Feb 26, 2011

Epic Fail ==

i was so close to saying wtf which i will never post or say it online.

hours later...

to save his ass he made me look like a fool.
but still i have this post! XDDD
why the double?
cause he deleted his comments XDDDDDD

im sorry if you see this but this is too uber epic fail situation.

Underwear and Jokes

i have this 'friend' who likes to tease me and all...but deep within i've always had something that i want to tell it to his face but i couldn't. Its because if i said that, he will have no more face and confirm GG in front of everyone. 

The thing is : His underwear has shit on it. There are nice yellowish brown brownies on that blue underwear. Somewhere in between his buttocks...around that gap...you know...How do i know you might ask...

The reason : We all hang our clothes outside for drying and me being myself will surely be observing stuff and so how can i miss the blue flag with brownies on it.

You would come up with stupid teases on things i do but imagine what will happen if i say ''oi bugger you talk so much why dont you spend more time washing your blue underwear with brownies on it? How the heck can you get those things on it anyway? Its either you fart shit when you fart OR you do not wipe or wash thus your brownies sticks to your blue underwear OR you always shit in your pants.'

Please la you thought other people will not see your pants being so attractive out there? Talk and tease all you want but you're just full of crap like your underpants :P Dude you are seriously gross dude. How can you wear on something like that == it will just start accumulating and the next thing you know it will become like kuih lapis. If any girls friend of yours that sees that flag of yours, confirm you will be listed as the grossest person they ever know. and actually by writing about him...is grossing out my blog ==

epicly sad i never managed to get a picture of it.

here is 'something' how it looks like

how it looks like inside out.

Feb 24, 2011

A Hundred Bucks

The BrandThatShallNotBeNamed's Modem

We pay RM99 per month just to get internet connection but all we get is this.
What i like to call it is the ''When Ultraman becomes weak'' light.

Seriously damn imbally sien.

wanna see improvements? try joining this group.

Feb 23, 2011

Random Sight


just some very long worm lurking around our hostel toilet
i think it could be up to 20cm if you pull it from end to end XD
like the picture here :X

Feb 20, 2011

Professional Cheater

i must say he is very professional.

to cheat or not to cheat?
everyone around you does it.
if you dont, you will lose out.
if you do, you dont deserve the achievements.

Feb 18, 2011

Practical Grenades

definitely more practical than I'd catching a grenade or throwing your hand on a blade or jumping in front of a train or taking a bullet straight through your brain .


Feb 17, 2011

Life and Death

if you think negative, things will always look bad and the world will always look dark to you.
you think committing suicide will be better to the world?
you are damn RIGHT wrong.

here are some 'reasons' :

-  you will have to waste your relatives' money to buy the coffin and conduct the ceremony.
- friends that do not like you have to pay their respect unwillingly
- you will get your moment of fame ONLY and because AFTER you are dead, your 'friends', forums, news, facebook and medias like that will highlight your 'epic' story for a couple of days.
- your friends will be bothered by teacher and police and journalists trying to get some juice
- wasting of funds up to around RM560717. from some raw and rough calculation of a Canadian baby :P
- you will go to hell
- you will be cursed
- you are a real ass for doing it and even thinking about it LOL 

so if you want to die also die further away. dont bother the people around you.

God put us here and now for a reason. Although committing suicide is not wrong based on the existentialism term since one is is solely responsible for giving his or her own life meaning and for living that life, passionately and sincerely UNLESS if you drag religion point of views to this topic, that doesnt mean you can do epic/stupid things.

o be honest, 我睬鬼你都傻. Whatever you do is and will be none of my business but please think of the consequences especially of the looks and feelings of your parents when they receive that call or news...or even knowing the thought that you do not wish to live anymore...

control your serotonin levels la LOL

even if you are a failure in life, its just because you think you are not good enough and that is because you are comparing yourself with other better people around you. some people are meant to be better. if everyone is equal then life will be dull. HOWEVER some people are not meant to be good and its solely because God is fair cause he knows that they will brag like nobody's business even though there is nothing but only negative things to be bragged about.

go exercise, go eat good food but not like a pig, listen to jazz, go read the bible and not on methods on how to commit suicide. if your other half broke up with you, screw them cause they dont know how to appreciate you. Remember there are still many fishes in the sea ;)

what else i missed?

if you really want to die also, GO DONATE YOUR ORGANS AND LET OTHER LESS FORTUNATE PEOPLE with disabilities UNLIKE YOU to have them.

thats all i have to say.
so screw you for wanting to die. there are people who wants to live life to the fullest still there are baskets that want to end their life earlier like mat rempits.

even monkeys know how to enjoy the sunset. so be more creative and do better than them. LOL

Feb 14, 2011

New Translator in Town! - citcat.com

so i've been using the google translator to do all kinds of unbelievable stuff :P but now there is another option!

very much like google translator is the new http://www.citcat.com/ 

Citcat offers free, online text and website translation, online dictionary and a range of online translation tools from English to Malay, Malay to English, English to Indonesian and English to Chinese.

when you reach the website you will be greeted by the team behind the site (i think) :

and cllick the arrow then :

the best past arrives
there is translation, dictionary, web search and even wikipedia search bla bla bla...

from the funny words i typed and tested citcat did gave me better results compared to google.
too bad i cannot try out the chinese translation cause i cant :P

Feb 10, 2011


following are a list of short posts

i realised that i spend too much time with living beings for the last 4 months.
 its not bad, but i've neglected too many things and wasted too much time busying with unnecessary and useless things/events/happening.
i should have and will face and spend more time on things that are not living and just enjoy their presence.
so dont miss me if you will see less of me :)

kecik-kecik dah macam nie nanti besar jadi apa macam
my cousin niece :P

nuisance everywhere.
screw yall.

i am now addicted to Hong Kong production.
finally im back to my roots XD

tomorow is the last day of my break and only 75% on my list are completed :S

Malat outings are always the best.
Save the hasstle and BS and being able to do things the way you want them.
very less ma fan.

Feb 7, 2011

My Honour :)

i know they worth nothing in the real world but at least it proves that i have the determination to do something till its good :P

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talking bout Double Prosperity, i think the Double Prosperity Burger is overkill :P

Feb 3, 2011

Garfield and Me

at times i feel a lot like this
(taken from the star newspaper 3 feb 2011)
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