Jul 27, 2011

another Chapter of my Life


you may not have wondered why there's so little update recently
(because i know few of you really come here often :) )

it was mainly due to coursework, test, assignments, people, and cf perhaps.
one after another. kind of made me had less sleep also.

so what was up?!
TARC CF' latest event : Love : Unplugged

It was definitely an honor to be able to do God's work and to help whatever we could.

it was not easy i guess. duh.
 my preparation wasn't that well and sufficient,
things CHANGED every time we practiced,
i was reluctant to do it at first.
we needed strength and anointing to take up the challenge,
and we did got it :)

now for my part which was the starting act.
i know it just some minor performance but for me,
it wasn't.
it was my first time being up on stage playing not for praise and worship.

i wanna thank the organizers which of course was Him, Bong Yang and Daniel for asking me to assist Daniel.

Being partners with Tong was fun i guess :)
(though he did do his signature move)
(which caused me to miss a beat)
(the move was forgetting)
i did learn a lot of new stuff and there was definitely lots of experience gained.

the rest of the night went on awesomer.
one after another of God's given talents to the performers performed and rocked.
davidstory, andrewtan, davidyeoh, josephinelee, michelleloh and joeylee

all sorts of challenges and obstacles came but through His grace,
everything went well and smoothly.
truly hope the friends i brought went back with something.

and so much about love lately.
why at times like this things just seem to be hinting one after another,
so is it right or not?
i need more signs i suppose.
(trolling paragraph)

anyways this is definitely another of those moments i wont forget

Glad to be serving HIM.

Jul 19, 2011

Lucky Day

 my 3333th tweet was to john

the 9990999th viewer

and something awesome and could be life changing but i wish not to share it first happened.
so should i go buy lottery? XD

messing around

noob XD

Jul 17, 2011


unending chores, assignments, tests, conflicts and problems.
rooms a mess now, 2500 words to vomit, bills not paid.
but at least i'm back with HIM. need more strength.
final semester cannot play play liao but lagilah im involved with 'things' this semester. zzz.

BTW what you think of this layout? :P
feel free to comment or leave a message at the side


Jul 9, 2011

my Day / Bersih day

so i stayed at home the whole day.
lazy, parents, assignment. sleep, lazy.

so i was online the whole day too looking for updates.
the star online, malaysia kini, bersih tweets and status updates, curi-curi malaysia, bla bla bla
till the point where :


the star online

not only the roads were jam.
even websites were!

''Malaysians were united under Bersih, not 1 Malaysia. EPIC FAIL''
quoted from Lung Wang, 2011

Jul 6, 2011

Life Obstacles

we have / are :
tons of assignment packed,
tests one after another,
lagging in studies,
trying to be righteous,
have to balance between friends, facebook study, personal and God time,
relationship - family, friends, BGR, God problems,
Problems such as above,
have to decide whether to work, play or sleep more since 24 hour is suppose to be splited 3 parts equally,

so here are some 'S' words to describe how things are:


Any others you can think of?

Jul 5, 2011

Your Opinion Please!

From a receiver point of view, please tell me what the sender was trying to mean.
Please leave comments! :)

Jul 4, 2011

Guys that Gap Lui / 看女子 / Look at girls

exactly why we gap lui.
and we still get teased by the opposite sex for doing so

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