Aug 9, 2012

Free Stuff and You : Level Malaysians

if you miss the first post, it's Here

So today Baskin Robbins gave away free scoops of ice cream to those that were willing to line up.
For something priced at RM6+, it managed to got many, many people to que for hours.

Very interesting and true post indeed. 

but of course some people said (perhaps it was those that actually que-ed for it)
said its not only about the ice cream, its the hype and atmostphere as well.

Taken from Yahoo Malaysia's Facebook.
At Mid Valley.

Stolen from my friend's facebook :P
At Aeon Jaya Jusco at Wangsa Maju

I personally know these places and i know the lines indeed are freaking long judging from the pictues and
the location the people are standing.

I want to get more pictures but its getting late and i had a really rough day.

So to then this post for now,
this is what i have to say.

Malaysians really love the word 'free'.
Where there will be 'free', where there will be flooding with people.

When i do sales,
customer's face usually will light up when i tell them i will give them free gifts.
But that bright light will go very dim when i show them the pen or tell them its a pen :P

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