Dec 30, 2013

December 2013. At last?

A quick summary of my month so far.
I'm deciding to do this now because I will be having my finals this Saturday.
Ugh. There is always this feeling of wanting to celebrate the holidays but worry at the same time. Really annoying feeling.

Before I begin, 
Merry Christmas!
Coloured red on a random paper, cut it out, took a yellow shirt, went out to the sun, arranged it under the sun, took shots, edited with my iphone 4s. :)

Okay summary first before I start blaberring later.

I think this month itself I went up to Genting twice.
I use to want to go there so much and havent been there for a long time before this but recently i;ve been going up so randomly haha!
Unfortunately I dont have any good pictures of it at the moment. 

Only this

So I

Got a new badge, made my bag SUPER BADASS NOW!

Went to the Doraemon secret gadget fair but didnt go in due to the line,

Went to the Big Bad Wolf 2013,
unfortunately didn't win any grand prizes,

Hung out with my bros that were from the hostel,

Hung out with my bros again,

Ended our presentation in style,
leng jai mou?

hung out with my bros and the beauties,

Went to the Prison Break at  Escape Room in E-Curve,
and get PWNed big time,

Won the loser category proudly :'D
However I really did had a good time with them.
Good bonding time it was.
Money well spent for the time we had together.
Not in the room.

and I've been attending the Tabernacle of David a lot lately because I am not going home hence not going to my home church.
Saw them doing this and didn't know there was such thing before.
Then me and my housemates did it and tapau-ed the people there hehehehe.

The Swiss Shroom from Fat Boy's Very very good

Purchased froyo for the first time in mu life. No kidding.

then went back to challenge the Megaton 1000 Wiggy again.
Once again jelak like mad 


Time for writing.

I guess I have already found a few more reasons to work harder next year.
My effort didn't go to waste as I can see favourable results now. 
However the outcomes weren't as expected.
Probably because I didn't put enough effort.
(people that I wanted to favour)
Or it was just not meant to be :'D

2013 has been a really good year for me. 
It filled me with new stuff, experiences, people, clothes, jobs, lessons, fun, funds and pains at the same time. I wouldnt say I will live my 2013 differently if I had the change because I really did enjoyed most of the time. Probably is because I didn't do any big mistakes in life or anything bad that made me regret kau kau to impact me badly enough.

in 2014 I shall try to be more reserved. Not going to let my emotions and feelings rule over me unnecessarily. Not going to test water and all because thats bad and I was reminded recently by a sister.


They say she was hard. But from what I see, it isnt at all the case if she has already set her eyes upon someone. Thank God I didn't set my foot in or didn't anything stupid that would've made things awkward or regretful. However what I felt sad from the situation was that the person looked very much like a bro and has way noober everything. So I felt like I lost in a game that didn't exist. I wasnt in the league in the first place anyways. What I really feel is that it is a waste tho to let something like this happen.


For the whole year, I have been trying to spend most of my time with all my brothers from other mothers and friends because I want to avoid the empty from being alone.

pretty much the summary of my journey this year.

in 2014 it will be something like this.
with the someone that God has destined me to be with.
mimpi 2014.


Resolutions and stuff :

2012 resolutions
Be a better person - Spiritually and everything.

2013 resolutions
Be a even better person.
Get buff spiritually and physically.
Not get into a relationship. Yet. Not so soon.
Stick to my life principle and all.

2014 resolutions
BE the person you would want to meet.
BE buff spiritually and physically.
Pray non-stop.
Not get into a relationship. TIme to end the dry spell.
Live according to my life principle.
Graduate in time, get a good job, make my parents proud.
Stop all the things that set me back.

I guess thats all.
Thank you again for being with me throughout this year.
Haters will still gonna hate. I can't really stop them from hating.
Good bye for now.
All the best for my finals.

Dec 2, 2013

October, November 2013.

I think this will be a long post.

Did I show you my awesome shirt before?
got it from them!

so what have I been up to this 2 months?
now that its 2 months ago I don't really remember why I didn't update it last month.
but what i do know was i was busy with assignments at the time of the beginning of last month.
and also busy with outings with the gang :P
finally writing so many words and its not uni assignment.

and oh as on today, my leg is way much better already compared to 2 months ago where every step was a pain in the leg.

so here we go.
new stuff that i finally got to try :D

Megaton 500 from Imbliss German Deli in Ampang.
Thats 500 grams of meat babeh.
And that is a large 1 liter root beer glass you are looking at on the left.

