Dec 10, 2010

Abusing Facebook

1. Characterized by improper or wrongful use
2. incorrectly used; corrupt

defined from :

so that is the meaning of 'abusive'. Facebook, is something most of my friends are on to with most their free time. Now with Digi's free Facebook, people are basically on it WHENEVER they can (okay maybe not everyone). Be it on the train, toilet, LECTURES, on bed trying to fall asleep or just whenever you can think of. Being on FB 24 hours is AWESOME AND EVERYTHING not wrong (BUT VERY BAD)...but if you fb also dont until when people start to hate you lar because you have to freaking spam everyone's wall including yourself's very abusively. Every damn status update or whatsoever also come like or dont sien we also sien...get a life directly liao still...zzz

and he still manage to laugh (not just normal laugh). Lol.
(please ignore my rude friends :P)


  1. I doubt expressin a sarcastic laughter like ngek x3 is "abusive". But posting somethin untrue bout some1 is. even worst if askin someone else to do

  2. his laughter is not...but it is like every thing you post gets his traits, and when you go to your 'home' you see them at every single news. there are even times where you will get about 5 likes in 5 seconds.

    The reason i decided to blog about it because it is almost too much and a few of our friends are getting pissed off at him and even cursed on public which is what they would usually not yeah...theyre more details but i didnt put them up.

    thats for reading btw

    one more thing, the thing about users staring at pics, its him as well.

  3. im not saying based on thin air or assumption. it based on what he says and what we see and all. everywhere we're at, he'll be on fb commenting and liking all the away.

  4. haha... i think its da user u've a problem with.. not with the particular act at da moment.
    heh..u know if he's causin u guys so much discomfort, wat stopin u from Un-friendin him.
    U know juz to make a point. or Ignore him.
    No point puttin ur own rep at stake cos of 1 guy..

  5. i get your point...but after all hes still my/our friend. At times i/we still need him to be there to be supportive or to be busy body. But maybe just not a little bit too much where even unrelated things to him will get a lol out of a sudden all the time :P

    and to be honest, i have no problem with him at all...just this particular act some of us cant stand :)


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