Sep 29, 2010


R.U.N camp was FUN.

- met many new and cool people
- got closer with everyone and that includes HIM  :)
- my past was not that bad but crappy. what have i been doing...wasting all those time.
- im going to change. expect the new me :P ...right.
- now that camp is over im not sure whether im feeling happy or sad or emo or nostalgic. im happy i dont have to sit down on floors anymore but the times there and the people were great. no worries and stuff. and since my group totally pwned other groups to the max so it was fun pwning :P

busy people of the camp

walaulikethatalsowannareject. sienlor. 
everythingivebeenwaitingandlookingforishere. shestheone


all i need is you.
all i need is you lord.
please help me make it that way.

my timetable this semester is not as i would wished it would be but by his mercy and grace i hope he will give me the strength to cope and go on with it.

may God be with you.

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