Jul 31, 2012

Sideway Photography!

Wanted to do this quite sometime already but never had the time and resource to do it.

So yesterday while waiting for time to pass while waiting for our friends to arrive for our gathering we walked around the newly build shop lots which i don't know was called what but was at Genting Klang. :P

And suddenly, my old wild idea appeared when i saw an empty space.
We didnt had any preparations and props to make the scene look more real but we still tried our best with whatever we had in our bags.

Only with my iPhone 4s, this was what we came out with :)

Nice smile!

First time posing for like a 'shoot'.
Macam yes :P

Taken by Kah Fu!
Really really good!
Only by looking at the previous shots and some explanation he got the idea and even took better shots than me :D

Oh the floor was very very very dusty as well.

Links to show your Love and Support and Likes! :D
Picture of Kah Fu smilling :)
Picture of Me :)

So now that i've got the idea and and experiments, its time to plan for a proper one
and make some preparations to turn the world or your head around!

Thanks for visiting! :)
Really appreciate every moment of this :)

Jul 29, 2012

Friends and Behaviours

Weird friends.
We all have them.
But somehow i have a lot of them around.

Or maybe I'm the weird one that's why everyone seems different and unusual therefore 'weird'

Weird indeed it is.
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