Jun 19, 2010


today i :

- saw girls bought what they liked and wanted in a split second. ''this one nice? BUY. this one also nice? ALSO BUY''. rich.
- for the first time sang a full song by myself at redbox the karaoke center.

- also had A VERY LONG 30 minute karaoke session. because there were no customers, they actually allowed us to stay there (until customers comes for the service i guess) until we wanted to leave the place. so called 30 minutes end up being a 2 and a half hours session.
- went out with yenyen's mini gang, only.
- saw Qi Qushairi. the malay dude from blogger boy. (Y)
- had crappy wan tan mee.
- bought proper Flip-flops. Flippers™ is the brand. but somehow they dont seem to have their own website. (not yet perhaps).
- he is not back yet. NICE! (i suppose)
- i bet he is laughing, and he is crying.
- finally saw her, after so long.
- they asked me about her. how the hell would i know? its not like im her keeper. dont assume things just because it looks like it.
- saw her ignoring him.
- saw her getting bullied and i couldnt do anything.
- wished my dad early for father's day. i thought it was on saturday. and the message was quite gay i think. myf's fault for making me thought that father's day was on Saturday :P
- want to sleep kau kau,

if you find this post very confusing, dont bother to try to re-read to understand it. all the he-s, him-s and her-s you see are altogether different people. its just that i dont want to say out names :P

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