May 22, 2010

Dream World Trivia Questions and Answers Part 2

here is part 1 in case its not here
there seems to be a lot of questions here but i have incurred questions which are not listed here...but anyways:

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This weapon lends its name to a type of woman's shoe with a slender, tapered high-heel? (Hint: S_______)
Thunder Alley (1985) starring Roger Wilson is about a what? (Hint: R___G________)
Rock Guitarist
Tic-tac-toe is based on which game? (Hint: N___m__m_____)
Nine men morris
Tirana is the capital of ______? (Hint: A______)
To play music smoothly? (Hint: L_____)
To remove the tension from a first meeting is to break this? (Hint: I__)
To save up as for future use/a vast multitude (answer in the form of word1/word2)? (Hint: H__________)
To what group of elements do cerium, praesiodymium and promethium belong? (Hint: R___e____m_____)
Rare earth metals
Traditional economic theory has assumed that the typical firm has a single objective, namely to ______? (Hint: M_______i__p______)
Maximise its profits
Traditional English dance in which dancers form two facing lines. (Hint: C______D____)
Country Dance
Treatment of disease by various approaches? (Hint: T______)
Trivia: Cliches: The greatest thing since _______ -- bread. ? (Hint: S_____b____)
Sliced bread
Truly perverse black-comedic suspense film about runaway teenage girl staying at her aunt's strange hotel where occupants are extremely weird (Hint: P______P____)
Private Parts
Tug of war was an olympic event between 1900 and ...? (Hint: 1___)
TV / Movies: The Simpsons: Who shot Mr Burns? (Hint: M_____)
TV movies: category: famous quotes: this is another fine mess you've gotten me into.? (Hint: O_____H____)
Oliver Hardy
Tv/ movies: features: Tom Skerritt, Ian Holm, Sigourney Weaver, and John Hurt? (Hint: A____)
Tv/ movies: simpsons: who shot mr burns? (Hint: M_____)
Tv/ movies: what movie did Elia Kazan win the Oscar for best director in 1954 27th academy awards ? (Hint: O_t__W_________)
On the Waterfront
Tv/movies: features: Tom Skerritt, Ian Holm, Sigourney Weaver, and John Hurt? (Hint: A____)
Two 747's collided here in 1977. (Hint: C_____I______)
Canary Islands
Two young men kill prep-school pal, just for the thrill of it, and challenge themselves by inviting friends and family to their apartment afterwards. (Hint: R___)
Type ballet where dancers where white tutus, like swan lake acts 2 and 4 ? (Hint: B______b____)
Bballet blanc
U.S. President, Chester Alan ______. (Hint: A_____)
U.S. President, Woodrow (Hint: W_____)
Ulan Bator is the capital of ______? (Hint: M_______)
Unscramble this word: h l l s i i c e? (Hint: C_______)
Unusual hybrid of comedy, farce and screwball romance that doesn't know what it's trying to be and thus never goes anywhere. Martin plays a New England architect who meets kooky nonconformist Hawn. (Hint: H__________)
Visions of what dance in children's heads? (Hint: S_________)
Waves 'break' when their height is how much more than the depth of the water? (Hint: S____T_____)
Seven Tenths
'Welcome to Berlin' was the original title of what musical play? (Hint: C______)
What 1920's boxing hero was best man at John Sirica's wedding? (Hint: J___D______)
Jack Dempsey
What 1958 film features the line: 'she can't sink, she's unsinkable'? (Hint: AN____t_R_______)
A Night to Remember
What 1983 mini series won Barbara Stanwyck an emmy? (Hint: T__T____B____)
The Thorn Birds
What actor always fell down on saturday night live? (Hint: C____C____)
Chevy Chase
What actor played Bronco Layne in Bronco? (Hint: T_H_____)
Ty Hardin
What actor played Howie in Mary Kay and Johnny? (Hint: H_____T_____)
Howard Thomas
What actor played prof Le Blanc in the Jack Benny show? (Hint: M__B____)
Mel Blanc
What actor plays Benjamin Horne on twin peaks? (Hint: R______B_____)
Richard Beymer
What actor says he wants to be reincarnated as a heavyweight boxer? (Hint: S________S_______)
Sylvester Stallone
What actor starred in Fatal Vision? (Hint: G___C___)
Gary Cole
What actor was born Michael J Vijencio? (Hint: R_____B____)
Robert Blake
What actress played Nancy Drew in the Hardy Boys mysteries series? (Hint: P_____S__M_____)
Pamela Sue Martin
What animal has the same name as a high church official? (Hint: C_______)
What animal is a cousin to the giraffe? (Hint: O____)
What animal is second is producing the most milk consumed? (Hint: G___)
What animal's meat can a Hindu not eat? (Hint: C__)
What arabian peninsula nations recently merged under communist leadership ? (Hint: Y____)
What are a chessboard's horizontal rows called? (Hint: R____)
What are drumlins and eskers formed by? (Hint: G_______)
What are Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific? (Hint: A_______t___z____)
American time zones
What are Swedish buns called? (Hint: D_____)
What are the first three words of The Bible? (Hint: I_t__b________)
In the beginning
What are the noisiest land animals in the world? (Hint: H______M______)
Howling Monkeys
What are tourists warned not to take into a traditional Japanese tub? (Hint: S___)
What are white dwarfs and red giants? (Hint: S____)
What athlete released the photo book Rare Air in 1993? (Hint: M______J_____)
Michael Jordan
What automobile racing oval sports a 9-hole golf course infield? (Hint: I___________)
What australian term mans 'unquestionably good or genuine? (Hint: F___D_____)
Fair Dinkum
What 'B' comes before man, seller and and foot forward? (Hint: B___)
What band recorded the 1978 hit album: "Briefcase Full of Blues"? (Hint: T__B____B_______)
The Blues Brothers
What Ben Bernie tune is the theme song of the Harlem Globetrotters? (Hint: S____G______B____)
Sweet Georgia Brown
What bird is associated with the Tower of London? (Hint: R____)
What body function is improved if you sleep on your right side? (Hint: D________)
What 'C' is a type of tank or the leader of a tribe ? (Hint: C_______)
What car did Kenya's benzi tribe name itself for? (Hint: M_______B___)
Mercedes Benz
What carries sensations from the tongue to the brain? (Hint: l______n____)
lingual nerve
What Central American country's state airline is Lacsa? (Hint: C____R___)
Costa Rica
what city hosts the annual army navy football contest? (Hint: P___________)
What city is associated with Alcatraz? (Hint: S__F________)
San Francisco
What city's police force did Charlie Chan work with? (Hint: H_______)
What classic rock band sang the song 'paint it, black'? (Hint: R______S_____)
Rolling Stones
What color is French letter box? (Hint: Y_____)
What color marks the only group of monopoly properties with three u.s. state names? (Hint: R__)
What colour do you get when you mix blue and yellow together? (Hint: G____)
What colour was Diana Spencer's engagement photograph suit? (Hint: b___)
What common animal is the only animal that can see both infra red & ultra violet light? (Hint: g_______)
What composer was working on his 10th symphony at the time of his death? (Hint: L_____v__B________)
Ludwig van Beethoven
What contagious disease was known as gaol fever in the nineteenth century? (Hint: t_____)
What controversial book did Germaine Greer write? (Hint: T__F_____E_____)
The Female Eunuch
What country boasts the world's highest national capital city? (Hint: B______)
What country calls themselves Magyar? (Hint: H______)
What country celebrates its National Day on 21st July? (Hint: B______)
What country celebrates its National Day on 26th October? (Hint: A______)
What country did the operating system 'Linux' come from? (Hint: F______)
What country has a birth rate of 0? (Hint: T__V______C___)
The Vatican City
What country is the resort city st. mortiz in? (Hint: S__________)
What country's capital is Caracas? (Hint: V________)
