to Wangsa Maju
to make life easier for me to work and all.

Second week of April.
It was PC Fair and it was in KLCC.
Laoya punya company offered me low salary and no food.
But because they were the ones that brought me to this field so i mengenang budi and helped them.
Very thankful that i had a friend to eat with and got to know her more thru this job :)
and another colleague of mine who kinda lived near me and was so kind to offer to ride me back.

It was the 3rd week already when it ended.
Then I had a day to rest and get ready for PENANG!
I've been wanting to go there for quite some time already. 
I was only about 6 when I went last time and that is kinda long.

Cut story short, we were there to play initially but so ngam and blessedly
my kaki called me and told me got job. Then of course on de ma hor...

Finally my turn to insta it too :)))))))))))

Go there do stupid stuff and waste money :D
Tried body massage for the first time too!

Did illegal stuff. In front of the personnel in charge

.Cycling along the Gurney beach with the cool wind after dinner with
fun to be with people.
It was the best cycling experience I've had thus far.
Only problem was my friends had no leg stamina. All complain :P

More pictures can see my insta here :') 

And then our vacation ended.
And had to go work.already.

The play in Penang was spectacular.
Carefree, almost stressless and no one to tell us what to do.
Only thing constraining us was time.
I will definitely miss the things we've done there and the people with too.

Do cow do horse just to earn a little bit of money.
Under sun and all. 
Not the easiest job I've done. But then again nothing is easy,
Money is hard to earn.

We were backstage so there was many celebs that we saw.
But most kickass was still Redfoo. The fella walked in front of my and it felt awesome.

Funny about this Penang getaway for about 6 days was that i lost 2kgs instead of gaining weight :D
All that cardio from walking and cycling and sun and work :')

It feels really good when you travel and work with people you love! :)

My badass souvenirs.
Only artist got that tag but we managed to get some for ourselves.

Last day after work in Penang.
Being emo and sentimental and all.
Cause i know once i leave that place, things will not be the same again,
I will have to face all the challenges of life, exam results and more shit jobs.
It has inspired me to maybe go for a trip ever semester break if i have the resources.
But its all bout doing shit jobs again to be able to afford the luxury by myself
since i don't think its not right anymore to ask for pocket money for this kind of things
at this age.

Week 4.
Then i had another day to rest only again before i went for my super duper 7 days 9am to 10pm standing sales job -.-
I was not fully recovered but already had to go to work early in the morning.
Because it was very commission based, so it felt really really shitty,
The first few days I really felt sad for taking up the job. 
But then i gave up regretting and just pray for time to pass faster.
I think the pay is okay but not worth my time to stand the whole day.
Plus it has made my growth retarded cause i cannot workout and all that stuff.

Had to carry a heavy douchebag with expensive products every whole day. 
Here is about 800 bucks of products already in just this small bag.
Branded stuff la ha.

Can you spot the straight and not?
I will definitely not be doing this kind of job anymore :)
Learnt many news things again of course.
But then selling something that I personally don't like and use is harder than usual.
And this job really opened my eyes and about these kind of jobs.
It seems that they can get up to 5 digits of salary just by doing this kind of sales.
And ooohhh...Spoke so much BM this week.
Almost felt like i was in primary and secondary school again. :')

What was even harder that in the midst of not having enough of sleep everyday,
i still had my band practice and all that other chores.

Then my job finally finished :')

And practice pun semakin sedap.

Then results pun keluar.
Really felt blessed that i managed to pass all my papers.
Really need to thank God.
The paper i tot will GG like for real also got B-.
Went very much better than expected. :')

And the finally the day came.
Our band.
'That Band'
Our first gig on stage.
People chanted encore and all but all macam yes only la...
Really thankful for talented members but sadly i suck at being the leader.

So i suppose this month was a happy month and this is a happy post.
Work was really tiring. I felt like giving up too many times
but i remembered why i wanted to take them in the first place.
It is to be more independent.

So i think that concludes my post.
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