Jun 27, 2012

Free Stuff and You

I don't think this is legit. At all.
(i dont say?!)

Like seriously. Free iphone? Somemore its Apple giving stuff?
Even if the sky fall and i don't think they will be so kind.
And the best part is how to win it.

By liking this page call 'Twilight Production Videography & Cinematography'
Like really? What does Apple has to do with them?
Don't you see its a dumb scam trying to get likes from you?
Where got so big punya toad simply jump wan?

and lets talk logic
You tatau Apple damn kiam siap and only wanna make profit?
Giving away 100k phones (tho maybe be nothing to them) is like going putting a hole into their vault

I really cannot believe that people are actually that ______ to think that Apple would give away free phones.

Like seriously.

Jun 25, 2012

almost Fun Friends

so i decided to spend the weekend with the guys.

i am too lazy to write. i shall let the pictures and caption speak.

after asking around for while,

i finally got the ticket

so i stayed over for the weekend.

on friday night,

Daniel the fella without sleeves drove so ganasly that hearing the honk was like listening to the radio already
and we r
onda-ed 20 minutes around whole Wangsa Maju only end up at Tong Jing 


some randome pic
FYI, this is real. legit. and is still going on now.

and how can we skip this place.
all of us would be so scared to get cheated at so we would keep shouting dont peek or 
dont 'gap kei' but some's eyes would just keep rolling around looking.

So on the actuat TT night

awesome friends

Ex Winner and Ex Finalist

before you say anything, these pics all were taken with my phone.
so the flash might look weird once in a while.

and finally

we've got 2 ex finalist on my right,
and 2 other imba people on my left.

something random.
probably you've heard of it before.

What do you call 5 men walking together?


Now dont be close minded.

so to sum up my weekend,
the word would be Fun.

and tiring.
i must be getting old.

Jun 20, 2012

Being a Banana

something i've grown up and learn to live with.

its not easy to be us.

in school primary schools,
people tease us because we are different.
when we go to other places or stages of life,
people tease us because we don't know our mother tongue.

i'm sure for many (if not for me only),
when we were younger our parents made the decision for us.
to send us to which (kind of) school.
so we didnt really had the choice then.

some say we hate our language or perhaps we don't take the effort to learn it later.
true. the only excuse i can think of is that because we are comfortable with the way we are.
since we were brought up this way and has been this way, we don't find any reason to change.
yes i know the world is changing and China is rising and is becoming more important.
but so are the other many countries and languages.

i've always considered myself half-banana (when people mention or accuses me to be one)
and its simply because i can communicate fluently with them in most Chinese dialects but only cannot read or write.
in fact, i find it amusing when i can speak more dialects to people when i do sales compared to some pure cina beng.
so what? epic fail for them?

One thing i'm sure of this just because we don't fully know or understand or utilise our language,
it doesn't make us less Chinese.

i personally know people that attended Chinese schools and speaks and writes but i dare say i can more cultural or in this sense, more Chinese than them.

so basically we are being discriminated because we don't know our language well?
what about all the other traits that we've lived with?
don't you think that is a little too much just to judge us based on one difference?

but of course its not for me to say.
all we want is some acceptance among everyone.

i know people that are from chinese schools have damn typical chinaman mindset hence can accuse us of being cultural ignorant or too western.

i suppose we all have the rights to live our own lives based on our preferences.
and if only everyone gets that idea.

but if youre still not convinced by this, then too bad for you.

because bananas are tasty and good for you.

and also,
sorry to burst your bubble but, 

more on this HERE

so you are half linked to a banana as well.
your argument is invalid now?

Jun 13, 2012

Starbucks Hojicha!

So on the 12th of June 2012,
these two drinks were release.

So being a food blogger wannabe,
i went to have my share and to test it out

Starbucks new Hojicha!

So here is how i felt about it.
First of all, its very Chatime-ish. But double the price.
Tall at rm14.50,
Grande at rm15.50
Venti at rm16.50
(excluding tax i think)

It felt powderish,
the jelly was i think if not remember wrongly was slightly not as soft as expected,
and the normal green straw we use was a little too small for something with so much chewables.

But overall it was not bad...
the feeling was smooth and the jelly tasted and blended well with the Tea.
People that likes Chatime and Starbucks would probably like this.

I would give it perhaps 7/10?

Thanks for reading! :)

Jun 12, 2012

the day that was

11 June 2011

Dear blog,

So this was what happened today.

Woke up and still felt tired even tho i slept earlier than usual with my frown still on from the
stuff that happened the night before.

And went to work like usual, with a sudden of tons of load and deadlines to meet,
Feeling groggy from the morning and it became worse when i was about to leave my workplace.

Lunch at KFC. Alone.

Lunch today was rather interesting because i saw some deaf/mute people (which i highly respect) having lunch with their baby. The way the baby was trying to get their parent's attention was rather interesting like i said.

In the silent world there is so much more peace. You just look away when you don't want to listen. But there are the bad sides as well. Oh well better not get to there now.

Finish the meal above in 10 minutes and it was too early to go back. So i just sat there to play my phone. :D

And i went back to work.

So when time was up i rushed to the bus stop to wait. duh.
So I was waiting for the bus when my friend called me. Then this bus came and I boarded. and I got bored so I brought my played my phone out to play it. tongue twister much?

it felt weird because the people wasn't the usual people and so was the driver. but i didn't gave a proper damn :)

To make sure i was on the right bus, I waited and looked for the reflection on the cars and mirrors outside to make sure. It looked right and legit so i just sat down and wondered to my usual pointless thoughts.