What creature is depicted on the Welsh Flag ? (Hint: R__D_____)
Red Dragon
What dam would you find along the Rio Grande? (Hint: E_______B____D__)
Elephant Butte Dam
What detective agency did tenafly work for? (Hint: H___T____)
High Tower
What did AOL claim had been found, on April Fool's Day in 1996? (Hint: L___o_J______)
Life on Jupiter
What did George Harrison discover on the Witwatersrand? (Hint: g___)
What did john logie baird invent in 1925?? (Hint: T_________)
What did Julius Caesar cross to signal a revolt against the senate? (Hint: R______)
What did Louis Cartier invent? (Hint: W____)
What did President J. Buchanan not have? (Hint: Aw___)
A wife
What did presidents Madison, Monroe, Polk, and Garfield have in common? (Hint: T__f____n___"______)
The first name "James"
What did Sally Rogers always wear in her hair? (Hint: Ab__)
A bow
What did William the Conqueror regard as a sign of victory in the battle of Hastings and also appears on the Bayeux Tapestry? (Hint: H_______C____)
Halley's Comet
What do Americans traditionally eat on thanksgiving day? (Hint: T_____)
What do enzymes start while food is still in the mouth? (Hint: B________o_f___)
Breakdown of food
What do Indians call India? (Hint: B_____)
What do the italians call Munich? (Hint: M_____o_B______)
Monaco of Bavaria
What do you call a group of curlews? (Hint: H___)
What do you call a group of rhinocerus? (Hint: AC____)
A Crash
What do you get when you mix blue and yellow? (Hint: G____)
What do you give for a 13 year wedding anniversary? (Hint: L___)
What does "Dan" mean? (Hint: G____)
What does a heliologist study? (Hint: T__S__)
The Sun
What does a pedometer measure? (Hint: W______d_______)
Walking distance
What does DMA stand for? (Hint: D_____M_____A_____)
Direct Memory Access
What does jiminy cricket advise should always be your guide? (Hint: Y___c_________)
Your conscience
What does LPG stands for? (Hint: L________P________G__)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas
What does the Irish 'dubh linn' mean? (Hint: B____p___)
Black pool
What does the J in J Paul Getty's name stand for? (Hint: J___)
What does the Latin RIP stand for? (Hint: R_________i_p___)
Requiescat in pace
What does the slang term 'noshery' mean? (Hint: R_________)
What does the word 'karate' translate to in English? (Hint: O___h___)
Open hand
What dog is named after a Mexican state? (Hint: C________)
What Dr Seuss character steals Christmas? (Hint: G_____)
What English city was known to the Romans as Venta Bulgarum? (Hint: W_________)
What European country has "Vaduz" as its capital city? (Hint: L____________)
What falls out with phalacrosis? (Hint: H___)
What family do these fruits belong to - Kumquat, Pommelo, Ugli Fruit? (Hint: C_____)
What 'Family Island' annually hosts the Bahama's most popular regatta? (Hint: E____)
What famous character did Edgar Rice Burroughs create ? (Hint: T_____)
What famous geyser erupts regularly at the Yellowstone National Park? (Hint: O__F_______)
Old Faithful
What film did the Beatles make for television? (Hint: M______M______T___)
Magical Mystery Tour
what film featured harold lloyd dangling from a clock tower? (Hint: S_____L___)
Safety Last
What film starred Helen Hunt, Cary Elwes and Bill Paxton? (Hint: T______)
What fleshy muscular organ is joined to the hyoid bone? (Hint: T_____)
What French writer spent 27 years of his life in prison for sexual offense? (Hint: M______d_S___)
Marquis de Sade
What fruits are usually served 'belle helene'? (Hint: P___)
What game is the 'corbomite maneuver' based on? (Hint: P____)
what game would you be playing if you had a birdie and an eagle? (Hint: g___)
What geographic entity shrunk more than 1300 feet in 1980? (Hint: M____S_H_____)
Mount St Helens
What green vegetable comes in varieties such as cos & mignonette? (Hint: L______)
What group landed in America in 1620? (Hint: T__P_______)
The Pilgrims
What hardcore rock group sings, 'Blind' and 'Clown'? (Hint: K___)
What has 336 dimples? (Hint: AG___B___)
A Golf Ball
What in the wild west was known as The Peacemaker? (Hint: C___4_)
Colt 45
What insect gives its name and body to a food colouring? (Hint: C________)
What is a cello's full name? (Hint: V__________)
What is a 'cork opera'? (Hint: Am_______s___)
A minstrel show
What is a device to stem the flow of blood called ? (Hint: T_________)
What is a group of larks? (Hint: E_________)
What is a group of monkeys called? (Hint: T____)
What is a lacrosse ball made of? (Hint: I_____r_____)
Indian rubber
What is a lower than average tide normally occuring at the first and third quarters of the moon called? (Hint: N___t___)
Neap tide
What is a male cat called? (Hint: T__)
What is a male goose called? (Hint: G_____)
What is a violoncello usually called? (Hint: C____)
What is acute nasopharyngitis? (Hint: C___)
What is Alice Cooper's real name? (Hint: V______F______)
Vincent Furnier
What is also known as Amundsen Scott Station? (Hint: S____P___)
South Pole
What is also known as the 'bishop's stone'? (Hint: A_______)
What is an Icelandic epic called? (Hint: S___)
What is another name for consumption? (Hint: T___________)
What is another name for the coyote? (Hint: P______W___)
Prairie Wolf
What is Batman's butler Alfred's last name. (Hint: P_________)
What is 'blackpool' in Irish? (Hint: D___l___)
Dubh linn
What is Borborygmus? (Hint: S______n____)
Stomach noise
What is 'bountiful mother' in Latin? (Hint: A___M____)
Alma Mater
What is brine ? (Hint: S___w____)
Salt water
What is Harold Lloyd Jenkins' stage name? (Hint: C_____T_____)
Conway Twitty
What is Harry Houdini famous for being? (Hint: E___________)
What is kaolin? (Hint: p_______c____c___)
produced china clay
What is liquid clay used in pottery called? (Hint: S___)
What is name of the city that is also known as Beantown? (Hint: B_____)
What is on a 5000 acre landfill at the head of Jamaica Bay near New York City? (Hint: J___FK______a______)
John F Kennedy airport
{{DW QA| What is Paul McCartney's middle name? | Paul | Yes, makes no sense, but the game accepted it, since the artist is called James Paul McCartney)
What is ray bradbury's illustrated man illustrated with? (Hint: T______)
What is S.O.S. is commonly known to stand for? (Hint: S___O__S____)
Save Our Souls
What is South America's highest peak in the Andes, Argentina? (Hint: A________)
What is the art of creating decorative shapes by trimming trees and shrubs? (Hint: T______)
What is the birthstone for January? (Hint: G_____)
What is the cap on the fire hydrant called? (Hint: Ab_____)
A bonnet
What is the capital of Afghanistan? (Hint: K____)
What is the capital of Algeria? (Hint: A______)
What is the capital of Angola? (Hint: L_____)
What is the capital of Bhutan? (Hint: T______)
What is the capital of Czech Rebublic? (Hint: P_____)
What is the capital of Estonia? (Hint: T______)
What is the capital of Ethiopia ? (Hint: A____A____)
Addis Ababa
What is the capital of Finland? (Hint: H_______)
What is the capital of Hungary? (Hint: B_______)
What is the capital of Indonesia? (Hint: J______)
What is the capital of Kansas? (Hint: T_____)
What is the capital of Lesotho? (Hint: M_____)
What is the capital of Liechtenstein? (Hint: V____)
What is the capital of Lithuania? (Hint: V______)
What is the capital of Mali? (Hint: B_____)
What is the capital of Mauritania? (Hint: N_________)
What is the capital of Namibia? (Hint: W_______)
What is the capital of Nicaragua? (Hint: M______)
What is the capital of North Dakota? (Hint: B_______)
What is the capital of Ohio? (Hint: C_______)
What is the capital of Poland? (Hint: W_______)
What is the capital of Suriname? (Hint: P_________)
What is the capital of Swaziland? (Hint: M______)
What is the capital of Sweden (Hint: S________)
