May 22, 2010

Dream World Trivia Questions and Answers Part 1

How is came about?
Since the Dream World spreaded to other websites as well, people from Kongregate started to fill Kongregate Wiki with huge articles, but after all, the game was not limited to Kongregate. The source has been dumped here.

there seems to be a lot of questions here but i have incurred questions which are not listed here...but anyways:

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one post couldnt fit all so here is part 2
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From what did Alexander the Great suffer (Hint: E_______)
What was H.G Well's' first novel? (Hint: T__T___M______)
The Time Machine
What is the name of the board that Baduk is player on? (Hint: G____)
what is the speech at the beginning of a play called? (Hint: P_______)
Wimpy college professor becomes embroiled with pimps, prostitutes and underworld intrigue. (Hint: D_____D______)
Doctor Detroit
Who said "The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread."? (Hint: M_____T_____)
Mother Teresa
What is the second highest peak in Mexico? (Hint: P__________)
music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: me and my arrow? (Hint: N_____)
What is a resident of Manchester called? (Hint: M________)
What is the fastest breed of dog after the greyhound? (Hint: w______)
What breakfast cereal was invented at Battle Creek Sanitarium? (Hint: C___f_____)
Corn flakes
music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: please come home for christmas? (Hint: E_____)
What color was Bullit's car? (Hint: G____)
What tropic passes through mexico? (Hint: C_____)
Which is the largest theme resort hotel? (Hint: L___C___)
Lost City
In which sport is the term "wishbone" used? (Hint: F_______)
Who wrote of the Cornhuskers? (Hint: C___S_______)
Carl Sandburg
What is the purple ink used to stamp meat made from? (Hint: D___G____S____)
Dark Grape Skins
Author: fear of flying, how to save your own life? (Hint: E____J___)
Erica Jong
WWII: Where did the most famous encirclement of the Nazi troops during WWII take place? (Hint: S_________)
-isms: A one-party system of government in which control is maintained by force and regimentation (Hint: F______)
-isms: A painful stiffness of the muscles and joints (Hint: R_________)
-isms: The theory that man cannot prove the existence of a god. (Hint: A__________)
(Hint: B____)
Note: This is a buggy entry; it gives no question, just the hint.
007: who was one of Dr No's rocket technicians? (Hint: C____)
1994: who did George foreman beat to regain the heavyweight crown? (Hint: M______M_____)
Michael Moorer
7X was used to refer to the secret ingredient of which drink? (Hint: C___C___)
Coca Cola
80's chart toppers: name the artist: Savannah Nights? (Hint: T__J_______)
Tom Johnston
A late-nineteenth-century French school of painting. It focused on transitory visual impressions, often painted directly from nature, with an emphasis on the changing effects of light and color. (Hint: I____________)
A "gyre" is another term for what shape? (Hint: C___)
A beating movement of the legs. (Hint: B_________)
A can of Pepsi holds �� fluid ounces. (Hint: T_____)
A catalogue of words and synonyms? (Hint: T________)
A composition made of cut and pasted materials, sometimes with images added by the artist. (Hint: C______)
A continuous aisle in a building, especially around the apse in a church. (Hint: A_________)
A dance for two, usually a woman and a man. In its traditional form, it begins with an entre and adagio, followed by solo variations for each dancer, and a coda. (Hint: P__D_D___)
Pas De Deux
A decorative art movement that emerged in the late nineteenth century. Characterized by dense assymmetrical ornamentation in sinuos forms, it is often symbolic and of an erotic nature. (Hint: A__N______)
Art Nouveau
A firm is a decision-making production unit which transforms resources into goods and services which are ultimately bought by consumers, the government and ______? (Hint: O____F____)
Other Firms
A flat round hat sometimes worn by soldiers is a ______. (Hint: B_____)
A foot-long ruler is �� inches long. (Hint: T_____)
A 'gigantopithecus' is a? (Hint: G____a__)
Giant ape
A horizontal projection, such as a balcony or beam, supported at one end only. (Hint: c_________)
A large nucleated cell that produces myelin in peripheral nerve cells is the ______? (Hint: S______C___)
Schwann Cell
A loss of memory is known as ______. (Hint: A______)
A meaningless distraction is a ____ herring. (Hint: R__)
A medicine that hastens the emptying of the bowels is called a ______. (Hint: L_______)
A method of painting developed by Seurat and Signac in the 1880s. It used dabs of pure color that were intended to mix in the eyes of viewers rather than on the canvas. It is also called divisionism or neoimpressionism. (Hint: P__________)
A method of producing images or letters from sheets of cardboard, metal, or other materials from which forms have been cut away. (Hint: S_________)
A mouth-like opening into the body; also the porous openings on the surface of leaves. (Hint: S____)
A movement of the 1920s and 1930s that began in France. It explored the unconscious, often using images from dreams. It used spontaneous techniques and featured unexpected juxtapositions of objects. (Hint: S_________)
A movement of the 1960s and 1970s that emphasized the artistic idea over the art object. It attempted to free art from the confines of the gallery and the pedestal. (Hint: C_________A__)
Conceptual Art
A movement that began in Britain and the United States in the 1950s. It used the images and techniques of mass media, advertising, and popular culture, often in an ironic way (Hint: p__a__)
pop art
A print made by carving on a wood block, which is then inked and printed. (Hint: W______)
A pure public good is a good or a service, such as defense, the consumption of which by one person does not reduce its benefit to ______? (Hint: O_____)
A realistic style of painting in which everyday life forms the subject matter, as distinguished from religious or historical painting. (Hint: g____p_______)
going painting
A row of columns, usually equidistant, supporting a beam or entablature. (Hint: C________)
A salt enema was given to children to rid them of ______? (Hint: T__________)
A small structure on top of a dome, tower or roof often open to admit light below. (Hint: L_____)
A solemn court dance usually in duple time, popular in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries ? (Hint: B____D____)
Basse Danse
A sun-dried grape is known as a(n)______ (Hint: R_____)
A triangle with two equal sides is called ______. (Hint: I________)
About which family are the Godfather films? (Hint: C_______)
Absolutely pure ______ is so soft that it can be molded with the hands? (Hint: G___)
According to tradition, what animals desert a sinking ship? (Hint: R___)
Actor: ______ Borgnine. (Hint: E_____)
Actor: ______ Hackman. (Hint: G___)
All hebrew orignating names that end with the letters 'el' have something to do with what? (Hint: G__)
Amino acids - asn is? (Hint: A_________)
