Jun 28, 2010

Jun 26, 2010

Food and Pictures


had it last week.

Cakes from shyne sze's 21st birthday.

we celebrated shyne sze's birthday early for her yesterday at 4 seasons and it was awesome i guess...i was as usual busy-ing around BUT of course not as busy as the birthday girl herself lar :P

oh SS if youre reading this, the gift...we didnt know about the pantang thing...we only knew it very later after we bought it...we're sorry if you care about chinese customs X)

Jun 23, 2010


cacated after jing yeu tried to split it.

told you it was misleading X)

Jun 22, 2010


ive always liked this song.

i know he works very hard to take care of the family and being the only breadwinner, i feel very bad for simply spending his hard earn money ALTHOUGH i d try to not.


happy belated father's day!


Jun 21, 2010

Boyfriend / Girlfriend

what would you do if you found out the person you have been with has some sort of inherited disease and he or she might not be able to conceive? and of course if in terms of the guys of course i mean he might not be able to make her pregnant...

just a curious question...

think about it....easier said than to be done i would say...

Jun 20, 2010



Emo-ish Yellow.

original picture taken by ms pit ling.

Lomographic Effect made by amateur noobs.

one was made/edited by me. one was by my friend.
hers' was made when i was trying to teach her how to get the effect.
now obviously you can tell which one was by me :P

please VOTE or leave comment. please.

walau. first time. im asking for people to leave comemnts in my blog. tsk tsk tsk at ms bling's. its her fault. HAHAHAHAHA!

Jun 19, 2010


today i :

- saw girls bought what they liked and wanted in a split second. ''this one nice? BUY. this one also nice? ALSO BUY''. rich.
- for the first time sang a full song by myself at redbox the karaoke center.

- also had A VERY LONG 30 minute karaoke session. because there were no customers, they actually allowed us to stay there (until customers comes for the service i guess) until we wanted to leave the place. so called 30 minutes end up being a 2 and a half hours session.
- went out with yenyen's mini gang, only.
- saw Qi Qushairi. the malay dude from blogger boy. (Y)
- had crappy wan tan mee.
- bought proper Flip-flops. Flippers™ is the brand. but somehow they dont seem to have their own website. (not yet perhaps).
- he is not back yet. NICE! (i suppose)
- i bet he is laughing, and he is crying.
- finally saw her, after so long.
- they asked me about her. how the hell would i know? its not like im her keeper. dont assume things just because it looks like it.
- saw her ignoring him.
- saw her getting bullied and i couldnt do anything.
- wished my dad early for father's day. i thought it was on saturday. and the message was quite gay i think. myf's fault for making me thought that father's day was on Saturday :P
- want to sleep kau kau,

if you find this post very confusing, dont bother to try to re-read to understand it. all the he-s, him-s and her-s you see are altogether different people. its just that i dont want to say out names :P

Jun 17, 2010


imba lock from TARC

uncle model.

park in the middle also kena saman. well done TARC guards . not to mention checking our ID when they like and not doing it consistently.

what they ticked on the summons was obstructing the road which is bullsheet. it was in the middle of two lines of parking which was like not drawn properly. and what you see in the 3rd picture, is not part of the traffic road. its more like a V shape space which has no entrance or exit when it's side are parked with cars.

those guards cari pasal lor...

Jun 15, 2010


everything is empty. nothing is real. get a life. get a real life

Jun 12, 2010


i know its bad to laugh...but i just couldnt help it. shake hands? seriously?

Jun 10, 2010

Random Crap

is it necessary to like put on make up or style your hair if youre only going to a one and a half hour class?
(i know i sound lazy but im not referring to myself)

and yes im serious when i said:

ptpn ah...if you dont come soon, i have to start eating bricks already...zzz

on facebook.



Jun 9, 2010


last photo of me taken today...before what i am now. LOL!

btw that Shyne Sze at the back...

Jun 7, 2010


The Epic Plug
taken by T. Keh Guan

'plugged' right beside a sink.

Jun 6, 2010

Gay Dude

what would you do if a fat gay ass with bad hair chatted with you on facebook and asked for your number to yamcha?

makes me wanna freaking discriminate homosexual opposite-gender wannabe people.

Jun 4, 2010



not very wise now, eh?
i main hentam tembak cincai write also can get reward.
noob one perhaps. LMAO!


Waking Up

an sms offering 8 bucks with the purchase of rm30 credit saved my day today. how? it came at 8.26am which was actually like 4 minutes before my law tutorial class which was like a kilometer walk away and i was still on bed.

this rarely happens to me and i couldn't remember why my alarm from my phone which was suppose to go off at 7.40am end up receiving an sms 4 mins before my class right beside my head. i was like trying to reach for my phone which was suppose to be like above my head but i later realise that the phone was under my pillow.

now if you were me, what would you do?
screw it and skip the class since its already too late?

if you know me, i NEVER skipped class or lectures and never will. dont ask me why...its just that i will feel bad for not attending the class when im suppose to and prefer not to be at somewhere else doing something worthless EVEN though the lecture is very very boring...which i would just probably just end up talking or dozing off.

anyways i jumped off my bed, on my laptop, ran to the bathroom, bathed and brushed, ran back to my room, dried my hair and did some stuff online X) and cincai wear something and sort of ran to class.

now would this guilt feeling of not attending class seem childish to you? because friends would tell you that why you want to go to lectures when you will not be listening?

Jun 1, 2010

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