May 31, 2012

Random Update : Children

children are just damn cute.
actually everything that are young or small is cute.
be it animals or soft toys
and its just a matter of time before they meet the cruel
world and turn to one of them.

so I've been seeing a lot of babies or children lately.
and how spoilt they are by parents these days.

i still remembered when my mother use to cane me with the damn cane
and every lash was damn deep and painful.
and perhaps it was those lashes that made me different from
the younger generations these days.

i wouldn't say that i will want to thank my mother for them
(tho i was kind of a little naughty too as i recall)
because every cane made me hated her more.
all the begging and tears shed were just too much to endure from.
but of course as kids, we wouldn't see things from the other point of view.

when i have my own kids,
i will not be kind enough to not spare the rod.
Proverbs 13:24 says
He who spares the rod hates his son,
but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.
i do not hate them. but because i love them, i shall.

i know my mother did it out of love,
but the pain was just too much.
(not forgetting to mention my mum is a freaking
conservative traditional hardcore violent woman)

so to me,
i will be stingy with the cane if necessary,
but not too much because i know how bad it was.
and just to let them know how it was like being me.



what initially wanted to be posted as just a picture post,
turn out to be something that I've always wanted to share and had believed.

anyways, I'm still too young for this.
but i will not forget how pain it was to endure every cane
and it shall remain that way to be kept as a revenge teaching
so that i will not turn too bad especially at this age when people of my
age to all kinds of funny and stupid things without much consideration.

i will be getting my first electric guitar this Saturday! 

May 12, 2012

of Manners and Answers

Sometimes, i wish i could reply like this.
But i know it would cause discussions.
Or if from other people point of view, arguements.

and i know the person getting the
comment will feel offended.
Thats why i will refrain from doing so.
but some will just not know how to.

May 8, 2012

Home-made KFC Krusher!

nutella + famous amos + ice =
Some thick chocolate mix!

copied it from KFC's Chocolate Krusher resipe but the only difference
is im using famous amos cookies instead of chipsmore and
more nuttella.

I did have the picture of the final result of te blend but i think its too brown 
and inappropriate for viewers. :P

you have any more ideas on what to add in or any other craaaaaaaazy combination that you have made?
Dont forget to leave a comment below!


May 4, 2012

Cheap Crazy Burgers!

about a year ago i did this

McImba : Its Only In Malaysia where you can get such burgers for 5 ringgit for breakfast!

and recently this:

BK's Quadruple Fish 'N Crisp : When double fish burgers are not enough.
The BK one costed me about RM10
manatau tau if you wanna go like it or what right, right? ;)

So yeah...this are the stupid times where i do this kinds of stupid combinations and all.
Hopefully there are more offers out there so i can do more of this stuff.
they were tasty btw.

now if only nuffnang would read this in the morning and feature it at their daily morning reading tweet thing

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