Apr 16, 2013


One of my old best friends. We would talk for hours on the phone even after class.
And my eyes. they really zzz ... I didn't do it on purpose...
But it is kinda funny anyways. I think.

I miss the old days when things were less carefree and i was further to the permanent working life.
I might have held many post that time but it was manageable.

Life ah life.
Stop being a bitch to me.
Everything come nice nice for me please :D

Apr 13, 2013

Not for the weak minded. Please leave.

Sucks when you don't have the freedom of speech anymore. What i mean is that when you are expressing your thoughts and words where you choose to but you cannot do it without getting judge. For me its thru social networks and blogging. If you don't like to read or follow me then screw off. Don't reply with indirect tweets you female cat. I'm sick of this sheet. Below is a picture not to be simply press. But due to human curiosity i think if you are reading this you will click it anyways If you do then screw you. If you manage to not click, then have the balls to come ask me. No thanks for reading.


Apr 8, 2013

A post that is Random

Now back to my infamous style of blogging : Commenting on things i encounter.

Can't wait for his reply.
(seems too small to be viewed. But too big when put to its original size)
(guess you will have to squint your eyes if you are interested to read)
Or you can go here

Apr 3, 2013

Another piece of my life

My bros that stayed with me for almost 3 years in the hostel in TARC.
It would've been 4 but i decided to not return after i went back to college.

Now we are the seniors and some of them are leaving already.
I will really miss the times we had and all of them very much.

We use to have LAN parties and we shouted from room to room to communicate and all.
Every evening at 7pm someone would knock on your door and come faithfully to 'jio' you for dinner and we would walk all the way out everyday and would've talk lame stuff on the way.
Those were truly the best times of my life. :')

Picture from 2010

I believe there are no other gangs in hostel that are like us where such a big group of us from the same floor who takes care of new juniors and all.
Really something you hardly can get nowadays considering that I always hear from people and juniors staying in the hostel saying that they got no friends and are not even friends with their neighbors which is very very sad.
Glad I met these people and it was thru some lame things we did in the beginning that brought us all together!

What really happened was after the first 2 days staying in the hostel i got so lonely that i got desperate and i started walking to people I've been seeing around to make friends with.

From there I met more people. Me with another lame fella, we went to other rooms and peeked at them from the window and made funny noises. Then we went to their doors to introduce ourselves and from there our group grow little by little and by the 2nd week all of us juniors the we kinda know each other already.

As time pass we became seniors and we took care of the people that came. Some.

It was from these people i manage to learn and improve my mandarin too much that i wouldn't have imagines myself to have.
A lot of jobs came from this network of these people and I really want to thank them for that.

I hope all the best to all my brothers that are going to the working world after this and really hope this friendship and brotherhood can last as long as it can be.

more pictures from 2010 here
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