Dip N Dip in Bangsar at last!

Here is another pic.
the gang I've been hanging out recently.
picture from marietrina

and then my bro did more stuff like this

Another round of Imbliss German Deli.
Mushroom something.
Very nice also!

Then it lead to this.
Well things sort of escalated quickly,

Watched in the IMAX for the first time.

The Red Rider came back so we did some catch as well :D
Love that bro.

Watch a live big time basketball for the first time

Then we went to Salon du Chocolat.
Better than Dip N Dip in almost every aspect.

Which then lead to this.
Yes this again.

From earlier of the October.
Oktoberfest :D
Yes this.

and yes again.
It was as though we went for almost once a week.
no one shall know about this :)

then came this.
happiest day of November.
I said to gather to do assignment.
Then we decided to go up to Genting to do it.
Of course not everyone had the choice to choose.
then for the first time of my life I drove up to Genting.
and there were a few passengers in the car.
If you do not know, my dad don't allow me to drive at night.
Oh did I mention that it was a manual as well?
but halfway only la.
and it wasnt all that smooth.

then there was the graduation day.
finally they are graduating :D :P

Then there was the Surprise Birthday :D

then came the final assignment of the semester.
from 4 became 6 people.
2 cacat tho.

then at last came the Graduation party slash Farewell for Sophia.
picture from bralovesyou

Nice view of the KL tower from the top of a 36 floor

Ini leng loi sok mou?
Too bad shes leaving

Oh and the unmissable!
My new babies!

The Surface RT 32gb :D

The Logitech Ultimate Ears 3600.
(UE 3600)
Both are meh products.
But im glad that im blessed with the opportunity to own them :)

To sum up my months,

It was all about choices.

Choices to do or not to do.
Choices to do evil or do good.
Choices to listen or not to listen.
Choices to go or not to go.
Choices to eat or not to eat.
Choices to drink or not to drink.
or Eat or Drink what.

So many choices.
But only 1 of me.

Truly it is a very great blessing.
I am blessed because I have the choice to do and afford what I can.
I may not have the bestest, but what I have now is almost sufficient and
God is to be thanked for that.

irony. random thoughts.

+ funny how i see people can talk so much bad stuff about others. BUT cannot accept the fact when others talk back about them. applies to me as well tho.

+ i also like it when others keep trashing others but in the end its themselves that kena. serve them right. or when they are like an empty can. trash or noise only loud. but inside, really empty :D

+ irony also applies when someone decides to stop their shit to turnover to a new leaf. they do it by saying something serious, giving hardcore promises and then even uses God's name or 'quote him saying God said' to clarify something. But then repeats the same mistake. Only difference this time is that its more deep shit.

here is a short poem. whatever it is. a note perhaps.

once upon a time ago i thought i knew you.
but i am too wrong.
you have changed so much. disappointing me over and over again.
better yet is that you are still given the opportunity for all the good things that are yet to come. Grace perhaps.
but also don't forget all the hearts unbroken yet by you.
i thought you would be better after we were no more. but you were not.
but then who the heck am i to judge or to comment.
you got your own life.
i've got mine.
i've got no authority over you.
i tell people i am over you.
but i really am even though i am curious about your things.
and that is all for now.
all the best to you.

+ another random note : 
people will judge you however you live your life. i mean like, just because you do something that others think is not good, they will stereotype and all that stuff. what I'm saying is that they should be more open minded. let others do what they want to do. if you think its not right, then just talk to them and advice. if they still insist, they them be. if its bad, they will suffer in the end. unless if its something really bad like drugs la. then must stop. but not alcohol. :P

+ also i've got this person close to me.
having a chronic condition. talks to me about it. then as i advice, i get screwed for trying. also the person only talks death. words like there is no more point of living. so diet is not what she is watching although she should be. all these things its easy to hear and advice when its others. but when its someone related to you, its not easy anymore. in my case, i tried to advice but all she says is that just let me die. no one cares about me. then as i ask who cause her to be in the condition, she will start to say stuff like its her but don't need to add salt to her wound. like wth. anyways this is the another problem that is bothering me.

+ also on my performance.
was surprised to see that i am doing well. but the best is yet to come #np. no kidding. i really am listening to this song as i type. hopefully all smooth.