An african-american dance in which couples strut and compete with high kicks and fast steps (Hint: C_______)
An arched brick or stone ceiling or roof. (Hint: V____)
An arrangement for five performers is called a: (Hint: Q______)
An artist supports his canvas on a(n) ______. (Hint: e____)
An eighteenth-century European style, originating in France. In reaction to the grandeur and massiveness of the baroque, it employed refined, elegant, highly decorative forms. (Hint: R_____)
An instrument on a car to measure the distance travelled is called a(n) (Hint: O_______)
An operation that opens up the abdomen is called a? (Hint: l_________)
'Ancient' is to 'old' as 'recent' is to _______. (Hint: C______)
Angie gets a workout in three separate stories about the effects of that proverbial green-eyed monster. (Hint: J_______)
Ankara is the capital of ______? (Hint: T_____)
Approximately how many pounds of cereal will the average american/canadian eat every year? (Hint: T_____)
Arithmophobia is the fear of? (Hint: N______)
A male dancer who performs the 'princely' roles of the classical ballet, such as the Prince in Swan Lake. (Hint: d______ n____) (Hint: d______n____)
danseur noble
As clear as a ______? (Hint: B___)
{{DW QA| As fit as a(n)______? | Fiddle
As sick as a(n) ______. (Hint: D__)
As the price of one of two comparable commodities falls, the price of the other becomes relatively more expensive. The consumer is therefore induced to buy (choose) the first. This is called the ______ of the price change. (Hint: S_____e______)
System economy
As what is haemophilia also known ? (Hint: R____D______)
Royal Disease
As what is the glue on israeli postage stamps certified? (Hint: K_____)
As who is Vincent Furnier known? (Hint: A____C_____)
Alice Cooper
At the end of "Planet of the Apes" what protruded from the rocks? (Hint: S_____o_L______)
Statue of Liberty
At what age did mrs Beaton & Anne Boleyn both die? (Hint: T_____N___)
Twenty Nine
author: deadly rich, ballerina, the privileged lives? (Hint: E_____S______)
Edward Stewart
Babies are born without? (Hint: K___c___)
Knee caps
Baby names beginning with a: meaning: loving, kind-hearted? (Hint: A____)
Baby names beginning with n: meaning: flower bud? (Hint: N_____)
Barcelona 1992 olympics: how many silver medals were won by: Ireland? (Hint: O__)
Before Gene Roddenberry's success in Star Trek, he was an ______? (Hint: A_______P____)
Airlines Pilot
Besides land, labour and capital, there is a fourth factor sometimes added to the main factors of production. This fourth factor is ______? (Hint: E_________)
Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora both list this band as their influence? (Hint: T__B______)
The Beatles
Boston butt, jowl, and picnic ham are parts of a ______. (Hint: P__)
Branch of linguistics concerned with the production, physical nature, and perception of speech sounds? (Hint: P________)
Bridgeport is the largest city in which state ? (Hint: C__________)
Bridgetown is the capital of _______? (Hint: B_______)
Bridgetown is the capital of this country which is 430sq. miles in area and has ~259,191 people in 1999. What country is it...? (Hint: B_______)
Bryan dattilo - lucas roberts on soap 'days? (Hint: O_o__l____)
Of our lives
{{DW QA| Budapest is the capital of ______? | Hungary | Apparently both forms of the same item, this and the previous question, are in the database
Bull - cow as fox - ______. (Hint: V____)
By what name is Lysergic acid diethylamide better known? (Hint: L__)
By what name is Maurice Micklewhite better known as? (Hint: M______C____)
Michael Caine
By what name is Richard Starkey better known as? (Hint: R____S____)
Ringo Starr
By what name is Robert Zimmerman better known as? (Hint: B__D____)
Bob Dylan
Cartoons: what peanuts character always was dirty? (Hint: P_____)
Catlike leap in which one foot follows the other into the air, knees bent; the landing is in the fifth position. (Hint: P__d_C___)
Pas de Chat
Cattle are bovine, sheep are ______? (Hint: O____)
Channel, between the southern tip of Florida and the island of Cuba, linking the Atlantic ocean and the gulf of Mexico? (Hint: S______o_F______)
Straits of Florida
Charles carroll died in 1832, 1836 or 1837? (Hint: 1___)
Chicago Transit Authority is now known as which group? (Hint: C______)
Chicago Transit Authority is now known as which group? (Hint: C______)
Commercial jingles: taste the high country, taste the high country, taste the high country, taste? (Hint: C____)
Commercial jingles: when it rains, it pours? (Hint: M_____S___)
Morton Salt
Composer of the Brandenburg Concerti: J.S. (Hint: B___)
Computer terminology: tiny warehouses where computers store data temporarily until they have time to retrieve it? (Hint: B_____)
computers: how do nostradomus and michelangelo influence computers? (Hint: c_____v______)
common viruses
Crime stories: belgium's most famous detective? (Hint: H______P_____)
Hercule Poirot
Crime stories: the most famous lawyer/sleuth? (Hint: P____M____)
Perry Mason
Crossword: Lock of Hair? (Hint: T____)
Crossword: Winter Jacket (Hint: P____)
Dictionary definition: a prompt and cheerful willingness? (Hint: A_______)
Differentiated products are products which are very similar, but not ______? (Hint: I________)
Ding, dong, bell! Where's pussy? (Hint: i_t__w___)
in the well
Doraphobia is a fear of ______? (Hint: F__)
Dreams are good friends when you're ______? (Hint: L_____)
Economists have managed to separate the problems of an efficient allocation of resources from the controversial question of the distribution of income and wealth. The latter is concerned with (Hint: V____J________)
Value Judgement
Every citizen of Kentucky is required by law to take a what once a year? (Hint: B___)
Famous people: what was Mrs. Michael Jackson II's first name? (Hint: D_____)
Fear of flying, how to save your own life. What first name? (Hint: J___)
Film Title: _______ (a number) Leagues Under the Sea. (Hint: T_____T_______)
Twenty Thousand
Film Title: Fahrenheit ______. (a number) (Hint: 4__)
Film title: The Last Days of ______. (a city) (Hint: P_______)
First names: ______ Agnew, disgraced vice president under Nixon? (Hint: S____)
Football the buffalo ______? (Hint: B____)
Football: The Pittsburgh ______? (Hint: S_______)
For what is the spanish mission san antonio de valero best remembered ? (Hint: B_____o_t__A____)
Battle of the Alamo
For which ad campaign was the line 'I can't believe I ate the whole thing' used? (Hint: A___________)
For which cartoon character was Beethoven a favourite composer? (Hint: S________)
Forest ____ liked shrimp. (Hint: G___)
forked, sheet, and ball are types of ______? (Hint: L________)
Formula filmmaking that even bored its intended audience. Cop Eastwood chews stogies for breakfast, while new partner Sheen is a rich kid, who apparently enjoys collecting facial contusions. (Hint: T__R_____)
The Rookie
Fragments of an exploded bomb? (Hint: S_______)
French: served with flaming liquid or liqueur? (Hint: F______)
From 1979 until 2000 the most distant planet from the earth was ______. (Hint: N______)
From what did the virus first leak in the Andromeda strain? (Hint: Ad_____s________)