What is the capital of the Australia's north territory ? (Hint: D_____)
What is the capital of the country Georgia? (Hint: T______)
What is the capital of The Netherlands? (Hint: A________)
What is the capital of the overseas department and administrative region of France, R?union? (Hint: S__________)
What is the capital of Tonga? (Hint: N_________)
What is the capital of Venezuela? (Hint: C______)
What is the capital of Virginia? (Hint: R_______)
What is the capital of Wisconsin? (Hint: M______)
What is the capital of: Mozambique? (Hint: M_____)
What is the capitol of saskatchewan? (Hint: R_____)
What is the chalice used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper called? (Hint: H___G____)
Holy Grail
What is the chemical symbol for mercury (Hint: H_)
What is the color for mourning in turkey? (Hint: v_____)
What is the Decalogue normally called? (Hint: T__C___________)
Ten Commandments
What is the drummer's name in 'The Muppet Show'? (Hint: A_____)
What is the element symbol for antimony? (Hint: S_)
What is the fear of plants known as? (Hint: B___________)
What is the feeling of having previously experienced something? (Hint: D___v_)
Deja vu
What is the flower emblem of Wales? (Hint: D_______)
What is the flower that stands for: hope extinguished? (Hint: M____C__________)
Major Convolvulus
What is the flower that stands for: love? (Hint: R___)
What is the former name of Istanbul? (Hint: C_____________)
What is the former name of Sri Lanka? (Hint: C_____)
What is the fourth state of matter? (Hint: P_____)
What is the front of a saddle called (Hint: P_____)
What is the greek equivalent of the roman god Venus (Hint: A________)
What is the heart rate of the blue whale? (in beats per minute) (Hint: N___)
What is the horn of a rhinoceros made of? (Hint: H___)
What is the international governing board of football (soccer)? (Hint: F___)
What is the largest exclusively Indonesian island? (Hint: S______)
What is the Largest Island in the world? (Hint: G________)
What is the largest lake found in Europe? (Hint: L_____)
What is the largest natural lake found in Africa? (Hint: L___V_______)
Lake Victoria
What is the largest ocean? (Hint: P______O____)
Pacific Ocean
What is the least number of shots with which a player could win a tennis set? (Hint: T_____)
What is the longest chapter in the bible? (Hint: P____1__)
Psalm 119
What is the luminous intensity of light measured in? (Hint: C______)
What is the meaning of the name of the constellation Aquila? (Hint: E____)
What is the meaning of the name of the constellation Cepheus? (Hint: C______)
What is the meaning of the name of the constellation Coma Berenices? (Hint: B_________H___)
Berenice's Hair
What is the meaning of the name of the constellation Delphinus? (Hint: D______)
What is the meaning of the name of the constellation Draco? (Hint: D_____)
What is the metal part of a lamp surrounding the bulb and supporting the shade called? (Hint: H___)
What is the monetary unit of Malaysia? (Hint: R______)
What is the most common surname in Sweden? (Hint: J________)
What is the most popular bubble gum color ? (Hint: P___)
What is the name for 0.1 Newtons? (Hint: D___)
What is the name for a branch of a river? (Hint: T________)
What is the name given to a curve that approaches a line, but never quite touches it? (Hint: A________)
What is the name given to a quadrilateral with one, and only one, pair of sides parallel to each other? (Hint: T________)
What is the name given to the type of West Indian music made famous by artists such as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh? (Hint: R_____)
What is the name of Jaleel White's character in the TV series 'family ties'? (Hint: S____U____)
Steve Urkel
What is the name of the German Officer who lived and died in Madrid and rescued Mussolini? (Hint: O___S_______)
Otto Skorzeny
What is the name of the largest gold refinery? (Hint: R___R_______)
Rand Refinery
What is the name of the layer between the Earth's crust and the Earth's core? (Hint: M_____)
What is the name of the office used by the President in the Whitehouse? (Hint: O___O_____)
Oval Office
What is the name of the single most-climbed mountain in north america? (Hint: G____M________)
Grand Monadnock
What is the name of the spaceship in the film Alien? (Hint: N_______)
What is the name the radio show launched in 1935 which featured hit records? (Hint: Y___H__P_____)
Your Hit Parade
What is the name used to describe the "minor planets"? (Hint: A_______)
What is the nickname for Paris, France? (Hint: C___o_L_____)
City of Lights
What is the nickname of Wisconsine? (Hint: B_____S____)
Badger State
What is the official language of Senegal? (Hint: F_____)
What is the official song of the US president? (Hint: H___t_t__C____)
Hail to the Chief
What is the only country that has never imposed censorship for adult films? (Hint: B______)
What is the only English word formed by the first three letters of the alphabet? (Hint: C__)
What is the point to which rays of light converge? (Hint: F____)
What is the principal tributary of the wabash river ? (Hint: W____R____)
White River
What is the regulation height for a pin in tenpin bowling? (in inches) (Hint: F______)
What is the study of earthquakes called? (Hint: S_________)
What is the sum of all the angles in a square? (in degrees) (Hint: 3__)
What is the symbol for iron in chemistry? (Hint: F_)
What is the symbol for silver? (Hint: A_)
What is the Taj Majal made of? (Hint: M_____)
What is the violet variety of quartz otherwise known as? (Hint: A_______)
What is the world's largest insect? (Hint: G______B_____)
Goliath Beetle
What is the world's largest lake? (Hint: C______S__)
Caspian Sea
What is the world's largest rodent? (Hint: C_______)
What is the world's longest tunnel? (Hint: T__W____S_____T_____)
Note: The expected answer is obviously wrong. (See I wrote "The Water Streaming Tunnel" and it accepted. :-)
The Water Supply Tunnel
What is the world's oldest song? (Hint: S______c____)
Shadouf chant
What is US President was born July 11, 1767? (Hint: J___Q_____A____)
John Quincy Adams
What is Wales' national dish called? (Hint: C___)
What is x to the power of zero equal to? (Hint: O__)
What 'K' is the home of bourbon whiskey? (Hint: K_______)
What keeps one from crying when peeling onions? (Hint: C______g__)
Chewing gum
What kind of teeth did George Washington have? (Hint: w_____)
What lake is approximately 394,000 sq. km in area? (Hint: C______S__)
Caspian Sea
What lake is approximately 394,000 sq. km in area? (Hint: C______S__)
Caspian Sea
What letter is missing : abcdefghijklmnopqrtuvwxyz? (Hint: s)
What make of car is the most rented in south america ? (Hint: T_____)
What make of car is the most rented in South America? (Hint: T_____)
What make of car is the most rented in South America? (Hint: T_____)
What member of a political party enforces discipline? (Hint: T__W___)
The Whip
What metal do you get from Hematite? (Hint: I___)
what movie did elia kazan win the oscar for best director in 1954 27th academy awards? (Hint: O_t__W_________)
On the Waterfront
What movie starred Nicholas Cage and John Travolta, one as a police officer, the other as a villain? (Hint: F___O__)
Face Off
What muscles move the ears? (Hint: a__________)
What name is given to a chemical reaction which gives out heat? (Hint: E__________)
What Nashville theater was the grand ole opry broadcast from between 1942-? (Hint: R____A_________)
Ryman Auditorium
What nationality is Gabriela Sabatini? (Hint: A________)
What nursery rhyme provided Neil Simon with the title for his 1st play? (Hint: L_____b__b___)
Little boy blue
What part of the human body grows to 20 times its size at birth? (Hint: N___)
What peanuts character clings to a security blanket? (Hint: L____)
