Oct 25, 2011


true story bro.
foreveralone guy doesnt even have a shadow

taken from 9gag

Oct 18, 2011

The Difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Sad story bro

i respect Steve Job's success and hopes to be like him in the near future.
but Bill Gates humility is just what we should all have.

I like what Steve Jobs has offered the world but i think generally we do not realise that
most of the people we know actually uses what Bill Gates had offer us  more than what Jobs did :)

original from

Oct 7, 2011

Love Project

42 shots taken
9 shots chosen
8 shirts worn
5 gears used
4 person
3 words
2 photoshoots
1 reason

Idea / Edited by : Ee Rick
Cameraman / Idea / Assisted by : David Khor
Idea Assisted by : Kah Fu and Shyne Sze
Taken with : Canon EOS 500D
Published date : 6 October 2011
For : You

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Oct 3, 2011


i almost forgot i got a blog. okay i didn't. just that i was too lazy to type. or rather no time to sit down to stare at a blank screen and to blabber words.

so it has been a month. so much happened.

unsatisfying results, so many movies, do so many, so many problems. depression. all the fake smiles.
im not being negative. just being realistic.
and. i. am. still. too. lazy. to. type. bye. bye.

short hair ftw.
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