A downed satellite
From what fruit is the liqueur kirsch made? (Hint: C_______)
From which fish is caviar obtained? (Hint: S_______)
From which of Shakespeare's plays is this line: "All the world's a stage..." (Hint: A_Y__L___I_)
As You Like It
From which Shakespeare play is this line taken: "Double, double ... " (Hint: M______)
From which team did Marlboro switch its backing to Mclaren in the 1974 season? (Hint: B__)
Geography : in which continent would you find the Lena river? (Hint: A___)
Geography: In what city would you find the SCG? (Hint: S_____)
Germany was split into two zones by which agreement? (Hint: Y____a________)
Yalta agreement
Give either Christian name of English writer H.G. Wells? (Hint: H______)
Good-buddy truckdrivers Fonda and Reed battle a rival kingpin's goon who want to force them off the road for good. (Hint: H___________)
Grammy awards: what album by carole king won the grammy in 1971? (Hint: T_______)
Grease 1 & 2: What did Danny tell Rizzo at the Malt shop? (Hint: B___t__W_____)
Bite the Wienie
He designed the first feasible automobile with an internal combustion engine. (Hint: K___F________B___)
Karl Freidrich Benz
Helen Hayes died at age 93 in ______? (Hint: 1___)
He starred in "Conan the Barbarian". (Hint: A_____S_____________)
Arnold Schwarzenegger
He transmitted radio signals across the Atlantic in 1901. (Hint: G________M______)
Guglielmo Marconi
He was defeated at the Battle of Little Bighorn. (Hint: G_____C_____)
George Custer
He was heavy-weight champion in boxing from 1897-1899, and known as Ruby Robert. (Hint: B__F_________)
Bob Fitzsimmon
He was heavy-weight champion in boxing from 1932-1933, and known as The Boston Gob. (Hint: J___S______)
Jack Sharkey
He was heavy-weight champion in boxing from 1964-1970, and known as The Louisville Lip. (Hint: M_______A__)
Muhammad Ali
Heroin is derived from which plant? (Hint: O____P____)
Opium Poppy
His wife was Penelope and his son, Telemachus. He was exiled from his home on Ithaca for angering the gods? (Hint: O_______)
His wife was Roxana, his horse was Bacephalus, he was ? (Hint: A________t__G____)
Alexander the Great
Hockey: The Edmonton _____. (Hint: O_____)
Hockey: The Los Angeles _____. (Hint: K____)
Hockey: The Montreal ______. (Hint: C________)
Hockey: The Pittsburgh ______. (Hint: P_______)
Hockey: the vancouver? (Hint: C______)
Hook, line and ______. (Hint: S_____)
How heavy was the hammer swung by John Henry? (Hint: N___p_____)
Nine pounds
How high can a kangaroo jump? (Hint: t__m_____)
two meters
How many astronauts manned each Apollo flight? (Hint: T____)
How many British officers were forced by Indian troops into the Black Hole of Calcutta ? (Hint: 1__)
How many buttons does a double breasted suit have ? (Hint: S__)
How many country's have a life expectancy of over 80 years? (Hint: F___)
How many cowhides do the NFL use for a year's supply of footballs ? (Hint: T____T_______)
Three Thousand
How many degrees does the earth rotate each hour? (Hint: F______)
How many eyeballs does a four-eyed fish have? (Hint: T__)
How many feet high is a basketball net? (Hint: T__)
how many folds does a monopoly board have? (Hint: O__)
How many 'home video games' were there in the usa in 1992? (Hint: T__m______)
Ten million
how many inches are there in a yard? (Hint: t_____s__)
thirty six
How many pieces of bun are in a McDonald's Big Mac? (Hint: T____)
How many seams are there on an american football? (Hint: F___)
How many seconds are in a day? (Hint: 8____)
How many sides are on a home-plate? (Hint: F___)
How many stab wounds did Julius Caesar have when he died? (Hint: T_____t____)
Twenty three
How many stories did Enid Blyton publish in 1959 ? (Hint: F____N___)
Fifty Nine
How many strings on a seven string guitar? (Hint: S____)
How many students were killed by the national guard at Kent State in 1970? (Hint: F___)
How many symphonies did Beethoven "complete"? (Hint: E____)
How many times its own length can the average flea jump? (Hint: 1__)
How many years in a vicennial? (Hint: T_____)
How many years make up a vicennial period? (Hint: T_____)
How many years were between the creation of the Magna Carta and the American Declaration of Independence? (Hint: 5__)
How old was John F. Kennedy when he became president? (Hint: F____T____)
Forty Three
Hydroponics is the technique by which plants are grown in water without? (Hint: s___)
If bats are nocturnal and horses diurnal, than coyotes and others animals that roam at the twilight hours and dawn are called: (Hint: C__________)
If you were born on: 07 december what zodiac symbol would you be represented by, the:? (Hint: A_____)
If you were born on: 12 january what zodiac symbol would you be represented by, the:? (Hint: G___)
In 1298 English defeat scots at battle of____________-? (Hint: F______)
In 1528 England & France declare war on emperor ____________ V of spain. (Hint: C______)
In 1902 this volcano erupted, killing 30,000. (Hint: P____)
In 1909, which U.S. President became the first to be depicted on a coin? (Hint: A______L______)
Abraham Lincoln
In 1925 Walter Percy ____________ founded the Chrysler corporation? (Hint: C_______)
In 1941 james joyce novelist, dies in____________ switzerland, at 58. (Hint: Z_____)
In 1942 henry ford patents a method of constructing ______ auto bodies. (Hint: P______)
In 1955 the Nobel prize in literature was given to Halldor Kiljan Laxness, for his vivid epic power which has renewed the great narrative art of ______? (Hint: I______)
In 1955 the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine was given to Axel Hugo Theodor Theorell for his discoveries concerning the nature and mode of action of oxidation (Hint: E______)
In 1956 the Nobel prize in literature was given to Juan Ramon Jimenez for his lyrical poetry, which in Spanish language constitutes an example of high spirit and ______? (Hint: A_________p_____)
Artistical purity
In 1959 the Nobel prize in chemistry was given to Jaroslav Heyrovsky for his discovery and development of the polarographic methods of ______? (Hint: A_______)
In 1962 Chubby Checker had a hit with a pop song and novelty dance that remains famous today. What was that dance? (Hint: T__T____)
The Twist
In 1964 the Nobel prize in literature was given to Jean-Paul Satre (who declined the prize) for his work which, rich in ideas and filled with the spirit of freedom and the quest for truth, has exerted a farreaching influence _________? (Hint: o_o__a__)
on our age
In 1971 the Nobel prize in literature was given to Pablo Neruda for a poetry that with the action of an elemental force brings alive a continent's destiny and ______? (Hint: D_____)
In 1976 ____________-- ownership legalized in Australia.? (Hint: G___)
In 1976 the Nobel prize in literature was given to Saul Bellow for the human understanding and subtle analysis of contemporary culture that are ______? (Hint: C_______i_h__w___)
Combined in his work
In 1976 the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine was given to Baruch S. Blumberg and D. Carleton Gajdusek for their discoveries concerning new mechanisms for the origin and dissemination of ________ (Hint: I_________d_______)
