Nov 16, 2011

What Cafe? @ Setapak

Venue: WHAT CAFE 什么咖啡屋

Overall comment: A comfortable, cozy, mini comic library and home like hanging place with affordable priced food and varieties to suit different taste and wants.

Halal: No

Located at a second-floored shop lots, it has more space then you could have imagined and definitely the place you wanna hang at with your friends to chat good chat time and fellowship. The food varieties includes from Western to Sub-Western to Chinese food and even other cultural combinations. Young people would just go to the place to hang to have fun with all the recreational things they offer.

So i was invited by Sophia to go over to try out the place with some friends. Very good few hours spent indeed :)

Watch out for the humble entrance!


Located on the 2nd floor, you sure will not miss the signboards.

(Watch out for the operating hours) :D

Random interesting decorations on the wall

More walls!

People chilling.

More people.

Spacious and cozy spaces

in case you're wondering whats on the wall, its small decorated pots!


I suppose a lot of effort was taken to draw each of them.
Not to forget putting them up.

Colourful sticky notes!

Thousands of comics for you to read!

The humble Boss

enough about the ambiance and place, lets talk about the FOOD NOW!

Cucumber + Sour Plum = F5-ing.
(in case you're not a geek, F5 means refresh :p)
Very kau. Very nice,

Chocolate O and Oreo O
Very thick chocolate and Oreo feeling.
Chocolate lovers must try this.
Ini, Bagus!

Banana Roll.
Sweet and Nutritious

Crunchy on the outside, soft and tender in the inside. 
Perfect appetizer or snack if you're not looking for something heavy.
With the crunchy outer later, it is simply hard to resist to have more bites.

Fried potato slice.
It may only be potato, but its not the ordinary one you usually eat.
The way it was decorated would make one drool :p
With the special mixed mayonnaise sauce, it just goes perfectly with it.

Its called
'Pomodoro 'e' funghi'
which means tomato and mushrooms in Italian.
The attractive looking spaghetti would just make you want to suck it all.
Literally :)

Braised Chicken Rice.
(forgot what the real name was)
Macam Chit Kut teh :p
comes with extra sauce/soup to cater to your preference.
Once you have a bite on the meat you will be able to feel the herbs soaked deeply into the meat.

Mahogany Chicken Chop
This is definitely worth it compared to what other cafes usually offer.
The tender chicken is covered with yummy black pepper sauce that would just one wanting to have more.

What Cafe Honey Lemon Rice
House special.

Sweet sauce with mix veges and chicken.
With the portion they give, it would be just nice for a average person and could be considered a complete meal with the things they are served with.

Anthony getting ready.

Sophia beh tahan liao.
But seriously.
With so much colour and scent how can we stand!
Good thing she controlled her drooling XD

What Cafe Golden Pillow.
Like popiah. But crunchier.
Packing inside are veges and carrot with ham. The outer crunchy later makes it irresistible.

after eating, you could even go over to the walls and decorate the pots or even hang around for the comics!

every kind of fun books they have it here!
no textbooks unless if you find joy by reading them of course.

Fancy decorating your own pot?

we know Sophia is :D

Last words:
Sophia says:

Final Verdict : Good food, good ambiance, good place.  I would say the price is not too expensive for this kind of place and the taste is definitely worth trying. It's one place i would definitely go back again! The feeling the place gives is very homey like and with the thousands of comics and decorations they have it would be the perfect place to spend to your free time and it would be heaven for comic lovers and art lovers too! 


What Cafe @ Genting Klang
29 & 31-1.
Jalan Prima Setapak 3,
53300 Setapak,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 40312085
Email: whatcafe0001[at]gmail[dot]com
Facebook URL:
Business hours: Mon - Thu:12:00-23:30
Fri - Sun:12:30-00:00

Presentation: * * * *
Price: Reasonable. Just nice.
Environment: * * * *
Taste: * * * 3/4
Service: * * * 3/4


Nov 8, 2011

Cirque Du Freak

more pictures here :

just because i pounced on Daniel doesn't mean you
have to stare at me like im on the wanted list.
come on.
its what i do.
Im a Hunter.

btw the link was legit.

Nov 5, 2011


i know ive havent been updating.
btw this is the 6rd time im trying to post this post.
everything just vanishes when i hit post.

something ive always wanted to do.thank you andrea :D


oh i've figured whats wrong.
blogger updated their UI.
so thence.
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