Jun 4, 2010

Waking Up

an sms offering 8 bucks with the purchase of rm30 credit saved my day today. how? it came at 8.26am which was actually like 4 minutes before my law tutorial class which was like a kilometer walk away and i was still on bed.

this rarely happens to me and i couldn't remember why my alarm from my phone which was suppose to go off at 7.40am end up receiving an sms 4 mins before my class right beside my head. i was like trying to reach for my phone which was suppose to be like above my head but i later realise that the phone was under my pillow.

now if you were me, what would you do?
screw it and skip the class since its already too late?

if you know me, i NEVER skipped class or lectures and never will. dont ask me why...its just that i will feel bad for not attending the class when im suppose to and prefer not to be at somewhere else doing something worthless EVEN though the lecture is very very boring...which i would just probably just end up talking or dozing off.

anyways i jumped off my bed, on my laptop, ran to the bathroom, bathed and brushed, ran back to my room, dried my hair and did some stuff online X) and cincai wear something and sort of ran to class.

now would this guilt feeling of not attending class seem childish to you? because friends would tell you that why you want to go to lectures when you will not be listening?

1 comment:

  1. lol. i would do the same thing. XD i miss class once or twice because overslept. XD but otherwise, if i can get there late, i'll still go. XD


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