Infectious diseases
In 1977 Walt Disney's ____________-- released.? (Hint: T__R_______)
The Rescuers
In 1978 rev jim ____________-- leads 911 people in suicide in jonestown, guyana? (Hint: J____)
In 1978 the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine was given to Werner Arber, Daniel Nathans and Hamilton O. Smith for the discovery of restriction enzymes and their application to problems of ______? (Hint: m________g_______)
molecular genetics
In 1978, whose music did def leppard like to cover in small clubs? (Hint: T___L____)
Thin Lizzy
In 1982 the Nobel prize in chemistry was given to Sir Aaron Klug for his development of crystallographic electron microscopy and his structural elucidation of biologically important nuclei acid-protein ______? (Hint: C________)
In 1983, what NBA star received an honorary doctorate from Temple U? (Hint: J_____E_____)
Julius Erving
In 1990 the Nobel prize in chemistry was given to Elias James Corey for his development of the theory and methodology of ______? (Hint: O______s________)
Organic synthesis
In 1993 the Nobel prize in physics was awarded jointly to Russel A. Hulse and Joseph H. Taylor Jr. for the discovery of a new type of pulsar, a discovery that has opened up new possibilities for the study of ______? (Hint: G__________)
In 1997 the Nobel prize in literature was given to Dario Fo, who emulates the jesters of the Middle Ages in scourging authority and upholding the dignity of the ______? (Hint: D__________)
In 1997 the Nobel prize in physics was awarded jointly to Steven Chu, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and William D. Philips for development of methods to cool and trap atoms with ______? (Hint: L____l____)
Laser light
In a period of 400 years how many times does the 1st of January fall on a Sunday? (Hint: 5_)
In a Spanish bar, what are topaz? (Hint: S_____)
In alphabet radio code, what word is used for 'f'? (Hint: F______)
In an average lifetime, the average american eats 1,813 pounds of (Hint: B______)
In ancient Assyria and Babylonia, a tower in the shape of a stepped pyramide. It formed the base of a temple. (Hint: Z_______)
In ballet, the ability of a dancer to remain suspended in air during a jump; elasticity in jumping. (Hint: B_____)
In ballet, low, as in placement of arms. (Hint: E_b__)
En bas
In ballet, shifting weight from one foot to the other? (Hint: d_____)
In ballroom dance, a characteristic figure that remains constant. (Hint: B____m_______)
Basic movement
In baseball, who won their first world series in 1969? (Hint: N__Y___M___)
New York Mets
In common: mountain, central, Greenwich mean, eastern standard? (Hint: T___Z___)
Time Zone
In europe this plant was first grown as an ornamental plant and not eaten until the 1830's.? (Hint: T_____)
In Greek mythology, who did Minos hire to construct the labyrinth? (Hint: D_______)
In Greek mythology, who solved the riddle of the Sphinx? (Hint: O______)
In HG Wells "The Time Machine," two races of the future are the child-like Eloi, and the subterranean monsters called the (Hint: M_______)
In In CB talk, what are greenies, coupons and paperwork? (Hint: S_______T______)
Speeding Tickets
In Norse myth, there were two separate races of gods: the Aesir gods which included Odin and Thor, and the ______ gods from whom descended Freya. (Hint: V____)
In one of Donald Horne's novels they refer to Australia as (Hint: T__l____c______)
The lucky country
In scrabble, what is the point value for the standard vowels? (Hint: O__)
In the 70s Hit Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons what is the name of the company Scralet works for? (Hint: S_______)
In the 9th century which city had several thousand bookstores? (Hint: B______)
In the game of chess, which piece has the most freedom to move? (Hint: Q____)
In the Gregorian calendar after 10,000 years by how many days will the calendar be wrong by ? (Hint: T____)
In the TV series 'The Brady Bunch', what was Cindy's toy doll's name? (Hint: K____C____A__)
Kitty Carry All
In the 'Twelve days of Christmas', how many items in total are sent by 'my true love'? (Hint: S______E____)
Seventy Eight
In this 1968 film the husband of an unsuspecting young wife becomes involved with a witch's coven. (Hint: R_________B___)
Rosemary's Baby
In trigonometry what term describes an angle between 0 and 90 degrees? (Hint: A____)
In what Australian state would you find Mackay? (Hint: Q_________)
In what book would you find a Hefalump? (Hint: W_____t__P___)
Winnie the Pooh
In what city in Georgia is it illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp? (Hint: A______)
In what city is the house of the rising sun located? (Hint: N__O______)
New Orleans
In what city is the Olympic torch first lit ? (Hint: O______)
In what country do people speak the Language they call Nihongo? (Hint: J____)
In what county is Silicon Valley? (Hint: S____C___C_____)
Santa Cruz County
In what did someone squish her hands to make the sound of e.t walking? (Hint: J____)
in what film did 'jack d ripper' go berserk? (Hint: D__s__________)
Dr. strangelove
In what Province Is Dublin? (Hint: L_______)
In what sport is the term 'terminal speed' used? (Hint: D___R_____)
Drag Racing
In what state was Carl Lewis born? (Hint: A______)
In what war did the jet fighters first battle each other? (Hint: T__K_____W__)
The Korean War
In what year landed Viking I on mars? (Hint: 1___)
In what year was the Taj Mahal finished? (Hint: 1___)
In which book does the character John Blackthrone appear? (Hint: S_____)
In which city is the Bridge of Sighs? (Hint: V_____)
In which city is the C.N. Tower? (Hint: T______)
In which city is the Canale Grande? (Hint: V_____)
In which city was Hugh Grant arrested with Divine Brown? (Hint: L__A______)
Los Angeles
In which continent would you find the Mackenzie river? (Hint: N____A______)
North America
In which country is Normandy? (Hint: F_____)
In which country is the US naval station at Guantanmo Bay? (Hint: C___)
In which country would you find Angkor Wat ? (Hint: C_______)
In which country would you find the spectacular rock formation known as The Three Sisters? (Hint: A________)
In which Disney movie is the song "So This Is Love"? (Hint: C_________)
In which film were the entire cast nominated for oscars? (Hint: W____a_____o_)
Who's afraid of
In which organ is your "hypothalmus" located? (Hint: B____)
in which series did linda evans, a star of dynasty, first appear? (Hint: B__V_____)
Big Valley
In which state are the Everglades? (Hint: F______)
In which state is Hoover Dam? A______ (Hint: A______)
In which state is the Mayo Clinic? (Hint: M________)
In world war I, which German prisoner of war camp was near potsdam, Germany (Hint: D_______)
Individual bananas are called? (Hint: F_____)
Instruction given to Vanilla Ice in Ice, Ice Baby? (Hint: G_w____b__g_)
Go white boy go
International Phonetic Alphabet: C (Hint: C______)
Into what ocean does the Zambezi River empty? (Hint: I_____O____)
Indian Ocean
Into which estuary do the Trent and Ouse flow? (Hint: H_____)
Jack and Jill went up a ______ to fetch a pail of water? (Hint: H___)