What percent of forest fire damage is caused by lightning? (Hint: E_____F___P______)
Eighty Five Percent
What phenomenon is caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon? (Hint: T____)
What pigment affects the colour of the hair and skin? (Hint: M_______)
What place is known as 'the land nowhere near'? (Hint: C___T____P_____)
Cape Three Points
What planet is nearest the sun? (Hint: M______)
What popular american writer coined the word nerd? (Hint: D__S____)
Dr. Seuss
What pro athlete did fortune claim added (dollars) 10 billion to the U.S. economy, in 1998? (Hint: M______J_____)
Michael Jordan
What process, often associated with those with kidney ailments, refers to the separation of large and small molecules by diffusion through a membrane? (Hint: D_______)
What Procol Harem tune was based on the Bach cantata "Sleepers Awake"? (Hint: AW_____S____o_P___)
A Whiter Shade of Pale
What product did Pepsi begin test-marketing in 1992? (Hint: C______P____)
Crystal Pepsi
What religious movement was founded by William Booth? (Hint: S________A___)
Salvation Army
What show/game has characters such as Bulbasaur and Pikachu? (Hint: P______)
What sign of the Zodiac covers november 22 to december 21? (Hint: S__________)
What small island is in the bay of Naples? (Hint: I___o_C____)
Isle of Capri
What sort of man did Plato propose to rule his "Republic"? (Hint: AP__________K___)
A Philosopher King
What South American country has both a Pacific and Atlantic coastline? (Hint: C_______)
What sport do the following terms belong to "touches and lunges" (Hint: F______)
What sport has a hooker in a scrum? (Hint: R____)
What sport/game is Bobby Fischer associated with? (Hint: C____)
What state has the largest amount of people who walk to work? (Hint: A_____)
What state is also called the 'Garden State'? (Hint: N__J_____)
New Jersey
What substance did alchemists believe could turn metal into gold? (Hint: P____________S____)
Philosophers' Stone
What substance was used to build the Kinga Chapel in Poland? (Hint: S___)
What surface is basketball most frequently played on? (Hint: A______)
What swimming stroke is named after an insect? (Hint: B________)
What talk show did John Lennon appear on in April 1972? (Hint: D___C_____S___)
Dave Covett Show
What tennis ball company's logo is 'you've seen one you've seen them all'? (Hint: P___)
What term describes an animal which is active at night? (Hint: N________)
What term is applied to ethyl alcohol that has been treated with poison to make it unfit for human consumption? (Hint: D________)
What tiny country declared war on the us in the mouse that roared? (Hint: G____F______)
Grand Fenwick
what title did time magazine first bestow for 1927 (Hint: m__o_t__y___)
man of the year
What TV series from 1970-1974 starred Susan Dey? (Hint: P________F_____)
Partridge Family
What type of animal lives in a formicary? (Hint: A__)
What type of craft is the US's Airforce One? (Hint: B_____7__)
Boeing 747
What type of dog bites humans more than any other breed of dog? (Hint: G_____S______)
German Shepard
What type of paper is used to test for acidity and alkalinity? (Hint: L_____)
What type of rock is marble? (Hint: M__________)
What U.S. city is known as Insurance City? (Hint: H_______)
What us army rank is indicated by two silver stars? (Hint: M____G______)
Major General
what us explorer is credited with discovering the north pole in 1909? (Hint: R_____P____)
Robert Peary
What US state is completely surrounded by the Pacific Ocean? (Hint: H_____)
What us State uses the motto 'In God we trust' (also found on us coins)? (Hint: F______)
What was Citizen Kane's first name ? (Hint: C______)
What was Dante's last name? (Hint: A________)
What was Dorothy's last name in "The Wizard of Oz"? (Hint: G___)
What was Europe's first super-high-speed passenger train powered by? (Hint: E__________)
What was first added to the list of official languages at the U.N. in 1973? (Hint: A_____)
What was Jack Nicklaus' nickname? (Hint: G_____B___)
Golden Bear
What was Margaret Thatcher's nickname? (Hint: I___L___)
Iron Lady
What was originally called the Chinese gooseberry? (Hint: K___)
What was signed on 15th June 1215? (Hint: T__M____C____)
The Magna Carta
What was Sir Alec Guinness's role in "Star Wars"? (Hint: O______K_____)
Obi-Wan Kenobi
What was Tarzan's real name? (Hint: J___C______)
John Clayton
what was the black bottom? (Hint: D____)
What was the capital of East Germany? (Hint: E___B_____)
East Berlin
What was the first animal on the endangered species list? (Hint: P________f_____)
Peregrine falcon
What was the first bottled US consumer product sold in Soviet Union? (Hint: P_________)
What was the first soap opera to air one-Hour episodes (Hint: A______w____)
Another world
What was the first transatlantic radio message sent? (Hint: S)
What was the first version of Microsoft Windows ? (Hint: W______2__)
Windows 2.0
What was the instrument of execution during the "Reign of Terror"? (Hint: G_________)
What was the last movie of the late Brandon Lee? (Hint: T__C___)
The Crow
What was the last Port of call for the Titanic? (Hint: Q_________)
What was the most Eastern country in Alexander The Great's command at his peak? (Hint: I____)
What was the name given to the atom bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima? (Hint: L_____B__)
Little Boy
What was the name given to the popular genre of rock that arose in the pacific Northwest (Seattle) in the early 1990s? (Hint: G_____)
What was the name of the "fake" evolutionary missing link found in Sussex, England? (Hint: P_______M__)
Piltdown Man
What was the name of the dog in RCA Victor's trademark? (Hint: N_____)
What was the name of the first u.s. ship to use the distress call sos? (Hint: A_______)
What was the name of the restaurant next door to 77 sunset strip? (Hint: D_____L____)
Dino's Lodge
What was the name of ventriloquist Paul Winchell's most popular dummy? (Hint: J____M______)
Jerry Mahoney
What was the original name of the puppet "Howdy Doody"? (Hint: E____)
What was the second bridge built across the Thames? (Hint: W__________B_____)
Westminster Bridge
What was the sequel to funny girl? (Hint: F____L___)
Funny Lady
What were the elevated strongholds in ancient Greek called (Hint: A________)
What were the 'Golden Apples' in Greek myth? (Hint: A_______)
What word describes part of your hand and a type of tree? (Hint: P___)
What word links hate, name, shop? (Hint: P__)
What word links pop, practice, therapy? (Hint: G____)
What word means 'to chew the cud'? (Hint: R_______)
What year and brand of auto was 'my mother the car'? (Hint: 1___P_____)
1928 Porter
What yippie hid from law enforcers under the pseudonym 'barry freed'? (Hint: A____H______)
Abbie Hoffman
What's a 'cape cod turkey' to a fisherman? (Hint: C______)
What's a curling tournament called? (Hint: B_______)
What's the capital of burkina faso (formerly upper volta) ? (Hint: O__________)
What's the common name for a japanese dwarf tree? (Hint: B_____)
What's the general name for several food substances, mostly sweetening agents, derived from unrelated plants? (Hint: M____)
What's the most common profession for female members of computer-dating clubs? (Hint: T______)
What's the most popular card game in the english speaking world? (Hint: B_____)
What's the most popular form of tubular pasta? (Hint: M_______)
What's the name of B.B. King's guitar? (Hint: L______)
What's the name of Blur's frontman? (Hint: D____A_____)
Damon Albarn
What's the name of Jacques Cousteau's research ship? (Hint: C______)
What's the nickname of the University of Georgia football team? (Hint: B_______)
What's the southern-most point in the western hemisphere? (Hint: C___H___)
Cape Horn
