Jan 29, 2011

Part 2

(a continuation of the previous post)
stupid is also when
- You have nothing to do and you keep posting stupid stuff and status updates telling the whole world you are feeling bored. Go to youtube.com, watch some good videos or go watch some good dramas or whatsoever. Stop complaining. Not everyone feels like you.
- When you at work or in college studying, you wish you were on holidays but when you are on holidays, you wish you were working or in college studying. 

- You are lifeless and all you do is post/spam retarded wall post on other people's wall. Yes i used the word retarded. At lease be more creative at posting/spamming.
- Someone spams my wall. I know my facebook account is open to everyone to the point that even strangers can like or comment on my things but please be considered. You might think its funny or 'cool' but to me you are just plain stupid.  Stop abusing or wasting people's time to check unnecessary notifications or nonsense that dont usually even bring any meaning. If you really like spamming, send mails or messages to yourself or post wall post to yourself and reply them back yourself imagining that you have a duo personality. You might even be able to grab some attention when people thinks that you are insane. Then attention will come directly to you without you even have to try hard after that. I mean the whole point of spamming is just to get attention or/and to annoy other people right?
- People knows that you are a banana/half-banana/Chinese illiterate but sends gay Chinese text messages. Okay maybe not gay. But still the idea is there. Man are you kidding me? Are you trying to tease me or something? The best part is you replied them apologizing and asking for an English or other understood-able version or what that text message meant or was for, the ass does not reply.
- People thinks that Pokemon is childish. If you do not know, the pokemon series still runs on air and the games are still being released. long gone are the days when Ash traveled through the Kanto, Johto ad Hoenn region. Since Pokemon started at 1996, the games and TV series never stopped. and so we are just following the series which we started about 10+ years ago. you wanna know who the childish people are? Those that thought we are talking about the Kanto and Johto region times (when you have pokemons such as pikachu, bulbasaur, charmander and such). BTW I'm sure you did not think that is was that way 10 years ago. Although Pokemon can be a little childish at times ;)
- People rape your chat service/messenger/box.
- Guys stalk other guys but the stalker is not gay.
- People claim dumb rights.
- You sleep at 5ams and wakes up at 2pm ;)
- The reason you are able to beat the elite four is because you are a big bully and all your Pokemon have way higher levels and stats than their imba Pokemon :P 
- A simple outing gets postpones 7 times for stupid reasons :PP
- People believes that iPhone 5 has been released :PPP
- The word shit is considered as vulgar :PPPP
- You read and endured all the harsh words (if any to any individuals) in this post. :PPPPP
- You dont know why there are so many tounges in the smiley :PPPPPP

Awesome is when :-
- You know that you are smart because smileys shouldn't have more than one tongue or mouth. ;)
- You manage to successfully read all the whining in this post.
- You like/understand this post

Now i know there are controversies in what i write but its just the way i say/do things. ;)

Thank You for your time.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. What the...? lol! you nothing to do is it? all these are just based on a sole person's point of view, and yes, you vulgarized not a lot but quite a bit in this post, very substantial indeed.

    Shit is usually considered a vulgarity and profanity in Modern English.

    Add this: stupid is when you blog about stuff without doing your research.=P

  3. Im sorry Tricia, did i offended you in this post? its my blog so i have my rights to post what i want and no need for you to tell me how to.

    i have too much too do and yet people are bothering me unnecessarily thats why its really pissing me off.

    what is your point of telling me about the 'shit' thing? this is my blog post of course its based on my point of view. this is a point of view, based on feeling and preference post therefore i dont think much research will be needed for it.

    i did not say who said anything in this post therefore you need not to be so affected by it.

    and the best part is there was the tongue smiley with that sentence which indicates that its suppose to be funnily taken with a bit of sarcasm and stupidity. Looks like you interpreted it wrongly.

    And me vulgarising or not, that is my problem and not much of yours. :)


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