Jul 7, 2010


short update...

- French oral test 1 was bad.
- French oral 2 was way better.
- i thought i blew the chance, it didn't.
- i haven't talk so much not face to face to a person before.
- my friends ffk my lunch =.=
- it was all planned. but it didn't went accordingly and i thought it was over. but it didnt.
- the chicken dance video was kinda disappointing :X
- i injured my toe while trying to playing futsal without shoes. i mean we all did.
- haven't swim in ages.
- my parents dont understand it. wth. dont ask me about it.
- shyne sze fell on the butt :P and i was kinda blamed for it. =.=
- English assignment's draft is due tomorrow but only one and a half members is concerned and doing things about it.
- i will (HOPEFULLY) get a new acoustic guitar and glasses. X)

when will it be?

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