Aug 2, 2010


had a busy weekend. my initial plan was to go home and try out the new wifi modem then revise. end up i touch my notes for 1 minute. :X

so what made me so busy?

- taught fannie how to go home with a cheaper way. since she had no touch n go card i had to wait 15 minutes for her to get her ticket.
- my dad sort of ffk me and i had to take the bus home. which was kinda good cause i met an old friend.
- went home. everything settle. tried to connect to the internet via wifi but couldnt.connect to it. the problem was i can find the line. but when i try to connect to it, it just couldnt. it didnt even prompt for password. killed me.
- btw the other laptops have no problems connecting to it. even my phone...zzz
- my dad actually went to buy a new tv. and of course, new toy = excitement. so he was kinda exited lar...then as the techkier son i helped to install and set le. the new tv didn't help me overcome the potongness. and asking yx for help wasn't very helpful ==
- used LAN instead.

- called TM for help. the fella said they are only concern about from their server to the modem. further than that is not really their business. which i totally understand.
- called the technician who help us installed the modem. the fella said my computer masalah. wasnt really helpful but he did gave some tips.
- called another fella. he didnt help much as well.
- finally after 12 hours of head scratching i manage to get connected to the line by creating the access point manually...zzz...screw windows 7...i mean the modem....whatever...zzz

and now for the rest of that day...

- went out to sunway pyramid to at 2 to collect the MTV world stage tickets which my brother won.
- at 2.50 the weather was very sunny and line was long (duh).
- i lepaked at the side till the crowd become kelam kabut to cut in...and after that stood and stood.
- free standing means sardin and hot and a lot of standing of course=..=
- stood for 4 hours then the finally Vj came out blah blah blah....
- Bunkface was awesome...with more cheering this time im seeing them.
- Wonder Girls were hot. and NOT as thin as they look i think. they had electric guitars that could shoot fireworks.
- Tokia Hotel was gay. the fella spoke like a akua :X their first song was noise. well indeed their first 2 songs were only noise. loud noise. loud annoying irritating noise. later songs were still bearable.
- Katy Perry was hot. though she wore a ballerina dress. and she just had to throw her tutu away. her new song 'peacock' is kinda like disco stick. liked her performance the most.

- now what i didn't mention are that the mtv asia organisers suck ass. first there was technical problems with the screen. later, the sound system. the thing just went zoop and the vj's voice was dead. the vj kinda threatened the audience btw. AND they bullshitted twice by ffk-ing saying that the artist is coming out now. ended up having to wait for another 40 minutes.
we started standing from 3.30pm till 12.30am. 3 hours itself from the intervals between artists which they took their time to fix the cacated stage.
- and if you do not know, it rained throughout the concert. so our feet and pants were soaked and wet.
- wonder girls were to come out again to perform but 3 quarter of the audience i think left after katy performed.

- slept till afternoon.
- went back to seremban.
- here i am now.

24 hours has passed and i can still hear the humming sound in my ears. is this suppose to be normal?

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