Feb 27, 2013

February 2013

Feb 2013. Got to say is the worst month i've ever been through so far in my life.

So i will cincai breief thru.

I know its not Feb yet but it all started from there.
Was going back home from Mid Valley. My bro was driving and suddenly a lorry which was stationary came out and almost hit us. Very scary.

I was told that someone moved all my stuff out of my room in TBR and i was only informed after it was done. Im very sensitive to people touching my stuff so it was very frustrating. And I was expecting Pos Laju as well but those fellas delayed my stuff for another day.

Robed/Snatched bag. As mentioned before. 2 post before actually.

1st semester's results out. Most feared Econs papers pass (Thank God!) but failed my French level 3 paper. But its okay because at least the worst one was done for.

Was going to Mid Valley again and my bro drove again. Driving nicely then suddenly reaching at a T junction near my house a darn car came out without looking at our side which was the right of way. Almost got hit again. Super duper scary.


IF there really was a thieve, my housemate was in the room with a knife on standby and i went in to his room again, I would've been stabbed or something. Thank God again for I didn't go back in again.

Wanted to revise for my coursework test. But many unforeseen events made me hinder and refrain from doing what I planned.

Slide down the stairs due to slippery floor. Slide thru about 10 over steps only. No broken things but things got bloody only. And sore muscles. But my blood did clotted very fast. Maybe is because of the proper nutritions im taking now.

I have a theory here. Everytime i miss an accident something bad will come afterwards. Not sure legit or maybe really coincidence. And is all this things happening to me because I am once again trying to get closer to God so some other forces are trying to distract me away and start questioning God why is all this things happening to me?

I will only hope and pray that things will not get more bloody and bad. Like really. Im not sure if my weaken heart can stand any more shocks.

Feb 17, 2013

I'm a hater.

Wanted to tweet and forget about it but i realise i couldn't..

So i will vomit out the things i find annoying, disturbing and wish people would stop. Tho they wont/

1. When people replies or ask something on your Facebook status update with something very obvious. By this I mean whatever they are talking about has been already been answered, replied and posted already in the same place but they want to skip to the comment box and ask the same thing. 

2. When people replies or ask something on your Facebook status update with something out of the topic and spoils the conversation or post itself. Damn man. Seriously?

4. When people replies or ask something on your Facebook status update with something like some facts or details that makes them think like they are right and you are not. It is not wrong but at least if you got nothing good to say, don't say anything. This point is very controversial and I'm not telling it properly.because i don't know how to explain it. In conclusion to this, I want to say I don't like it when the comments are opposing what I said and has to do it even more impactful by writing something smarter. More of my selfish problem actually. 

5. When people replies or ask something on your Facebook status update bias mindset thinking. A little repetition  But I don't care.

Basically I'm a selfish person. I don't always voice out my opinion but when i do, i want to be listened. Not be having negative comments and all. But then again I know I am not always right so it is normal for people to come with comments that I do not appreciate. 

Now that you have read this post, you can forget what you have read because it is totally some pointless facts and words that are useless and not important to you.

If not, look here.

Oh you are asking what are you doing? You were about to close this page and go to 9Gag or continue Facebooking.

Thanks for visiting anyways.

Feb 1, 2013

The Day

So i will post this but its for future references for myself.
There is a lot i want to express. As usual, its not okay to spam social networking sites because its just not cool spamming. Here, i wont feel like bothering people because i can actually write but not having to appear at news feeds annoying people...and if got also its just once...

