Nov 30, 2010


i dont know who this joker is but i think he has always wanted to do this. :X

Nov 28, 2010



Came across this through a friend's friend's friend's picture. Taken from Sandakan.

just felt like sharing it.

Nov 27, 2010

Children's Rights Week

so it is the Children's Rights Week...
and there is this thrend of asking people to post cartoon pictures for your facebook profile for a week...and so i did.

not that its the last few hours of it already, this came to my mind. I don't think is legal for people to simply download images from the web and using them as their profile pictures cause they have no rights over them.
anyways i am currently using ash from pokémon and so happen Smosh came up with their revenge song of Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE! awesome stuff...

the original video from 5 years ago which had 24 million views and was removed

look at their hair :P

Chris Yeoh ft. in FW: INTI College Chris Yeoh needs help‏

FW: INTI College Chris Yeoh needs help‏

Hi, my name is Chris Yeoh. I am 19 years old, and I have testicle cancer .. I also have a large penile fracture,from repeated beatings. Doctors say I will die soon if this isn't fixed, and my family can't pay the bills.

The Make A Wish Foundation, has agreed to donate 50 cents for every time this message is sent on.

For those of you who send this along, I thank you so much, but for those who don't send it, what goes around comes around. Have a Heart, please send this.

Please, if you are a kind person, send this on. PLEASE HIT FORWARD BUTTON NOT REPLY BUTTON.

Chris Yeoh


most probably fake. It has been around since january and i only got it yesterday.
Make A which Foundation are only for children like 18 below all.
Kesian this dude kena exposed like this...


damn busy. that explains my absence.
first it was about the go green tree picture like contest.

with a total of 340 likes i won myself a 4gb thumbdrive and
2nd top was at 260 only.
i would wanna thank David for helping me with taking the photo :)

before this competition was busying with some courseworks.

then winning a MSDN ultimate account. go google it if you dunno zzz

stupid p1 sucking to the max.
stupid fever.
stupid/unnecessary stress.
stupid/inappropriate interruptions.

that is that.

then now prom night is on Sunday.
law test on Monday.
case study presentation on Tuesday.
french GG-ing presentation on Wednesday.

very GG. sien...zzz

and for the followings week to come, full practice for this:


Nov 26, 2010

Friend lol

okay maybe i will a little.
you are childish, naive, busy, immature, weird, unpredictable, ridiculous, slow, imba and very childish.

dont play the guessing game :)

Nov 20, 2010


alright fellow readers i need your help!
please help me like :

its for a competition from my college and i really would appreciate it if you guys could help me like the picture.

thanks in advance :P

Nov 18, 2010

Walking Through

i guess life is like this:
sometimes you walk with only one shoe/slipper.
you go through good and 'rough' times.
sometimes things are not as comfortable and good as expected.
things do not happen in our comfort zone, things go imba.

walking with one side of the shoe/slipper is not fun.
you attract weird and unpleasant attentions.
just like when people make fun or tease you just because you act or look differently.

so what?
screw them.

first take down the labels,
TRY to ignore them and
know who you are living for.
it's not what people thinks that matters.
its God's.

so we got to live as though:
“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

it wont be easy.
cause its not.

so don't let people step on your shoe/slippers.
 but if they really do you should punch them hard and curse them or step back on their shoes/slippers because do unto other what you want them to do to you therefore you should step them back!
accept the fact, amend mistakes and overcome it so that in the end of the day
they will look like fools
you will not be vulnerable enough to be pwned by dumb things people say.

always remember to 'pray for them' ;)

i mean seriously.

Nov 17, 2010

Downloading Pictures from Facebook

now you can download pictures from Facebook legally?
i'm still not really sure which are the ones that can be downloaded but i came across this at a wall photo album.

a little more details here :

but I'M STILL NOT SURE at don't ask me X)

A little more about Me

in this post i will share a little on about what i do to my pictures or pictures that i publish on Facebook or share. if you find that my pictures on Facebook or blog looks normal, i couldn't and wouldn't comment much on it and you but you should look at the original pictures then you will know. BTW if you do not know, my camera phone sucks a$$ (thats why i rarely(never) uses my phone to take picture). even some pictures that are not from my camera sometimes, has their defects. perhaps from the photographer's skill or the imbalance of white balance or lighting and other stuff/details like that.

an example here of what i usually do :

The Original picture

the final product.

spot the difference?
the product of combination of using Photoshop CS5 and Photoscape 3.5
perhaps now you would think before you judge?
hope this gives a little more details of what i do

cheers :)

Nov 14, 2010

Facebook Loading

you know what is this?
i damn freakingly freaking hate this ==

Oh Brother~

I dont care anymore. Im not going to help you anymore the next time you ask me for help. Everytime i ask you to help a little also have to beg you for it even for simple things. You really think i want to beg for stupid and simple things i can do it by myself but i couldnt due to my disabilities? I told you very clearly. I said '' Ei do line dc...its almost done...then u make something else..'' i said ALMOST DONE. So i was expecting you to go in immediately to check. I told you its almost done at 2.16 but you only went in around 4.30. You think i dont know? Now its very clear that you either was blind or stupid or didnt care even though i told you to do it since its ALMOST DONE. I shouldn't have counted on you. Its such a simple thing and you cannot do it. How are you suppose to do big things in the future? Simple things also have to procrastinate. Just like the video i asked you to watch. It was so that you can share it to your friends for your good but you didnt gave a damn. I really dont know what else to say. This has really disappointed me to the max. Something that needed attention immediately you went in 2 hours 15 minutes later. Then so happen 15 minutes after you were done i asked you. Really helpful you were. I hope you are happy screwing up my life. ^^

Nov 13, 2010

My Classmates

each one here made a difference in my life. whether its for the good or bad. whether its a lot of a little difference, it doesnt matter. they still manage to influence, shape and helped me grow. each individulas are from different backgrounds, understanding, age :P , mindset and understanding but somehow God put these wonderful people in my life to help me learn from them and to share and do things together. one final word, I have never regretted being friends with anyone here and indeed i madea very good choice for choosing to be in this group. Thank you my fellow Group 1 classmates. :)


the full-sized picture is here. about 1.5mb. Still way smaller than the original picture.
to save the picture click on the picture and press: 
Internet Explorer : Right-click and  click Save picture as,
Google Chrome : Right-click and click Save image as.
Mozilla Firefox : Right-click and click Save image as.
Safari : Right-click and click Save image as.
Opera : Right-click and click Save Image,


Nov 12, 2010

Phone Comparisons

go to and put in these four phones to compare.

and you will notice that there is not much diffence. the phones were Nokia E5, 3, E63 and X5  the only difference?

Editing Project

would you believe me if i told you i took about 10 hours to come up with this?
however this is still not the final version.
reason : dumbass p1 speed, camwhores that fail and being smartasses on fb.

Nov 5, 2010

Reversing Videos

Pillow Magic! (Bonus: 2 Guys 600 Pillows)
very interesting video!
got me wandering how hey did that for a moment :P

Nov 3, 2010

#$!% YOU!

i so wanna put bad sign languages here right now but to prevent being interrogated by friends i shall not do it.


sleeping cures everything. even heart breaks. it was a heartbreaking + exhausting + post-exam + slow-lined + hot + boring + noob + dumb + sad + phoneless + poor + sleepless + stressing + stupid + gan jeong + long + slow + busy night and day. sometimes it's not because i don't want to, but it's i won't/can't.

pas pourquoi. ne me demandez pas.

it is every night's sleep and the hope of waking up the next morning that keeps me going.
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