+ also good thing the bo jio don't come to me anymore. i don't understand why they want to be so thick face. nia sng no jio ma no jio la. obviously cuz we don't want you there. :) 

oh I should really repent after writing stuff like this. i'm not even kidding.

Nov 1, 2013


usually on the first day of every month I will write a new blog post. unfortunately this time of the month for me is when i'm very busy with assignments and test. so I will be posting the post that should've been up soon if i remember. in the mean time, maybe you can go to to spam the like button :)

Oct 2, 2013

September 2013

One word for this month : Best month ever!
Was blessed with things one after another!

This was the month where there was:
gathering with old friends,
crazy fun,
crazy crazy,
crazy blessings,
crazy drinking,
crazy running,
crazy outings,
crazy me.

There was a whole month of semester break for me so it was nothing less than AWESOME!
I guess after the tiring month of August, September was very different :D
Just thinking of the stuff that I went trough the whole month is giving me smiles already. 
Oh God I am so happy with my life right now tho i do feel empty in the inside.

Free Trip!
Went to Royal Selangor to see how stuff there are made.
Went to Bursa Malaysia. Got to know more about the stock exchange.

Then I took my brothers from another mother and father to tour KL.
Sort of.

Braced myself and went to the shop at last.
The most expensive drink I've every paid for.

Then September 10th came and finally the Apple announcement was on.
We were so hyped up but was disappointed because there wasn't an official live video streaming.

If you do not know, September 10th was also my birthday.

Technically no one was home so on the day I was just sleeping, working out and bulking with this.

2 days later I finally gathered with the people I celebrated my 21st birthday with.
So blessed with these monkeys hahahaha!
Actually until today I've still not eaten any cake but cake are bad anyways so yeah :'/
Made them sing me birthday song.
It was also the night I tried to get wasted in which I actually succeed and made a whole lot of mess.
And the feeling of hangover is no good indeed.
And so I said 'I will not take alcohol again'.

2 more days later and this finally came!
After training for the past 3 months, finally the day came.
I usually train about 3 to 5km only but during the run,
I just ran and ran and ran and it didn't feel impossible anymore!
My leg did GG tho due to muscle overuse and I'm still suffering from it after 3 weeks.
Indeed it was a great personal achievement for me eventho I didn't win anything.
It was my first time joining a Marathon not from school btw :D

And then CF camp came.
Its like my 5th camp.
Found the way again.
Still following it today,

Here is the compilation of the food we had there.
It was at El Sanctuary and if you do not know,
the place serves very good meals and facilities.
Took me 4 days to complete and took a lot of heat because
I chose to sit where there was natural lighting for these pictures.

then straight after camp i was rushing around for another gathering and all.
Finally met them again after 5 years.
Friends from secondary school.
Everyone look very much the same.
I'm different tho because i think I'm bigger already hehehe.

the guys went all out.
since i was trying to be sober so I took a lot of pictures instead of drinking.

Then college started.

and OH after many attempts for the FLYFM Game of Clues challenge,
I finally won!
Getting to speak to Hani was the second most exciting part of the day :)

And also OH BABY my results were unexpected!
CGPA rose till a point where I've never gotten so high before.
I'm just an average B student btw if you do now know that.
So all the last minute camping and supplements didn't go to waste
and definitely need to thank God for his blessings over and over again :)

Then being random us,
we went up to Genting for no particular reason.

No particular reasons at all.
We just went up at 2am after going to the Karaoke for 3 hours.
With crazy and forever 'on' people, comes crazy and forever 'on' plans.

After some consideration,
I bought this and will be testing it out.
Only part I hate is that it gets harden too fast.

OH i haven't mentioned!
While I was in camp I won tickets to Arthur's Day by Guinness as well!
Good thing my friend tagged me at the post if not I wouldn't know also.

On the day, the international artist came but the only reason I was there was because of them

The-All American Rejects live In Malaysia 2013.

It was definitely great to see them again after 4 years.
I was so close to the them and that was really really awesome.

All the photos were taking with my iPhone 4s and uploaded to instagram and here are just the compilation of and more description of them.

So yea September 2013 was definitely the best month of the year so far.
It was very different from last year's Sept because there was some sad stuff in it but this time it was all good only.
also if I've mentioned any months before in this year that I said that they were the best, it is now considered void.

Thank you for looking thru.
Good Bye!

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