I will put them in random point forms because everything is just so messy up on my head now.
  1. The feeling i went thru is just too much and sudden. Its so impactful that i cannot comprehend it.
  2. I knew i shouldn't have gone back to shift.
  3. I was already having a bad time and week and knew it will be that way. Didn't know it came so fast.
  4. My mind keeps flashbacking how 2 seconds of how i felt the weight on my lap getting lighter and the guy took and dashed away. I could only watch in anger and despair knowing I wont see the things again.
  5. My parents' reaction were both the same when i called them in my unstable state. 'HAAAAAAAAAAAAA'.
  6. I think i was able to keep my cool despite i was so shocked.
  7. Not the first 10 minutes but after that I cooled down.
  8. Maybe its because I treasure my earthly belongings too much and have not been focusing enough attention on what's eternal maybe that why God was not happy and had this incident to take away to remind me once again of what is more important.
  9. Need to thank God for supportive and caring friends. Looks like all my time spent bonding with them didn't go to waste.
  10. Accidents, you dont see them coming. You really dont. And it hits you when you least expect it.
  11. One way of feeling better is remembering how others have gone thru worse. But I dont think that's the right mindset.
  12. You will never know how hard the floor is until you hit it real hard.
  13. A lot of people came and comforted me, but i still feel the void. The gap. The missing things gone. The loneliness.
  14. Girls are better comforters than guys.
  15. Some friends go all the way to help and ask you. Some don't even bother. And i have a feeling i will get quite a few laughter after this.
  16. Things that I've gained after working like an ass with my blood, sweat and tears, all the OT, all the time worrying about my job, all the time standing and saliva it took, taken just in a blink of an eye. Okay not all but most. Kinda a lot.
  17. Spend your time and money and knowledge. Because people cannot rob you of that.
  18. The really sad and bad part that makes me feel bad is I have to take my parents money they just gave to replace the things I lost.
  19. But its kinda relieve because they only took away one of my watches, bags, clothes and gadget out of the much more I have at home. Only thing was those there the most treasured and pricey ones.
  20. I feel that reporting to the police is kinda useless because its not like they will do shit about it. Only return my found stuff only if there will be any.
  21. Some people say they understand. But i don't feel it will be 100%. Because time and everything will depreciate the feelings.
  22. I got what i don't deserve. That's why its taken away.
  23. I don't always go emo nowadays. But when I do, I'm an expert and I go hardcore. Not saying I am emo now. And probably i will stay like this a few days.
  24. Maybe i would wake up in the morning and realise that this was all just a dream.
  25. The accident happened at the same spot. A year ago about this time I had a bad experience there too at the same location and junction.
  26. He was really lucky. Got the jackpot. So much nice and awesome in the bag. Really his day.
  27. Perfect timing and perfect opportunity. Siapa tak nak?!
  28. The world is not safe. I just come to know that.
  29. I don't feel safe in the streets anymore. I should camp inside like Sheldon Cooper.
  30. I was always wondering when this kind of bad stuff would happen to me. Never thought it be snatch thieve. Or ragut. Not even sure how you call it.
  31. New Adidas watch came. Older one that i love more went away.
  32. I think no one understands how much i will feel apart from myself. Because everyone has their own things that they treasure, so the true feeling will not be felt be others.
  33. Good thing we earn the things we want the right and legal way. Not illegal shortcuts.
  34. I should be glad that I am not harmed. It's only money I lost which can be earned back.
  35. I will consider it as blessing the thieve. and let God deal with him.
  36. I might have teared a little or too. But I'm sure it was the dust from moving the furniture.
  37. Had super badass day, went to balai for the first time, moved so many heavy stuff, was under sun for 20 minutes but got sun burned.
  38. My parents both said the same thing. and a few said. I only lost monetary items. Its better that i wasn't harm. Money can be earned back.
  39. I was okay. Until my parents keep telling me its okay because i only lost money.
  40. Sucks because I'm always checking on my things but they came so sudden.
  41. I sometimes think about how i will get accidents or die or get rob, like for instant how a car would crash to mine or when riding the bike then suddenly lose control. But being a snatch thieve victim was the least of my feared.
  42. I am very annoyed by the fact that i couldve done more at the moment but i didn't. I try to be aware of my surroundings, always alert and keep my things as close to me as possible. But it didn't worked. Still failed. Only myself to blame.
  43. Good thing we earn the things we want the right and legal way. Not illegal shortcuts.
  44. Many fingers can be pointed in this incident, but i will choose it to be my own because i was the person that was careless.
  46. I was sweaty and smelly, so being loving to my things, i didn't wear them on. My pants didn't had pockets so i chucked everything to my bag. If not, my watch and wallet wouldn't  have been taken as well. Of all days, just once its not secured in my pocket, its gone for good.
  47. BTW, I take very good care of my things that i treasure. 2 year old bags look like 2 months old bags. Such a waste. 
  48. My most important expensive thing in the bag was my earphones. But they prolly wont know that.
  49. It really is an expensive lesson for me.
  50. Never put all the expensive things you belong in one bag.
  51. I really do feel like losing a part of myself. A big chunk of my life. Its like losing a love one.
  52. Kinda felt like i lost in a stupid battle. Where i was suppose to fight for my life but I somehow didn't and just lost.
  53. And i kinda don't mind getting a little blood spilled if i can get my things back. So many things could've been done but none was done. I could only think about bashing him on the floor with the people around :P
  54. I will let the superior one from above deal with the thieves but i secretly wish karma is real even tho its not biblical. I'm not sure. I'm just saying.
  55. I know I sound extreme. But these are the things that has been going on my mind.
  56. Need to thank all the fellas that helped me today. Morally and actually spending their time fetching me around. Words cannot express how thankful I am.
  57. I only feel more bad when my parents is giving me money to get back the necessity items
  58. Now i must quickly move on and not let it hinder me.
  59. A part of my life was taken away. But those are worldly goods. I will pray that it will be a blessing to the thief.
  60. L I F E G O E S O N .
  61. Stay strong. I still many friends and family members that supports me. And THAT MONEY CANNOT BUY.
  62. This was in point form but I realised I wanted to count it and changed it to number form. And about 55 including repeated thought have been wondering in my mind. Not sure if scary or cool.
I think i feel better after typing them out. Thank you for reading if you did.
Maybe i will buy you ice cream if i can get back the stuff i lost :P

Note : http://www.verseoftheday.com/ ALWAYS not sure if by coincidence posts the right things to me at the right time.

What was on the site :

My Prayer...

Father, I want to thank you for the many blessings you have poured into my life. I want to list several of them by name today. Thank you most of all Father, for the gift of your Son and my Saviour, Jesus. In his name I pray. Amen.
Truly, what I love most is my family. Only thing is I don't say or express it.
And I think I kinda felt better after writing this.

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