Sep 5, 2011

Adult Toys

could-be-misleading title. i know.
but since these are not for kids so yeah...

have always wanted to get them.
finally did today.
travelling alone to town is fun.
but on the way back (thanks to the noob transportation system) is not.
btw im now a member of thunder match. not really sure what benefit they offer though...
free support and reformat all i think.

wireless = no more cable wars on my table!
i mean less.
there were 4 LAN cables, a cable for the Switch, one for the laptop cooler, one for the mouse, one for the keyboard, one for the USB extension hub, a thumbdrive forever sticked to my laptop, audio cable to the amp, and cables for the speakers.

btw the Gigabyte Combo set is not mine.
only helped my friend to buy them.
its cheaper, nicer, smaller and even has a nano(smaller) receiver, nicer mouse, and more multimedia keys.
mine takda.
and its only RM55.
found it after i bought my Microsoft ones.

so the lesson is to do more research before you buy.
not that i didn't. but were insufficient.
but wth Microsoft > Gigabyte
so i still win.

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