Apr 15, 2012

April12 thus Far

it has been a fun month.
and ive worked for about a month now.
everything is okay.
thought i waste a lot of paper and do a lot of mistakes.

so as i said...it was fun...and here are the awesome stuff i have been doing :D :P

new stuff i never had before :)

crazy stuff

fattening but free stuff
(cause my aunt belanja wan :P)

Expensive dough.
RM18 for each 9 inch.
And it was even on promotion price.
Here is the bill payment and we wont see you again :)

cheap stuff

Modifying stuff :D
(i am actually proud of this)
btw the second part of the image above is not the image of the final result at that time yet

Decorating stuff.
it was a gift wrapped to the shape of a pok├ęball.
it took me a few days to paint the ball red and then spray it with white pain.
then draw he lines.

and yes. i have been doing a lot of handicraft stuff lately :)

Cute stuff

Stuff that i wanted to try since young.
Kinohimitsu. Says it can suck toxin out of our bodies.
Not sure if it was the placebo effect of not :P

Coffee Bean for the first time.
Because we usually go to starbucks and thought we should try something else.
Collegue belanja me btw. :P

live stuff
(showing off how to draw on the samsung galaxy note)

New products to know
(jerseys anyone?)
(im serious)

beautiful people / colleagues

New experiences and achievements.
my first time climbing and i know it.

and beautiful skies :D

So yeah. it was a fun month.
But its fine.
Because i knew what is signed up for.
and i love my camera phone.
very much.



Apr 1, 2012

le Update

it is that post again.
telling why i have not been blogging.

So what have i been up to?
Working. Wake up at 8 then go to work and finish work at 9. And when i reach home, it would be almost 10 already.

The only things i look forward to 'life' now is only payday, time to leave office, lunch, dinner, sleep time and weekends.

Insomnia. Cannot sleep. Everyday take lots of caffeine just to stay awake.

and i finally got a good phone.

haters gonna hate.
haters really hate.

its my money, its my preference, i do what i want. and you can hate all you want.

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