Feb 28, 2012


If you got nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.
Can you just shove it back to your ass?
Some jokes are not meant to be made.
If you don't say anything at all, no one would say you are dumb.

Feb 9, 2012


im not doubting on this.

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D

Okay so i came across this competition from the one and only Nuffnang :

'What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D'
So i decided to try since i got nothing better to do. :)

I have read of ways to take 3D pictures by using 2 cameras like these

and then 
processing them by using software.

or even using the same camera with 2 different angles

(yes i did use paint and then photoshop to make this lame cartoon illustration)
(not even sure if its considered as cartoon)

and then use some software to combine them to make it 3D like.

So the question is 
'What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D'

Well the answer is quite simple really.
I'm suppose by now what you know i would want to tell already.

So to save up my time i would let you figure it yourself ;)



So what would What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?



more like LeGendary 

(for those that do no get it let me be the Captain Obvious)
(there is the word LG in the word Legendary so it makes some awesome word)
(i think)

Okay its really getting lame i know.
Cut the lameness.

With a powerful phone like this of course use to ta* 3d games lahhhhh...
But what would be really interesting would be taking pictures and videos in 3D
without the usual hassle! 

Combining 2 cameras would be costly (duh) and taking 3D pictures with 2 cameras needs
to be very precise somemore need to edit with it certain software...lazy lahhhh...

So if i had this phone, i would be able to take pictures in 3D!

2D pictures are too mainstream already.
Plus memorable scenes or moments would definitely be more wonderful and meaningful
if taken in 3D with the more aspects of being able to view it.
After all 3D picture do make pictures look more realistic and cool.

Remember all the hype with 'Avatar' in 3D?
(i remember my dad was)
Now you don't need those expensive glasses or ones with red/blue strip cause all you need is a LG Optimus 3D.

I'm sure you heard of the phrase : 
'a picture speaks a thousand words'
so it would be right if i said
'a 3D picture speaks 2 thousand words'

Plus it has a Dual-Core, Dual-Channel and Dual-Memory hardware so the Optimus 3D mobile phone provides amazing, smooth graphics rendering, increased processor performance and superior gamine experience!

To know more about the performance and details click here .

So with such powerful 3D display with Gorilla Glass screen + Powerful Processor + TI OMAP4 chipset + Dan Lain Lain = One super kick ass LeGendary Pokemon beast device!

here is a video to explain :)

Let me not even bring iPhones to compare with this monster.


What else...hmmm...
one thing i would want to try to do would be recording my life though the camera from my eye level point of view. 

from the moment i wake up to the moment i sleep every day if possible.
this is to of course to try capture all the happy and memorable moments of my life so that one day when i grow old i would be able to view back all the sweet things I've been through with my loved ones when i was younger.
the older me would surely be very happy and proud of the videos i have recorded for nostalgic purposes not to forget bragging to my younger ones then :)
and when i get famous, the videos will even be more LeGendary! :)

our current video formats are fine, but with 3D effects will it not be more meaningful and realistic?

Plus for a scenery lover like me,
being able to take sceneries and viewing them in 3D
would make the viewing experience more meaningful and exiting.
Don't you think? :)

So let me recap.

My world would be LeGendary with the ability to take 3D pictures and videos with ease,
being able to play power/battery hungry 3D HD games,
and being able to view 3D materials without the extra accessories.

All the memorable moments and pictures/videos that i take will be more meaningful compared to the normal ones with the extra angles that a normal camera does not capture along.

Plus spare times could be burned better by playing 3D games rather than 9gag-ing the whole day. :P

No need to mention the specs of the phone as any person with bit knowledge and who keeps up with the tech trends
would know that the specs of this monster are rather ahead and extraordinary if compared with the other expensive smart phones.

PLUS i really really super duper need a better phone now...my old phone is really killing me and i dont have the money to get a new one :/

here is a video that will show you all the awesomeness of the phone

Wish i could write better and show some nice pictures taken in the 3D but too bad i don't have a device that enables me yet but hope this counts :)

for more info for this device!

Thank you for reading :)
Wish me luck!

not being a graphic whatever student or artistic making the images were damn hard.
hope i don't get sued from LG or Transformers.
(note: all images were made by me except for the first one above. other materials taken for conventional use only. no harm intended)
and yes i know my lameness level has increase over 9000. 

hope its worthy

thank you again.

*ps to other nuffnang bloggers out there : dont copy too much :P*

Feb 8, 2012

The Relate Tion Ship

it has been 6 months since we've been together.
well i know like many couples or just human beings the feeling will then to slow down due to the comfortableness of being around each other already.
i know i am very annoying all the time but you still are willing be with me till this point.
you must have a very big heart to be able to ignore my ignorant and annoying one.
but still you must know i have still not not trying to make you happy and impressed and feel loved of course on the day basis (thought i tend to make you feel more annoyed than loved).

anyhows i wish you would not feel that i have stop trying and grow cold.

happy valentine's.

and yes its magic PS cream on my eyes ;)
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