May 27, 2010


i would like wish thank Joe Ng very very much for helping with the overall planning, ideas, organising and for bugging him X), Shyne Sze for being our secratary/treassurer this time and for stressing over our budget, Zi Yang for getting the stove for us and helping us with the chickens, firestarter and other ezuipments , Kah Fu Lee helping us with fruits and other planning stuff despite of his injury, Zi Houh for like helping with olanning and all,
EJie Cheah and YEN YEN for agreeing to let us use their place X), also to yiwen for helping with shopping, meiyee with her group, patrick for driving us around and transporting things around...zzz, janelle for helping out with everything...hehe...john also...for helping us although he didnt join us...THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN to those who went just now! X) nice!

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