Mar 26, 2013

That Band

Something new is coming to town.
Definitely not one direction.

Mar 20, 2013

Progress : March 2013

Hi. So if you haven't realise, I've picked up a new pass time and interest recently.
And if you might have not noticed, I might look less skinny now.

Picture taken on 2011

I was skinny and was happy. And then i started working and had a lot of these 



Awesome FOOD!

And it gave me a belly.
And people started to notice it.
And people started calling me fat.
And I didn't liked it.
Mind you, I have not regretted consuming any of these btw.

I had been doing light exercises during that period but it wasn't enough to compensate my intake.

So I thought hard and got motivated by some other events that made me want to change for the better.

So it all started to be more serious when I got this from a friend

Cookies and cream they said.

Late October 2012.

It tasted okay in the beginning but after a month it started to taste like chalk or in other words yucky.

Note : Before i continue, let me tell this first.
Protein shakes do not contain steroids. Steroids are illegal. It would be illegal to sell protein powders or even other supplements publicly if it does contain them. And these are not magic powder. I'm saying this for fat burners and all that other stuff bought by body builders as well. There are no such things such as one will automatically become buff after taking these supplements. If there is ever such thing, you will never see fat people and only buff people on the streets. All these supplements contain a lot of stuff that makes your muscle recover faster and grow faster and all only. Bottom line is that you still have to train and do your sh*t routines to grow.

And trust me, I have done a lot of research online and asked many experienced people. Unless if they are wrong of course.

Okay then,
i realise there was a few of my friends were like me, started to be more vain and interested in this pass time as well. 
So I started talking to them and train together once in a while.
But mostly mine were at home alone.
My roommate did with me for a while. But it was only a while.

Dem sweat.
I do body resistant stuff cause its free and don't require much equipments.

And yes I lift a little.

Lifting my body weight too.

Everyday, its chicken breast rice for me.
And all these other high protein food.

And got a few other equipments for motivation.

December 2012.

And then i bought the more famous brand because the older one was finishing.
Got this from a friend.

Feb 2013.

And then i realise i wanna go more hardcore.
I'm not going to tell you what this is.

Taken on the first day of Chinese New Year.
At this point my belly was already gone.
All that hard work paid off.
And became a bit more in shape i suppose.

Then I decided to get my own weights because I couldn't stand people bragging over the things they lend me any more.

Then i realised i need to jog and do more stuff outdoor.
I was only skipping rope for cardio before. Mostly done indoor

And then i jogged a little.

The things i use to move against the direction of gravity with.

And made a space for my stuff.

March 2013.

And then my friend who works as a qualified fitness instructor offered us free training,.
And that fat boy you see in the picture is my friend and classmate that I've manage to persuade to change his lifestyle as well. Hope he don't forget me when he has succeeded. :P

And then i got these because looking for 10lbs packets are too hard to get.
That's about 5 months of supply.

And finally the people i am have just started to training with.
Before this I was doing solo and didn't wanted to stick to any program because i didn't want to.
Not that got instructor liao have to obey.
For more info click here!

Need to thank these sometimes hard to consume supp to ease the pain.

People might have not noticed the change in me, but i feel fitter, more healthy and stronger already.
And also being a MORE disciplined person definitely.
There has been many critiques and pain throughout this journey but I will take those only as motivation for more that is to come.
Note : Throughout this 5 months of my, I've only been to the gym twice. My training are at home our just outdoors with anything i can find. Longkang, Monkey bars, chairs, bench  stairs and all the other common stuff we see.
Simply so i can say i don't go to the gym :P

So all if I have to say now is COME AT ME GRAVITY/BRO!

A last reminder.

Pictures all taken from my Instagram account. Thats why i said it is like a journal to me there.

Hope when I see you (yes you) I will be different from what you remember.
Progress : March 2013

Peace out.
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