Sep 29, 2010


R.U.N camp was FUN.

- met many new and cool people
- got closer with everyone and that includes HIM  :)
- my past was not that bad but crappy. what have i been doing...wasting all those time.
- im going to change. expect the new me :P ...right.
- now that camp is over im not sure whether im feeling happy or sad or emo or nostalgic. im happy i dont have to sit down on floors anymore but the times there and the people were great. no worries and stuff. and since my group totally pwned other groups to the max so it was fun pwning :P

busy people of the camp

walaulikethatalsowannareject. sienlor. 
everythingivebeenwaitingandlookingforishere. shestheone


all i need is you.
all i need is you lord.
please help me make it that way.

my timetable this semester is not as i would wished it would be but by his mercy and grace i hope he will give me the strength to cope and go on with it.

may God be with you.

Sep 22, 2010


boys will be boys :X

good bye faceboook world...


lets see...its 22th of September already...which means this will be the last day of my 'holiday'...
since i will be going for the cf camp from tomorrow till Sunday that means i will have no access to Facebook and my other online stuff  today will the last day where i can do anything i want.

what have i done thorough this period...hmm...
i planned to swim but it didn't work out...
bought the clothing i need...
watched a lot of movies...for the first many movies in a week...
btw if you didn't know I've spent most of my time here at the hostel....why? cause i only create problems and kacau my brother at home, been asked to come back several times, could not sleep at odd hours and of course my mum keeps the modem. yippee~

now that im here, i live like a king. when i sleep i dont need to set the alarm. no naggy alarms. i sleep at 5 and wakes up at 12. first thing after i wake up i will face the computer for an hour or so before i do enjoying every single bit of this! X)

what else...oh camp is tomorrow! the point where i totally forgot to bring the essential items back.
track bottom...wth screw the tardiness of the announcement...gave me a night of headache and insomnia :X
BAG! shit im going to a camp but i forgot to bring a bag back to bring my things to the camp ==
and i forgot the most essential thing. totally defeats the purpose of me going to camp if i did not bring this thing there. guess for yourselves. and it's not underwear you smarty underpants! XD
bla bla bla and other items not worth to be blogged about :P

so for the rest of my friends who still have 4 days before our new semester starts have fun enjoying yourselves and adjusting your body clock.


Sep 19, 2010


2 Pieces of KFC Chicken = RM 6.05
120 minutes of talk time = RM 0.12 X 120 = RM 14.40
300 SMS = RM 0.01 X 300 = RM 3.00


Sep 16, 2010

Nothing much

nothing much,,,just wanted to say something somewhere...
just finish a 2 movie marathon...
Love in Disguise by Lee Hom was sweet...the review i saw said the story was predictable and nothing new stuff...well all i got to say is if you are his fan, it wouldn't matter much and if you don't expect, you will not get false hope. If you're so great why don't you make a movie yourself? or even at the least make nice videos and upload them to youtube? :X
Repo men was...bloody... painful...the story felt like a story where i use to write when i was young...where i would usually write 'saya jatuh dari katil dan rupa-rupanya is hanyalah sebuah mimpi'...the movie was okay lar (every movie i watch, if you know me well, i would say its okay even if it sucked)...but it was nice...BUT damn sad lor...watching him... living in his fantasies only...screw the union people. LOL!

good night morning

Sep 15, 2010


this fella just would not give up...
sorry...tried my best to make it look good...still couldn't...


My friend once posted on Facebook that God gave us brains to use it and dont copy others. Well thats what she said. She is a very high leveled player in the game and she is not cool with copycats.
I have no problems with them but dude, get a life, be more creative!
its not like my layout is very nice also :P
copy long as everyone is happy :X

chi en or whoever you are if you know who the person is and if you are reading this you might as well just read and forget :X

Sep 10, 2010


Things not looking very well so far.
-The NudgesToolsScript 1.38 for the Windows Live Messenger plus is not working on the new desktop. This means there will be no unlimited nudges.
-I suck.
-He is not practicing the way he should.
-She ... .
-A certain brand of Instant cup noodles cups smells like burnt plastic when i poured minimal amount of hot water in. msn me or smth if you wanna know the brand,
-The double male to single male wire jack that I've been looking for is still no where to be found.
-My earphones broke.
-My guitar tuner went cuckoo.
-My body/health/hair/eye/skin/every condition is getting worse.
-I'm out of cleaning agents.
-Raj forced me to come home early because his mum is still very strict and he needs me to accompany him to Mid Vally because he wanted to date his girl before he leaves. The mum totally has no idea of his cunning actions. I wonder what will happen IF she sees this :P anyways not cool don't force your guy friend to get your way to your date. And not tell your mum anything :P
-I lost my college student ID. Its not the fine or the ugly picture that I'm going to summit for the replacement of the card...its the losing of the old one. Spent a year of hardship with it. Screw my carelessness and forgetfulness. ZZZ
-Ive to sleep before 2am i guess for the next 2 weeks. ZZZ
-I've planned to go swim everyday.

Sep 9, 2010


its always not easy...


took me an hour i think...

spent another 2 hours on another...that was real hard :P

Sep 1, 2010

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut

HEY GUYS...i was messing around with my keyboard experimenting something and guess that i found out!

ALT key + (number key) OR ALT key + shift + (number key): and you will get :- 

1 = Home
2 = Profile
3 = Friend requests
4 = Messages
5 = Notifications
6 = Settings
7 = Privacy Settings
8 = Facebook official page
9 = Terms of using
0 = Help

the reason for the alternative ways is due to different types of keyboard.

BTW i've tried it on Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera it AND Opera is the only browser which does not start switching browser if your not on it!

others i'm not really sure...but seriously...this is so cool! :P


the link is http :

Google Gravity

very cool.
(click to enlarge)
move your window around to see it shake...

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