May 31, 2010


it will be the month June tomorrow. the whole month of may had been very hectic and in a blink of an eye, its over. 3rd week in college in my second year BUT still dreaming in class and lecture.

first it was society day in my college's orientation week, then the CF freshmen night, MYF SUNDAY!, then the Barbecue which someone look downed at, and of course Church Camp.

got a littler tanner and had endless consumptions of junk food like Toki, Kokomas, big hard Dark Toblerone the size of a girl's fist, isomax and apple juice over at camp.

society day was tiring, practices for MYF Sunday was troublesome (had to travel by public transport to and back from church), MYF Sunday was fun, the Barbecue was stressful and church camp was fattening  :X

had my ups and downs and some things are definitely better not told to save your own ass even if its for someone else's good. just shut it to not get involve and make things easier because you might be blamed afterwards for something you didnt do. so screw it.

AND if you like to brag so much about what you had, we will see how well you do this time WITH all of our requests and we will kenakan you kau see lar...since you dont come here anyways so wth...i dont messed with the wrong people. although im neutral, but my friends are not happy. so you GG di lar...

may 2010 was a great month for me and now i hope that June, i will be more serious and have ess tiring month.


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