What's the world's largest Gulf? (Hint: g___o_m_____)
gulf of mexico
When a good is consumed, the consumer presumably derives some benefit or satisfaction from the activity. Economists have called this benefit or satisfaction______? (Hint: U______)
When a tumour is cancerous, what is it said to be? (Hint: M________)
Most people wear a watch on the ____ hand. (Hint: L___)
When is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere? (Hint: D_______)
When is turkey traditionally eaten in America? (Hint: T___________)
When traces of a calcium compound are held in a bunsen flame, the color of the flame changes to ______? (Hint: R__)
When travelling from the pacific ocean to the atlantic ocean on the panama canal, does one travel east or west? (Hint: N____)
When was the first leap year? (Hint: 4_B_)
46 BC
Where are the Greater Antilles? (Hint: C________)
Where are the Islets of Langerhans located? (Hint: H____P_______)
Human Pancreas
Where did the mafia originate? (Hint: S_____)
Where did venetian blinds originate? (Hint: J____)
Where do the English monarchs live? (Hint: B_________p_____)
Buckingham palace
Where in the body is the tiniest human muscle? (Hint: E__)
Where is area 51 generally said to be? (Hint: G____L___)
Groom Lake
Where is darjeeling tea grown? (Hint: I____)
Where is Queen Maud Land located? (Hint: A________)
Where is Sir Herbert Baker buried? (Hint: W__________A____)
Westminster Abbey
Where is Tabasco? (Hint: M_____)
Where is the Blue Grotto - la Grotta Azzurra? (Hint: C_____I____)
Capri, Italy
Where is the centennial safe? (Hint: W_________D_)
Washington DC
Where is the famous Blaze nightclub located? (Hint: M________)
Where is the Kennedy Space Centre? (Hint: C___C_________F______)
Cape Canaveral, Florida
Where is Vladivostok? (Hint: R_____)
Where is the wailing wall? (Hint: J________)
Where is Westminster Abbey located? (Hint: L_____)
Where was Methodism founded? (Hint: O_____U_________)
Oxford University
Where was the first shot in the american civil war fired? (Hint: F___S______)
Fort Sumpter
where was the golfer severiano ballesteros born? (Hint: S____)
Where were numerous French nuclear tests conducted? (Hint: M______A____)
Muraroa Atoll
Where were the 1908 Olympics held? (Hint: L______E______)
London, England
Where were the 1924 Olympics held? (Hint: P_____F_____)
Paris, France
Where were the 1936 Olympics held? (Hint: B______G______)
Berlin, Germany
Where were the 1964 Olympics held? (Hint: T_____J____)
Tokyo, Japan
Where were the first books printed? (Hint: C____)
Where were the Pillars of Hercules located? (Hint: G________)
Whic country developed the first jet fighter? (Hint: G______)
Which actress played mama in the comedy series mama? (Hint: P____W___)
Peggy Wood
Which airline has the registration prefix 'VR'? (Hint: C_____P______)
Cathay Pacific
Which beatle was the first to release a solo record? (Hint: R____S____)
Ringo Starr
Which Beatle wrote The Octopus's song? (Hint: R____S____)
Ringo Starr
Which book featured the miser Scrooge? (Hint: AC________C____)
A Christmas Carol
Which brand of guitar is played by Jimmy Page, Slash, and Brian May? (Hint: G_____L__P___)
Gibson Les Paul
Which city is home to the 4th largest pyramid in the world? (Hint: L__V____)
Las Vegas
which city was the first to be taken over by a disease in lifeforce? (Hint: L_____)
Which country administers Martinique? (Hint: F_____)
Which country blew up a Greenpeace ship in New Zealand? (Hint: F_____)
Which country developed "Tae-Kwan-Do"? (Hint: K____)
Which country had the hottest temperature ever recorded in Sept. 13, 1922, at 136 F / 58 C (Hint: L____)
Which country has Ankara as its capital? (Hint: T_____)
Which country has Budapest as its capital? (Hint: H______)
Which country is known as the roof of the world? (Hint: T____)
Which cricket player holds the world record for the highest individual score in first-class cricket? (Hint: B____L___)
Brian Lara
Which element makes up 2.5% of the Earth's crust? (Hint: P________)
Which element makes up 2.83% of the Earth's crust ? (Hint: S_____)
Which English county has the smallest perimeter? (Hint: I___o_W____)
Isle of Wight
Which English Premier League team plays their home games at Elland Road ? (Hint: L____U_____)
Leeds United
Which eponymous animal in a children’s story had friends called Merrylegs and Ginger? (Hint: B____B_____)
Black Beauty
Which famous explorer visited Australia and New Zealand, then surveyed the Pacific coast of North America? (Hint: C______G_____V________)
Captain George Vancouver
Which French King was known as the Sun King? (Hint: L____X__)
Louis XIV
Which fruit has the most calories per gram? (Hint: A______)
Which Greek philosopher proposed the Theory of Forms in "The Republic"? (Hint: P____)
Which group of people elect the pope? (Hint: C________)
Which group sang the Song "Hotel California"? (Hint: E_____)
Which group sang the song "I Have A Dream"? (Hint: W_______)
Which Group sang the song "November Rain"? (Hint: G___NR____)
Guns N Roses
Which is the Earth's second smallest continent? (Hint: E_____)
Which is the most ancient walled city? (Hint: J______)
What is Tina Turner's real name? (Hint: A___M__B______)
Anna Mae Bullock
Which country was split into two zones by the Yalta agreement? (Hint: G______)
Which magazine always features an obituary on its last page? (Hint: R______S_____)
Rolling Stones
Which major river flows through gloucester? (Hint: S_____)
Which meteor shower occurs on the 4th November? (Hint: T_____)
Which method is used for projecting a bomb via a high trajectory at a target up to 6-7 km/304 mi away? (Hint: M____A_____)
Motar Attack
Which name is given to a doctor specialising in treating diseases in children? (Hint: P____________)
Which nobel prize was won by Henry Kissinger? (Hint: P____)
Which people invented the compass? (Hint: C______)
Which planet was the "Planet of the Apes"? (Hint: E____)
Which Portuguese colony reverted to China in December 1999? (Hint: M____)
Which province has the oldest trees in canada? (Hint: B______C_______)
British Columbia
Which racist organisation was formed in Tennessee in 1865? (Hint: K_K___K___)
Ku Klux Klan
Which river is second only to the Amazon in volume of water? (Hint: C____)
Which Saint killed the dragon? (Hint: G_____)
Which scale is based on the speed of sound? (Hint: M___)
Which song is used in the movie "Loser"? (Hint: T______D______)
Teenage Dirtbag
Which Spanish explorer first travelled to Jamaica? (Hint: C__________C_______)
Christopher Columbus
which sport is Chirs Evert-Lloyd associated? (Hint: T_____)
Which state has the only royal palace in the United States? (Hint: H_____)
Which stone created the giant's causeway in the north of Ireland? (Hint: B_____)
Which substance has the chemical formula HCl? (Hint: H___________a___)
Hydrochloric acid
Which substance has the chemical formula NaOH? (Hint: S_____H________)
Sodium Hydroxide
Which superhero loves peace enough to kill for it? (Hint: P_________)
Which tennis star wore denim shorts during matches? (Hint: A____A_____)
Andre Agassi
Which tree do Druids regard sacred? (Hint: O__)
Which us state is known as the 'granite state'? (Hint: N__H________)
New Hampshire
Which word is related to these three: painting, bowl, nail? (Hint: F_____)
Which word is related to these three: rat, blue, cottage? (Hint: C_____)
Which word is used to mean, malicious enjoyment at the misfortunes of others? (Hint: S____________)
Which Writer established the three laws of robotics? (Hint: I____A_______)
Isaac Asimov's
Who announced John F Kennedy's assassination on CBS TV? (Hint: W_____C_______)
Walter Cronkite
Who answered the sphinx's riddle? (Hint: O______)
Who appeared solo at the Woodstock festival after leaving 'The Lovin' Spoonful'? (Hint: J___S________)
