Aug 9, 2010


misleading title :P

FMLFootball Manager Live (web community)
FMLFootball Manager Live (video game)
FMLFamily Medical Leave (US)
FMLField Manipulation Language
FMLFerret Mailing List
FMLForms Markup Language
FMLFibre Metal Laminate (Delft University of Technology)
FMLFamous Last Words
FMLFull Maximum Likelihood
FMLFor My Life (trademark of Be in Health)
FMLFormal Methods Letters
FMLFollow My Lead
FMLForce Module Library
FMLFlexible Membrane Lining
FMLFalmouth Memorial Library (Falmouth, ME)
FMLFiji Muslim League
FMLFacebook Markup Language
FMLFamecos Mailing List
FMLFashion Mailing List
FMLFrequency Measurement Logic (chip)
FMLFast Maximum Likelihood Method
FMLFor My Lover (Tracy Chapman song)
FMLFile Manipulation Language
FMLFlorida Mathematics League
FMLFAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Markup Language (an Apache Maven project)
FMLForget My Life (polite form)

my favourite FML of is Follow my lead...sounds funny when you imagine a gamer typing it to another gamer in intense situations...


1 comment:

  1. LOL.. hahahaha..
    FML = for my life.. or forgets my life.. hahaha.. nice =D


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