'Janie's got a gun' was on whose 1989 album 'pump'? (Hint: A________)
Jared leto - up and coming actor playing ______ catalano on 'my so-called life'? (Hint: J_____)
Jerry is the poor stepson turned into a handsome prince for a night by fairy godfather. (Hint: C_________)
Jim Backus was the voice of Mr. ______? (Hint: M____)
John F. Kennedy Airport in New York used to be called? (Hint: I_______)
Jumble word: lobkacg? (Hint: B______)
Kotex was first manufactured as ______, during w.w.i.? (Hint: B_______)
Lady sings the blues was about who? (Hint: B_____H______)
Billie Holiday
Languages: if you were to hear sawubona? (Hint: Z___)
Life what Major does David Bowie's Space Oddity refer to? (Hint: M____T__)
Major Tom
Lilongwe is the capital of ______? (Hint: M_____)
Linen is obtained from the fibers of what plant? (Hint: F___)
Linux is a clone of what operating system ? (Hint: U___)
Literature: according to the book of mark, how long did the darkness last after jesus' crucifixion (Hint: T____h____)
Three hours
Lome is the capital of ______? (Hint: T___)
Mardi Gras is French for (Hint: F__T______)
Fat Tuesday
Maria Elena Santiago married who in 1958? (Hint: B____H____)
Buddy Holly
Maxillary palps, abdomen, and metathorax are parts of a(n) ______. (Hint: I_____)
Mercury's period of orbit takes how many earth days? (Hint: E_____E____)
Eighty Eight
Moldings and ornamentation projecting from the surface of a wall. (Hint: R_____)
Movies: Hollywood: singer made his debut in the jazz singer? (Hint: N___D______)
Neil Diamond
Moving anti-clockwise on a dartboard, what is the number next to '4'? (Hint: E_______)
Musical groups: england dan & ______? (Hint: J___F___C____)
John Ford Coley
Music : 60's chart toppers: Name the artist: Bird Dance Beat? (Hint: T__T_______)
The Trashmen
Music : 60's chart toppers: name the artist: Blue Bayou? (Hint: R__O______)
Roy Orbison
Music : 60's chart toppers: name the artist: tie me kangaroo down, sport? (Hint: R___H_____)
Rolf Harris
Music : 60's chart toppers: name the artist: Yakety Sax? (Hint: B____R_______)
Boots Randolph
Music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: fairytale? (Hint: P______S______)
Pointer Sisters
Music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: goodbye to love? (Hint: C_________)
Music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: loving you just crossed my mind? (Hint: S__N____)
Sam Neely
Music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: My Sweet Lady? (Hint: J___D_____)
John Denver
Music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: stay? (Hint: J______B_____)
Jackson Browne
Music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: train, train? (Hint: B________)
Music : 80's chart toppers: name the artist: cannonball? (Hint: S_________)
Music : 80's chart toppers: name the artist: face the face? (Hint: P___T________)
Pete Townshend
Music : 80's chart toppers: name the artist: girlfriend (Hint: p______)
music : 80's chart toppers: name the artist: i'm alright? (Hint: K____L______)
Kenny Loggins
Music : 80's chart toppers: name the artist: jimmy lee? (Hint: a_____f_______)
aretha franklin
Music : 80's chart toppers: name the artist: Living in a Fantasy? (Hint: L__S____)
Leo Sayer
Music : 90's chart toppers: name the artist: hold on (Hint: e_v____)
en vogue
Music : 90's chart toppers: name the artist: keep on walkin' (Hint: C___P_______)
Cece Peniston
Music : 90's chart toppers: name the artist: kissing you? (Hint: K____W_________)
Keith Washington
music : band: Rowland S. Howard, Genevieve McGuckin, Epic Soundtracks etc? (Hint: T____I_______S____)
These Immortal Souls
Music : category: 1980s hits: KC and The Sunshine band's last #1, in 1980...? (Hint: P_____d____g_)
Please don't go
Music : Category: Alternative music : Verse Chorus Verse was going to be the name of this band's newest album? (Hint: N______)
Music : category: rap trivia: name the band: killers, ides of march, clairvoyant, flight of icarus? (Hint: I___M_____)
Iron Maiden
Music : category: rap trivia: name the first band signed to Beastie Boys' 'Grand Royal' record label.? (Hint: L_______J______)
Luscious Jackson
Music : category: song titles: musical with: Iowa Stubborn, sincere, the sadder but wiser girl for me? (Hint: M____m__)
Music man
Music : Complete this Elvis song title: Blueberry ______-? (Hint: H___)
music : famous gills: country singer who appeared in urban cowboy.? (Hint: M_____G_____)
Mickey Gilley
Music : guitarist with only 9 full fingers ? (Hint: J____G_____)
Jerry Garcia
Music : pop no 1s: which band were back for good (unfortunately) in 1995? (Hint: T___T___)
Take That
Music groups: ______ grape? (Hint: M___)
Music term (ger.) - under, lower? (Hint: U____)
Music term: (ger.) - under, lower. (Hint: U_____)
Music: 60's chart toppers: name the artist: "Clean Up Your Own Backyard"? (Hint: E____P______)
Elvis Presley
Music: 80's chart toppers: name the artist: blame it on the rain? (Hint: M____V______)
Milli Vanilli
Music: 80's chart toppers: name the artist: girls, girls, girls? (Hint: M_____C___)
Motley Crue
Music: 90's chart toppers: name the artist: the one and only? (Hint: C______H_____)
Chesney Hawkes
Music: besides Sonny Bono, what other famous male celebrity does Cher have a child with? (Hint: G____A_____)
Gregg Allman
Music: How did Jim Croce die? (Hint: P____C____)
Plane Crash
Music: lynyrd skynyrd song: sweet home ______? (Hint: A______)
Music: name the artist/band that recorded this song: dissident? (Hint: P____J__)
Pearl Jam
Music: name the artist/band that recorded this song: hit between the eyes (meine/rarebell/schenker/vallance)? (Hint: S________)
Music: name the artist/band that recorded this song: i am waiting (Jagger/Richards)? (Hint: T__R______S_____)
The Rolling Stones
Music: name the artist/band that recorded this song: loving you sunday morning (meine/rarebell/schenker)? (Hint: S________)
Music: name the artist/band that recorded this song: no strings attached (Chasez/Daymond/Greggs)? (Hint: '_s___)
'N sync
Music: name the artist/band that recorded this song: one of these nights (Frey/Henley)? (Hint: E_____)
Music: song: name the artist: god only knows? (Hint: T__B____B___)
The Beach Boys
Music: what group consisted of Jack, Bruce, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker? (Hint: C____)
Music: who recorded 'all i need' (Hint: J___W_____)
Jack Wagner
music: who recorded the 1955 hit song 'unchained melody'? (Hint: A_H______)
Al Hibbler
Music: who recorded the 1962 hit song 'you'll lose a good thing'? (Hint: B______L___)
Barbara Lynn
Name Li'l Abner's favorite Indian drink. (Hint: K_______J__J____)
Kickapoo Joy Juice
Name one male fish that gives birth? (Hint: S__h____)
Sea horse
Name Ronald Reagan's first wife. (Hint: W____)
Name that computer term: a total programme failure.? (Hint: C____)
Name that drink: brandy _____ (Hint: A________)
name that drink: hat ______? (Hint: T____)
Name the apartments the Jetson's live in. (Hint: T__S_____A_________)
The Skypad Apartment.
Name the artist/band that recorded this song: Mr Crowley (Hint: O___O_______)
Ozzy Osbourne
Name the artist/band: sometimes? (Hint: E______)
