Jan 4, 2013


An update which i will use as a reference as i check back this place in the future to check my old naive past.

2012 was an truly super awesome year.

Some unforgettable memories include my HGRL job, started to learn how to go to places catered for older working people, knowing a bunch of new awesome friends (as usual and friends come and go as usual), at this time, you shouldn't expect me to read between your lines, got the Iphone 4s, changing the way i dress (no emo or black anymore and no regrets until today). Screw you haters.

2012 resolutions
Be a better person - Spiritually and everything. I guess i did in some ways and deteriorated in some as well
And yes that was all i wished for.

2013 resolutions
Be a even better person.
Get buff spiritually and physically.
Not get into a relationship. Yet. Not so soon.
Stick to my life principle and all. (no smoking, no drugs, no dying, no tattooing and other no unnecessary self harming stuff)

Grow up for heaven's sake.

Hi future Ee Rick. How are things there?
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