Sep 1, 2010

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut

HEY GUYS...i was messing around with my keyboard experimenting something and guess that i found out!

ALT key + (number key) OR ALT key + shift + (number key): and you will get :- 

1 = Home
2 = Profile
3 = Friend requests
4 = Messages
5 = Notifications
6 = Settings
7 = Privacy Settings
8 = Facebook official page
9 = Terms of using
0 = Help

the reason for the alternative ways is due to different types of keyboard.

BTW i've tried it on Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera it AND Opera is the only browser which does not start switching browser if your not on it!

others i'm not really sure...but seriously...this is so cool! :P


the link is http :

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