John Sebastian
Who began his career with 'The Yardbirds' and established himself as one of the best rock guitarists of his generation? (Hint: E___C______)
Eric Clapton
Who began his professional career with Black Sabbath? (Hint: O___O_______)
Ozzy Osbourne
Who built the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru? (Hint: I____)
Who burned Atlanta in 1864? (Hint: G______S______)
General Sherman
Who coined the theory that the earth revolves around the sun? (Hint: N_______C_________)
Nicolaus Copernicus
Who collects coins of medals? (Hint: N___________)
Who collects match box labels? (Hint: P___________)
Who co-starred with Julie Andrews in "Mary Poppins"? (Hint: D___V__D___)
Dick Van Dyke
Who developed the laws of electrolysis? (Hint: M______F______)
Michael Faraday
Who did Nathuram Godsay Murder in 1948? (Hint: M______G_____)
Mahatma Ghandi
Who did the music for the 1970's film 'Saturday Night Fever'? (Hint: B__G___)
Bee Gees
Who directed "Jurassic Park III?" (Hint: J__J_______)
Joe Johnston
Who directed '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'A Clockwork Orange'. (Hint: S______K______)
Stanley Kubrick
Who directed the film 'The Birds' from Daphne du Maurier? (Hint: A_____H________)
Alfred Hitchcock
Who directed the movie "Blade Runner"? (Hint: R_____S____)
Ridley Scott
Who directed where the boys are? (Hint: H____L____)
Henry Levin
Who discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter? (Hint: G______)
Who discovered the Grand Canyon ? (Hint: F________C_______)
Francisco Coronado
Who drafted most of the American Declaration of Independence? (Hint: T_____J________)
Thomas Jefferson
Who dubbed Australia 'The Lucky Country'? (Hint: D_____H_____)
Donald Hornes
Who founded the foundation for infantile paralysis? (Hint: F_______R________)
Franklin Roosevelt
Who founded the international planned parenthood federation in 1948? (Hint: M_______S_____)
Margaret Sanger
Who founded the McDonalds Chain? (Hint: R__K___)
Ray Kroc
Who has played in the most consecutive baseball games? (Hint: C__R_____J_)
Cal Ripken Jr
Who has the world's largest double-decker tram fleet? (Hint: H___K___)
Hong Kong
Who holds the nascar record of at least one win a season for 16 consecutive seasons? (Hint: R____R___)
Ricky Rudd
Who hosted the 1997 Grammy Awards? (Hint: E____D________)
Ellen DeGeneres
Who in baseball was known as king kong? (Hint: D____K______)
David Kingman
Who in NBA history has blocked the most shots? (Hint: H_____O_______)
Hakeem Olajuwon
Who invented the hamburger? (Hint: L____L_____)
Louis Lassen
Who invented the toothbrush? (Hint: W______A____)
William Addis
Who is Bibendum better known as? (Hint: T__M_______M__)
The Michelin Man
Who is Christina Claire Ciminella otherwise known as? (Hint: W______J___)
Wynonna Judd
Who is considered the father of medicine? (Hint: H__________)
Who is known as the "Father of History"? (Hint: H________)
Who is known as the high priest of revenge? (Hint: P_____S_____)
Philip Seldon
Who is married to Eddie Van Halen? (Hint: V______B_________)
Valerie Bertinelli
Who is Prince Vladamir Tepes better known as? (Hint: D______)
Who is recognized as the father of geometry? (Hint: E_____)
Who is regarded as the most influential monarch of Russian Romanov Dynasty? (Hint: P____I)
Peter I
Who is the author of "Brave New World"? (Hint: A_____H_____)
Aldous Huxley
Who is the CEO of Apple computers? (Hint: S____J___)
Steve Jobs
Who is the greek equivalent of the roman god Vulcan? (Hint: H_________)
Who is the lead singer of Limp Bizkit? (Hint: F___D____)
Fred Durst
Who is the main character in 'Touched By An Angel'? (Hint: M_____)
Who is the mother of Apollo and Artemis? (Hint: L___)
Who killed Goliath? (Hint: D____)
Who killed Jesse James? (Hint: R_____F___)
Robert Ford
Who managed the career of the 'midnight cowboy'? (Hint: R____R____)
Ratso Rizzo
Who owns the edmonton oilers? (Hint: P____P__________)
Peter Pocklington
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? (Hint: M___________)
Who play Captian Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation? (Hint: P______S______)
Patrick Stewart
Who played Bobby Ewing in the TV series 'Dallas' ? (Hint: P______D____)
Patrick Duffy
Who played Disney's Pollyanna? (Hint: H_____M____)
Hayley Mills
Who played George Constanza on 'Seinfeld'? (Hint: J____A________)
Jason Alexander
Who played the Agent james Bond in the 1966 film 'Casino Royale'? (Hint: D____N____)
David Niven
Who played James Dean's father in Rebel Without a Cause? (Hint: J__B_____)
Jim Backus
Who played Kevin Hathaway on the soapie 'Days Of Our Lives'? (Hint: P__S____)
Pat Sajak
Who played Nadia Gates in Blind Date? (Hint: K__B_______)
Kim Basinger
Who played private detective philip marlowe in the 1946 film the the big sleep? (Hint: H_______B_____)
Humphrey Bogart
Who played the lead role in the african queen ? (Hint: H_______B_____)
Humphrey Bogart
Who played the role of the 12 year old prostitute in 'Taxi Driver'? (Hint: J____F_____)
Jodie Foster
Who played the title role in the 'Mad Max' series of films? (Hint: M__G_____)
Mel Gibson
Who plays the lead role in The Usual Suspects? (Hint: K____S_____)
Kevin Spacey
Who portrayed the title character in the bitch? (Hint: J___C______)
Joan Collins
Who preceded Chad Smith as drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers? (Hint: J_____I____)
Jeremy Irons
Who recorded 'a big hunk o love' in 1959? (Hint: E____P______)
Elvis Presley
Who recorded 'A Boy Named Sue'? (Hint: J_____C___)
Johnny Cash
Who recorded the album 'wired'? (Hint: J___B___)
Jeff Beck
Who released 'Time, Love and Tenderness' in 1981? (Hint: M______B_____)
Michael Bolton
Who said "The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one."? (Hint: A____H_____)
Adolf Hitler
Who said "what light through yonder window breaks"? (Hint: R____)
Who said 'but soft what light at yonder windows break'? (Hint: R____)
Who said "Come up and see me sometime"? (Hint: M__W___)
Mae West
Who sings 'Sweet Home Alabama'? (Hint: L_____S______)
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Who spoke the first recorded message? (Hint: T_____E_____)
Thomas Edison
Who starred as Hoby Gilman in the western series Trackdown? (Hint: R_____C___)
Robert Culp
Who starred in the film 'The Man With Two Brains'? (Hint: S____M_____)
Steve Martin
Who started the second Punic war? (Hint: C_______)
Who stole the tarts from the queen of hearts? (Hint: K____o_H_____)
Knave of Hearts
Who took dictation from Perry Mason? (Hint: D____S_____)
Della Street
Who took revenge for the death of Balder? (Hint: V___)
Who tried to create the 'Great Society' ? (Hint: L_____B_J______)
Lyndon B. Johnson
Who was assassinated on December 8, 1980 in New York City? (Hint: J___L_____)
John Lennon
Who was born Sarah Jane Fulks (Hint: J___W____R_____)
Jane Wyman Reagan
Who was 'born to run'? (Hint: B____S__________)
Bruce Springsteen
Who was Carl in Five Easy Pieces before going to Walton's Mountain? (Hint: W____)
Who was Dick Dastardly's pet? (Hint: M______)
Who was gerald ford's vice-president? (Hint: N_____R__________)
Nelson Rockefeller
Who was 'hooked on a feeling'? (Hint: B___S____)
Blue Swede
Who was in charge of the Los Angeles Olympics? (Hint: P____U________)
Peter Ueberroth
Who was known as "the wizard of Menlo Park"? (Hint: T_____A___E_____)
Thomas Alva Edison
Who was Mr. "Sweet Soul Music"? (Hint: A_____C_____)
Arthur Conley
Who was on the promotion board when klinger became a sergeant? (Hint: BJH________)
B J Hunnicutt
Who was Svetlana Aliluyeva's father? (Hint: J_____S_____)
Joseph Stalin
Who was the ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky and queen of heaven? (Hint: H____)
Who was the author of 'civil disobedience'? (Hint: H____D____T______)