After about 40 minutes much later only i looked outside again and felt that the place was rather unfamiliar. Then only realised that apparently the bus was to Damai Perdana and not Desa Petaling. 
It was u46 instead of u48.
Truly it was eye screw. and opening.

Then I asked this kind girl in front of me and she replied (with her unedpexted cute voice) where was the nearest train station and so happen i was just at one. Really lucky.
and i think i forget to thank her twice. THANK YOU GOOD SAMARITAN!

walked a little and it was the Maluri station and i recognised it.

So when i got to the station, the train was down. and had to wait a while. bla bla bla.

Cut the crap short, The train came and i went to the usual bus stop to take the bus home. and since it came before my dad, the bus it was.

The bus stop. Can't see? Oh that's cause the lights are out. Again. That is apart from the fact that waiting for the bus is as hard as striking the lottery :)

Good thing i reached at the right time.

Got down the bus,
while waiting to cross the dark road with a lot of cars passing by to the supermarket, suddenly a Korean woman (which I've seen in the morning taking the same ride with me) came near me (i thought she wanted to rob me or something), said she was scared to cross the road and then grabbed my arm.

She did apologies afterwards and felt embarrassed when i saw her again at the supermarket.

Then i went home,
the nagging continued.

Watched Piranha 3DD with this.

Which i got from the supermarket earlier.
Bullshit editing and cutting and CGI. Acting and storyline was okay i think.
But i wouldn't know because the file that i copy was somehow mixed or corrupted with other files.


My initial plan was to watch something and enjoy some junk 'food' because I'm just too fed up with everything. But it didn't went well as well.

Blogging this confusing post that probably no one would read :)

So yea. i think that's all.
The day that all the unexpected happened. 

Signing off at 1159pm

Jun 9, 2012

A thought on New Devices and Gadgets

Hello readers/geeks/people/friends/strangers,

I was hit with an interesting thought by my friend yesterday :

However new or good or improved a device may be, it will not be made perfect and will have some flaws added (or maybe some features purposely left out) because if it there aren't any, then they will have hard times selling off newer or other models or even the same model to the same people because its so good that it just would not break or does not have any hardware issues (and comes with the latest version bla bla bla) and if such devices do exist or nears to almost perfection for that ponit of time, will then eventually it will be able make other models or brands not as attractive theirs, which wouldnt be easy because there are just too much choices nowadays.

But of course this 'theory' or rather wouldn't be 100% logic because improvements will somehow make the devices perform better. But if added this fact and with the thought above then perhaps they will be able to create a continues sales growth because the newer improvements would now fix what wasn't fixed before or whatever which was missing before.

And finally i think i just made my point. Because i didn't really understood what i wrote in the first paragraph :P

I wanted to to post this as Facebook status but i think it might get messy if people starting discussing and 140 characters from twitter wouldn't be enough so i decided to do it the traditional way and place.

Anyways to be honest i only mind screwed myself in this post with the words that i have been i writing for the past 20 minutes and it is not even making sense to myself. If it does make any sence to you, please leave a comment to make me understand myself.


And if you think this post is lame,
you can look at my previous post HERE perhaps to make yourself feel better or less confused.

But if it still doesn't work,
here is a picture of a dog to make you feel better

Thank you for reading.
and commenting hopefully.

Jun 8, 2012

Epic Fail People

the fail level of this is just too damn high.
probably higher than asian. 
and i don't think he is trolling.

And Kids, this is why you should have good english.

Jun 3, 2012

A day of Hiking

The reason i wanted to follow my dad for his weekly hike and training was because i missed looking at the green and is bored with the concrete trees already. it was tiring but i suppose it was worth it. not to forget the bonding while i still have the chance. 

and if you did not notice, just copied and pasted the same caption from my facebook wall
it would be awesome if you would go see it there and maybe like it or whatever :P

and i realised another thing. ive been blogging 3 days in a row. wow. thats good. i think. hahaha.


Jun 2, 2012

Another Life Achievement : Unlocked

le Craftsman Les Paul copy :)
(GS 200)
Got it for a reasonable price for a reasonable brand with a reasonably loud amp :D

i thought i was going to get it on Saturday which was
tomorrow which i was super anticipating for.
but it turned out i didn't.

intially i took half day leave to check it out first and surprisingly
 they told me that they will be closed tomorrow.
agong's birthday it seems. so it was a good thing i went today.

went there without much cash, and i cannot wait for my dad to come,
so i had to ask him to transfer some funds to me.
and my Dad did complained that i always have no patience
for the things that i wanna get.
tsk tsk tsk for me.

the sun was super hot and it was super sunny and dry...
and i walked from the shop to sg wang and forth and times square
and forth and the LRT OH THE HEAT.

somemore my had a thought of buying it and bringing it back solo by carrying the guitar
with the box with my left hand and the big ass
amp on my right hand but then i realise it was a little impossible.
so i got backup.

my brother came and help and apparently the weight
of amp itself almost killed him.
lagi lebih2 wore jacket when i told him it would be darn hot.
heh weakling :p

so yeah. that's the story of how i got this after awaiting for so long.
and another baby step to becoming a rock star.
but first i will have to practice scales and learn tabs.

anyways it looks and sound fine to me and i love it.
so whatever people say i will not listen and get affected.

good thing my mum didnt nag me.
and hopefully one day when i read back this post i will 
remember how i feel in love with my first elvetric guitar.

good bye for now.
i will blog when i blog.

i don't always blog.
but when i do, i blog.


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