Name the artist/band: valerie? (Hint: S_____W______)
Stevie Winwood
Name the author of 'The Catcher in the Rye'? (Hint: J___S_______)
J.D. Salinger
Name the band - songs include "Add It Up, Blister In The Sun, Kiss Off"? (Hint: V______F_____)
Violent Femmes
Name the battle on December 2nd 1805 in which the French forces of Emperor Napoleon defeated those of Alexander I of Russia and Francis II of Austria (Hint: B_____o_A_________)
Battle of Austerlitz
Name the European hit, now an animated series about underwater people. (Hint: T__S_____)
The Snorks
Name the large mountain chain in the eastern U.S.A. (Hint: T__A___________)
The Appalachians
Name the largest city in Canada. (Hint: T______)
Name the largest gland in the human body. (Hint: L____)
Name the last province to become part of Canada? (Hint: N___________)
Name the late actor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars (Hint: A___G______)
Alec Guiness
Name the longest river in Asia. (Hint: Y______)
Name the musical film named After a State (Hint: O_______)
Name the nursery rhyme mother whos last name is that of a bird? (Hint: M_____G____)
Mother Goose
Name the only first lady to appear on us paper currency? (Hint: M_____W_________)
Martha Washington
Name the producer for Elvis Presley's 1956 'heartbreak hotel'? (Hint: C___A_____)
Note: This trivia question is wrong, Steve Sholes was the producer.
Chet Atkins
Name the radio show launched in 1935 which featured hit records (Hint: Y___H__P_____)
Your Hit Parade
Name the second largest country in africa? (Hint: A______)
name the year: 1st running of the indianapolis 500 ? (Hint: 1___)
Name the year: Jacques Tati, director (traffic, playtime, my uncle), born.? (Hint: 1___)
Name the year: Katherine Hepburn (in Connecticut), actor (African queen, on golden pond)? (Hint: 1___)
Name the year: manchester massacre; english police charge unemployed demonstrators.? (Hint: 1___)
Name the year: Mohammed V king of Morocco (1953, 1955-61), born? (Hint: 1___)
Name the year: Mount Etna erupts in Sicily Italy? (Hint: 1___)
Name the year: Ray Bradbury, science fiction author (Fahrenheit 451), born.? (Hint: 1___)
Name the year: venera 3, venus landing.? (Hint: 1___)
Ncaa: who was the MVP in the Men's basketball championship game in 1986? (Hint: P_____E______)
Pervis Ellison
Near which Belarus City did the biggest ever tank battle take place during WWII? (Hint: K____)
Nitroglycerin was developed by? (Hint: A______S______)
Ascanio Sobrero
Non-dairy creamer is? (Hint: f________)
North American Indian Language commonly found in Alaska and Southwestern United States and North America (Hint: A_________)
Nuclear membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus are parts of a(n) ______. (Hint: C___)
Of what material is the state house in providence constructed? (Hint: G______M_____)
Georgia Marble
Of which Cambodian party was Pol Pot the leader? (Hint: K____R____)
Khmer Rouge
Of which country does the Khalahari Desert cover 84%? (Hint: B_______)
On the people's choice, what was Cleo? (Hint: D__)
On the piano is the note five semitones up from middle c black or white? (Hint: W____)
On this day: 10 september 1973 Muhammad Ali defeats (Hint: K__N_____)
Ken Norton
On what is an espadrille worn? (Hint: F___)
On what new york city street does the annual easter parade take place? (Hint: F____A_____)
Fifth Avenue
On what part of the body is an 'LTK procedure' performed? (Hint: E___)
On what river is the capital city of Canada? (Hint: O_____)
On what show was the segment 'that wonderful year' featured? (Hint: G____M____S___)
Garry Moore Show
One gram of pcbs can make up to ______ litres of water unsuitable for freshwater aquatic life? (Hint: O__b______)
One billion
Orson Wells was nominated for four oscars for which legendary movie ? (Hint: C______K___)
Citizen Kane
Osteomyelitis affects the ______ (Hint: B____)
Our candidate for the best Hollywood movie of all time. (Hint: C_________)
Our Town is a play by whom? (Hint: T_______W_____)
Thornton Wilder
Over what network did the world's first live computer marriage take place? (Hint: C_______)
Oysters broiled or baked with spinach & herbs on rock salt are called (Hint: W______s___)
Whaling ship
Paper is made from the pulp of ______. (Hint: W___)
'Pareto efficiency' (after Vilfredo Pareto) is a situation in which it is not possible to make someone better off without making someone else _____. (Hint: W____O__)
Worse Off
Peridot is the birthstone for ______? (Hint: A_____)
Person paying for accomodation in anothers house? (Hint: L_____)
Peter Sellers is best known for his role as Inspector ______. (Hint: C_______)
Philosophy: Epicurus, who believed that pleasure is the highest good, gave us which term synonymous with hedonistic? (Hint: e________)
Phobia's: seplophobia- fear of...? (Hint: D_______m_____)
Decaying matter
Popeye's chief adversary has two names, Bluto and ______? (Hint: B_____)
Popular social dance during the eighteenth century; done in rows or circles, it may have derived from English country dancing. (Hint: c__________)
Protein is made of basic chemical units known as ______? (Hint: A____a____)
Amino acids
Psycho killer was recorded by this group? (Hint: T______H____)
Talking Heads
Refers to art that uses emphasis and distortion to communicate emotion. More specifically, it refers to early twentieth-century northern European art, especially in Germany c. 1905-23. (Hint: E____________)
Removal of surface or subsurface water from a given area by natural or artificial means? (Hint: D_______)
Roman numerals: what is the roman numeral for 6? (Hint: V_)
Rome is the capital of ______? (Hint: I____)
She overcame her handicaps to become a lecturer and a scholar. (Hint: H_____K_____)
Hellen Keller
She starred in the 1952 film, "Niagara". (Hint: M______M_____)
Marilyn Monroe
She was Queen of Egypt and mistress of Julius Caesar. (Hint: C________)
She was the first woman premier of Israel. (Hint: G____M___)
Golda Meir
She was the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo. (Hint: A_____E______)
Amelia Earhart
Sodium bicarbonate is better known as (Hint: B_____s___)
Baking soda
Spectacles for entertainment, usually with allegorical or mythological themes, performed by the aristocracy in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, combining music, recitatives and mime. (Hint: C____b_____)
Court ballet
St. Christopher the patron saint of ______? (Hint: T_________)
St. George's is the capital city of what island country? (Hint: G______)
Standard Italian dances and their music of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. (Hint: B____)
Stephen King: name of the town where abigail freemantle lives in the stand (2 words)? (Hint: H__________H____)
Hemmingford House
Stephen King's: "Salem's ______". (Hint: L__)
Steps performed on the floor. It is the opposite of en l'air. (Hint: P__T____)
Par Terre
Stones hewn, squared, and smoothed for use in building, as distinguished from rough building stones. (Hint: A_____)
Surfing is believed to have originated here. (Hint: H_____)
Temperature at which a liquid congeals into the solid state at a given pressure? (Hint: F_______p____)