Henry David Thoreau
Who was the emperor of france and a military genius? (Hint: N_______B________)
Napoleon Bonaparte
Who was the fbi's first public enemy number one? (Hint: J___D________)
John Dillinger
Who was the first black mayor of Chicago? (Hint: H_____W_________)
Harold Washington
Who was the Greek god of wine? (Hint: D_______)
Who was the Greek goddess of spring? (Hint: P_________)
who was the guest conductor when carnegie hall opened? (Hint: T__________)
Who was the Indian maiden in Johnny Preston's 'Running Bear'? (Hint: L_____W____D___)
Little White Dove
Who was the lead singer for the stone canyon band in the late sixties? (Hint: R___N_____)
Rick Nelson
Who was the only World Heavyweight boxing Champion to go undefeated throughout his career? (Hint: R____M_______)
Rocky Marciano
Who was the radar operator at pearl harbor that spotted the Japanese? (Hint: J__L______)
Joe Lockard
Who was the star of stone pillow? (Hint: L______B___)
Lucille Ball
Who was the star of the film Bachelor Party? (Hint: T__H____)
Tom Hanks
Who was the youngest American President (Hint: T_______R________)
Theodore Roosevelt
Who was with patricia hearst the night she was kidnaped? (Hint: S_____W___)
Steven Weed
Who were the rivals of the T-Birds in the movie "Grease"? (Hint: S________)
Who wrote "Animal Farm"? (Hint: G_____O_____)
George Orwell
Who wrote "Ten Little Indians?" (Hint: A_____C_______)
Agatha Christie
Who wrote "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?" (Hint: S_____T_____C________)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Who wrote Stardust and Georgia on my Mind? (Hint: H____C_________)
Hoagy Carmichael
Who wrote the book "Anna Karenina"? (Hint: L___T______)
Liev Tolstói
Who wrote the Discworld series? (Hint: T____P________)
Terry Pratchett
Who wrote the epic poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey? (Hint: H____)
Who wrote 'The Great Gatsby'? (Hint: F_S____F_________)
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Who wrote the opera "Don Giovanni (Don Juan)'? (Hint: W_______A______M_____)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Who wrote the opera 'die fledermaus (the bat)'? (Hint: J_____S______)
Johann Strauss
Who wrote 'the peter principle'? (Hint: L_______P____)
Laurence Peter
Who wrote the vampire series that featured Lestat as the main character ? (Hint: A___R___)
Anne Rice
Who wrote 'Who's afraid of virginia woolf'? (Hint: E_____A____)
Edward Albee
Who, with 90 years, is the longest ruling monarch in history? (Hint: P___I_o_E____)
Pepi II of Egypt
Who's Eydie Gorme's husband? (Hint: S____L_______)
Steve Lawrence
Whose flag has the national arms on one side and the treasury seal on the other? (Hint: P_______)
Wild animals: what is the largest rhinoceros? (Hint: W____R_________)
White Rhinoceros
With what branch of medicine is Franz Mesmer associated? (Hint: H________)
With what sport is Chris Boardman associated ? (Hint: C______)
Who was the first Austrain born player to be selected in the first round of the NHL Draft ? (Hint: T_____V____)
Thomas Vanek
On tv's The Love Boat, what was Adam Bricker's job on the ship? (Hint: D_____)
-isms: Public ownership of the basic means of production, distribution, and exchange. (Hint: S________)
What does "c'est la vie" mean? (Hint: T_____l___)
That's life
In ballet, the position of the torso from the waist up. (Hint: E_________)
Music : 60's chart toppers: name the artist: two tickets to paradise? (Hint: B____B_____)
Brook Benton
A square or rectangular area in a church between the apse and the crossing. (Hint: C____)
What is the capital of Illinois? (Hint: S__________)
Music: what singer is nicknamed 'The Polish Prince'? (Hint: B____V_____)
Bobby Vinton
Monaco has the same flag as what other country? (Hint: I________)
A gangster refers to his what as his 'mouthpiece' (Hint: L_____)
The Brady Bunch: where did the Brady Bunch family spend their first vacation? (Hint: G____C_____)
Grand Canyon
What is the name of this symbol: *? (Hint: A_______)
What is the name of this symbol: #? (Hint: O_________)
The four Galilean moons of Jupiter are: Callisto, Io, Ganymede, and ______? (Hint: E_____)
The rendering of light and shade in painting; the subtle graduations and marked variations of light and shade for dramatic effect is called ____? (Hint: C__________)
What is the name of this symbol: #? (Hint: H___)
Who said 'The way of the warrior is the resolute acceptance of death'? (Hint: M_______M______)
Miyamoto Musashi
This movie directed by Woody Allen won the best picture Oscar in 1978. (Hint: A____H___)
Annie Hall
Who built the Taj Mahal? (Hint: S___J____)
Shah Jahan
Who headed the palestine liberation organization during 1991? (Hint: Y_____A_____)
Yasser Arafat
Who said: "Let them eat cake"? (Hint: M____A_________)
Marie Antoinette
Baseball great Joe Dimaggio bats a thousand when he marries movie great? (Hint: M______M_____)
Marilyn Monroe
What is the element symbol for bohrium? (Hint: B_)
MLB: he said if i ain't startin' i ain't departin' when named an all-star? (Hint: G____T________)
Garry Templeton
The "Bay of Pigs" fiasco took place in this country. (Hint: C__)
Which French philosopher explored existentialist philosophy in his landmark book "Nausea" published in 1938? (Hint: J________S_____)
Jean-Paul Sartre
what substance is processed in a ginnery? (Hint: C_____)
what's the international radio code word for the letter e? (Hint: E___)
An operation to remove all or part of the colon is called a? (Hint: C________)
What was "Rocky's" last name? (Hint: B_____)
This Russian scientist used dogs to study conditioned reflexes (Hint: I___P_____)
Ivan Pavlov
jodie foster won the oscar for best actress in 1988 for which film? (Hint: t__a______)
the accused
Name the strait joining the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea (Hint: G________)
What mythical Scottish town appears for one day every 100 years? (Hint: B________)
What was football player Dick Lane's nickname? (Hint: N____T____)
Night Train
What is Podobromhidrosis? (Hint: S_____F___)
Smelly Feet
Which city hosted the third Olympics 1904? (Hint: S_L____)
St Louis
Pittsburgh Pirates baseball great ______ was inducted into the hall of fame in 1948? (Hint: P__T______)
Pie Traynor
Which building commemorates the Great Fire of London? (Hint: M_______)
From which plant is tequila derived? (Hint: C_____)
Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy star in this 1982 film. (Hint: 4_H____)
48 Hours
who was marshall james butler wild bill hickock's sidekick? (Hint: J______)
Who wrote 'Weird Harold and Fat Albert'? (Hint: B___C____)
Bill Cosby
What did the demon-possessed man from the gerasenes say his name was? (Hint: L_____)
What was jack paar's four-word tag line? (Hint: IK__Y__N__)
I Kid You Not
a name for the third degree of the scale (e.g. e is in the mediant in c major). the mediant is so-called because it stands between the tonic and dominant (Hint: m______(_____m_o_t___l___i)
mediant (trust me on this lol, i realize that answer appears in the "question" twice but thats it
In which English town or city would you find the Christmas Steps? (Hint: B______)
What were comfrey baths were believed to restore? (Hint: V________)
What was Porky's? (Hint: B_______)
At funerals in ancient China, when the lid of the coffin was closed, mourners took a few steps backward incase their WHAT got caught in the box? (Hint: s_____)
ramblin man was a story of a greyhound bus travelling on what highway? (Hint: f____o__)
fifty one
In Greek mythology, who ruled over the island of Samos? (Hint: P_________)
Who wrote the Nutcracker Suite? (Hint: T__________)
what nhl rink is found at 150 causeway street? (Hint: B_____G_____)
Boston Garden