Freezing point
The "canebrake", "timber" and "pygmy" are types of what? (Hint: R___________)
The ______ is the smelliest animal on the planet. it's anal glands can be smelled from half a mile away? (Hint: Z______)
The 1991 women's championship in swimming and diving was won by (Hint: T____)
The anatomical name for the tailbone is the ______? (Hint: C_____)
The Auckland Islands belong to which country? (Hint: N__Z______)
New Zealand
The Big Dipper is part of what constellation? (Hint: U___M____)
Ursa Major
The brady bunch: the family dog's name? (Hint: T____)
The capital of the African country Liberia is named after which American president? (Hint: J____M_____)
James Monroe
The comic known as peanuts was originally known as? (Hint: l___f____)
li'l folks
The fallacy of personifying inanimate objects, often in bad taste? (Hint: P_______F______)
Pathetic Fallacy
the feet account for one quarter of all the human bodie's what? (Hint: B____)
The fibre sisal is chiefly used to make what? (Hint: R___)
The first skyscraper in the United States was built in which city? (Hint: C______)
The force perpendicular to the surface of an object which counters the gravitational force? (Hint: N_____F____)
Normal Force
The green variety of beryl is called ______. (Hint: E______)
The Indus River flows through which country? (Hint: P_______)
The japanese martial art of fencing is called k_____? (Hint: K____)
The key of A major has ___ sharps. (Hint: T____)
The Last Days of ______. (a city) (Hint: P______)
The longest key on your keyboard is the _____ bar. (Hint: S____)
The longest side in a right-angled triangle is called the ______? (Hint: H_________)
The massacre at Kent State occurred as students protested the bombing of Cambodia and the ______ war. (Hint: V______)
The measurement by which parts of a building are related to one another, for example, the diameter of a column (Hint: M_____)
The members of a ballet company who do not perform solo. (Hint: C____d_b_____)
Corps de ballet
The name Australia is derived from the Latin word "australis" which means ______. (Hint: S_______)
The name Australia is derived from the Latin word "australis" which means ______. (Hint: S_______)
The name for the Russian equivalent of Skylab is (Hint: S_____)
The name for this semi-precious stone comes from the Latin for "sea water" (Hint: a_________)
The only McDonald?s restaurant in the world built on a horse-racing course is in? (Hint: H___K___)
Hong Kong
The pentagon, in arlington, virginia, has how many daily lamp replacements? (Hint: 2__)
The person who carries the golfer's clubs is called a(n) ______. (Hint: c_____)
The revolutionary newspaper, pravda, was first published in 1912 in which country? (Hint: R_____)
The sea gods had a three-pronged spear called a(n) (Hint: T______)
The square root of 1 is? (Hint: O__)
The Stevie Wonder song, 'isn't she lovely' was about whom? (Hint: H__d_______)
His daughter
The study of insects is? (Hint: E_________)
The study of light and its relation to sight is called ______. (Hint: O_____)
The study of the earth's physical divisions into mountains, seas, etc. is ______. (Hint: G________)
The term Centennial represents how many years? (Hint: O__H______)
One Hundred
The term Quadricentennial represents how many years? (Hint: F___h______)
Four hundred
The term Sesquincentennial represents how many years? (Hint: 1__)
The 'theory of revealed preference' is based on the reasonable proposition that a consumer will actually choose to consume that collection of goods that he ______? (Hint: P______)
The title of this Shakespeare play begins and ends with the same 7-letter word? (Hint: M______f__M______)
Measure for Measure
The two rival gangs in "West Side Story" were the Sharks and the______. (Hint: J___)
The two tire manufacturers in F1 are Bridgestone and ______? (Hint: M_______)
The volume of which solid is given by the formula 4/3(pi)r^3? (Hint: S_____)
The white marks intersecting each five yard line are called ______. (Hint: H___M____)
Hash Marks
The Who's rock musical stars Elton John? (Hint: T____)
There are 61 towns in the United States with the name of what bird in their names? (Hint: T_____)
There is no place in a fanatics head, where ______? (Hint: R_____c__e____)
Reason can enter
These animals were once used to bleed the sick. (Hint: L______)
These glands are located on top of the kidneys. (Hint: A______)
These limestone deposits rise from the floor of caves. (Hint: S_________)
This 1974 film started a run of nostalgia culminating in the TV series "Happy Days". (Hint: A_______G_______)
American Graffiti
This actress was Miss Hungary of 1936. (Hint: Z______G____)
Zsa-Zsa Gabor
This animal is found at the beginning of an (English) encyclopedia (Hint: A_______)
This animal is named after the Australian island where it is found? (Hint: T________d____)
Tasmanian devil
This animal is the symbol of the U.S. Republican Party (Hint: E_______)
This animal's shell is used to make attractive jewelry. (Hint: A______)
This brand boasts 57 varieties? (Hint: H____)
This F.B.I agent headed the investigation of Al Capone. (Hint: E_____N___)
Elliot Ness
This film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer wont he best picture Oscar for 1965. (Hint: S____o_M____)
Sound of Music
This film starring Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood won the best picture Oscar for 1961. (Hint: W___S___S____)
West Side Story
This film was an ambitious concert sequence of cartoons by Walt Disney. (Hint: F_______)
This indian group ruled in early peru? (Hint: I___)
This instrument measures the velocity of the wind. (Hint: A_________)
This is the only mammal with four knees. (Hint: E_______)
This island group is off the east coast of southern South America. (Hint: F_______I______)
Falkland Islands
This man was the only bachelor President of the US. (Hint: J____B_______)
James Buchanan
This organ of the excretory system is composed of small tubules called nephridia? (Hint: K_____)
This Pacific island's puzzling monoliths attract ethnologists. (Hint: E_____I_____)
Easter Island
This poisonous, oily liquid occurs in tobacco leaves. (Hint: N_______)
This Roman killed himself after his defeat at Actium. (Hint: M___A_____)
Marc Antony
This science deals with the motion of projectiles. (Hint: B_________)
This Sioux Indian toured with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. (Hint: S______B___)
Sitting Bull
This small animal is trained to hunt rats and rabbits. (Hint: F_____)
This Spaniard conquered Mexico (Hint: H_______C_____)
Hernando Cortes
This spiny fruit with a pungent odor and rich yellow flesh is considered "The King of Fruits" by many southeast asians. (Hint: D_____)
This sport gave us the term "Hang Ten."? (Hint: S______)
This stone enabled scholars to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs? (Hint: R______S____)
Rosetta Stone
This term means to play crisply, with the notes separated? (Hint: S_______)
This term means to play moderately slow and gracefully (Hint: A_____)
This Toy is based on a Filipino Hunters Weapon what is it? (Hint: Y_Y_)
Yo Yo