you can access the game here if youre interested :


  1. what kind of characters were MTV's Sifl and Olly?

    hint: s____ p______

    Answer: Sock Puppets

  2. Where is human skin the least sensitive
    hint h____

    Answer head

  3. the telephone number 01 939 4832 belongs to what?

    Answer buckingham palace

  4. The molten material from a volcano is____ (Hint: l___)
    answer: lava

  5. A lively Spanish dance in triple time performed with castanets or tambourines. (hint: f_____)
    answer: fandango

  6. Who said 'Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the Earth'? (Hint: A_________)
    answer : Archimedes

  7. psychology: what is the gray matter of the brain known as? (Hint: c_______ c_____)
    answer : cerebral cortex

  8. Legal Terms: A formal agreement enforceable by law. (Hint: c_______)
    answer: contract

  9. What is the Israeli 'knesset'? (Hint:p_____)
    answer: parlement

  10. What element has the periodic table name Sb? (hint:a___)
    answer: antimony

  11. what country is accessed with the international telephone calling code 598 Hint u____ - uruguay

  12. "On a farm there are horses and chickens. There are total of 56 heads and 222 legs. How many horses are on the farm?"


  13. What do the auricularis muscles move? hint t__ e____

    A: the ears

  14. Which president was responsible for the 'Louisiana Purchase? hint: t______ j_______

    A: thomas jefferson

  15. who played the title role in the 1997 film the saint? hint: v____ k_____

    A: val kilmer

  16. What game features the largest ball? hint: e________

    A: earthball

  17. 60's chart toppers: name the artist no one
    hint r__ C_______

    answer: Ray Charles

  18. Q: In what year was good housekeeping magazine first published?
    A: 1885

  19. Q: Basketball: The New York
    A: Knicks

  20. Q: Savage Garden took 13 nominations and 10 wins at which awards?
    A: ARIA Awards

  21. Q: what contagious disease was scheduled for complete eradication on june30, 1999?
    A: Smallpox

  22. Q: in what sport do you have a sin bin?
    A: ice hockey

  23. Q: Who invented Dynamite?
    A: Alfred Nobel

  24. Q: who used the statement: hey kids, what time is it? (Hint: b______ b__ s____)
    A: Buffalo Bob Smith

  25. Q: music term: - the set of five horizontal lines and spaces on which music is written. leger lines are used for notes above and below the staff.? (Hint: s____)
    A: staff

  26. Q: Who shot Abraham Lincoln?
    A: John Wilkes Booth

  27. Q: -ologies: Study of the history and development of words? (Hint: e________)

    A: etymologies

  28. Q: what actor played trapper john, md?
    A: Pernell Roberts

  29. Q: How many large holes are in your head? (Hint:s___)
    A: Seven

  30. Q: Who played Louis in 'Interview With The Vampire'?
    A: Brad Pitt

  31. Q: what kind of aircraft is the f 102 delta dagger built by convair?
    A: Fighter

  32. Q music : 80's chart toppers: name the artist: an american dream

    A dirt band

  33. Q: Name that drink: orange ______? (Hint: c____)
    A: Crush

  34. Q: which of the two hits by 'the fireflies' made it to number 22 in 1959?
    A: You Were Mine

  35. Q: the 1st unattended, 24-hour self-service laundromat in the united states was opened in what year
    A: 1949

  36. Q: which team won the men's basketball championship game in 1969
    A: UCLA

  37. Q: Singapore is the capital of
    A: Singapore

  38. In ballet, the position of the arms

    Port de bras

  39. you dont have the question/answer that i need D: the question is "What is the crystal anniversary?"

  40. I Dont Know What Is The Answer To This Trivai.

    How many presidents of the United States fought in the Civil War? (Hint: s__)

  41. music: name the artist/band that recorded this song: loving you sunday morning (meine/rarebell/schenker)?

  42. Which European club has won the most european cups in the 90s

  43. Whose films include 'Giant', 'Written On The Wind' and 'A Farewell To Arms'?

  44. Football: The Chicago ______? (Hint: B____)

  45. Imperial, Buck, and Luna are types of ______. (Hint: m___)

  46. music: in which donizetti opera is the famous 'mad scene' for soprano? (Hint: l____ d_ l_________)
    [lucia di lammermoor]".

  47. What was america's presidential residence camp david called before? Shangri-La

    The sword-wielding warrior seeks vengeance on the cult leader who enslaved him and massacred his villagein this fullblooded adventure epic based on Robert E. Howards pulp tales. - Conan the Barbarian

    decaying organic matter found in soil and derived from dead animal and plant material - Humus

    In theology, the study of final things such as death, judgement and the end of the world is called ... Eschatology

    colin hay was the lead-singer of what 1980's band? (Hint: m__ a_ w___) men at work

    What is name applied to the study of soil? Pedology

    In which sport or game are the terms: 'pin', 'fork', and 'skewer' used? chess

    what disney cat takes a trip to cat heaven? (Hint: t________) Thomasina

    Which is the largest African bird of prey? (Hint: l__________) lammergeyer ??

    In american football where is the Orange Bowl? (Hint: M____) Miami

    In 1893, this country was the first to give women the vote.? (Hint: N__ Z______) New Zealand

    Who at Buckingham Palace wears bearskins? (Hint: g_____) Guard

  48. music : 60's chart toppers: name the artist: the twist? (Hint: c_____ c______) chubby checker

  49. In which continent would you find the Yenisey river? (Hint: A____) Asia

  50. Q:who owns: tupperware? (Hint: p______)

  51. Who is the dog on the crackerjack box?(Hint: B____) Bingo

  52. In Common: winslow homer, thomas eakins, grant wood? (Hint: a____ p____)

    Answer: American Painter

  53. Nice Post!!
    You have posted nice trivia night questions which compel every one to apply their mind.Thanks for sharing this types of questions.


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