you can access the game here if youre interested :


  1. There is one trivia question that isn't here.

    Q: what is the dry ingredient in a roux?
    A: flour

  2. how much does playboy pay for jokes sent in by its readers?(f____)

    Anwsers :fifty

  3. Ummm...I tried using this site for my trivia quest for Dream World, and the question isn't in your posts (both 1 and 2). Here is the question.

    What is a male swine called? (Hint: b___)

  4. What is a male swine called? (Hint: b___)
    Answer: Boar

  5. well thanks anonnymouses :) hehe...

  6. Which singer is a former school teacher? (Hint: S_____ C___) -- Sheryl Crow

  7. Two angles that total 180 degrees are called _______. (Hint: S______)

    Answer: Supplementary

  8. music: 70's chart toppers: name the artist: black dog Hint: l__ z______ -led zeppelin

  9. What do the auricularis muscles move? hint t__ e____

    A: the ears

  10. Which president was responsible for the 'Louisiana Purchase? hint: t______ j_______

    A: thomas jefferson

  11. who played the title role in the 1997 film the saint? hint: v____ k_____

    A: val kilmer

  12. what is the fear of failure known as? HINT K_____

  13. dunkin donuts' yeast-based donuts must be set to rise for how long? (Hint: f____ f___ m______)

    forty five minutes

  14. A style that emerged in the 1970s characterized by references to and evocations of past architectural styles, particularly the classical tradition. It is frequently colorful and wittily ornamentive.
    (Hint: p____________)

    Can u help me??

  15. Q: what is a harrier jump jets engine called?
    Hint: t__ p______
    A: The Pegasus

  16. Q: In ballet, a position with one leg extended at an oblique angle while the body is also at an oblique angle? (e_______)
    A: Ecarte

  17. On what type of surface are the tennis matches at Wimbledon played
    A: Grass

  18. Q: who is elton john lyrics writer? (Hint: b_____ t_____)
    A: Bernie Taupin

  19. Q: What island is known as the Spice Island?
    A: Zanzibar

  20. Q: What does "Ursa Major" mean in everyday English?
    A great bear

  21. Q: oh canada: what is the name of the range of mountains that is the northern continuation of the cascade mountains?
    A: Coast Mountains

  22. Q: What is the name of the bone in the lower leg?
    A: Tibia

  23. Q: The difference between a meteor and a meteorite is that a meteorite has h__ h__ t__ e__

    A: has hit the earth

  24. Q: what is a cello's full name?

    A: Violoncello

  25. Q:Steve Martin's "Cyrano" was in love with this woman whose name was also the movie title. Name her?

    A: Roxana

  26. Q:Who invented the toothbrush?
    A: William Addis

  27. Q: What does "zucchero" mean in Italian?
    A: sugar

  28. Q: What is the element ag?
    A: silver

  29. Q: What is the fifth largest country in the world?
    A: Brazil

  30. Q: a thread used in surgery to tie a bleeding blood vessel is called a(n) _____.
    A: ligature

  31. what do you offer someone as a peace gesture (A_ O_ B_)
    A: an olive branch

  32. Q: scrambled word: misc 'eoslct'?
    A: closet

  33. Q: In 'La Traviata', who sings 'Sempre Libera'?
    A: Violetta

  34. Q: He was the worlds most prolific inventor in the 1970's and 1980's with inventions such as Calculators, Digital Watch, Home Computer and Pocket Televisions? (Hint: S__ C____ S_______)
    A: Sir Clive Sinclair

  35. This branch of medicine deals with old age and its diseases.

  36. what religious african was honored in oslo's aula hall in 1984? (Hint: b_____ d______ t___)

  37. who taught alexander the great? (hint: A____) answer: Aristole

  38. In which film did Jay Leno play 'Mookie'? (Hint: A_______ H__ W__)
    answer: american hot wax

  39. Q: in the film 'the seven year itch', on what was marilyn monroe standing when her dress billowed up?

    A: subway grate

  40. Q: He directed the movie E.T.

    A: Steven Spielberg

  41. Q: Which is the only book written by Margaret Mitchell?

    A: Gone with the Wind

  42. Q: In Greek mythology, what animal is associated with Athena?

    A: owl

  43. Q; An adventurous penguin named Tennessee Tuxedo had a sidekick named ______?

    A: Chumley

  44. Q: name that drink: melon ______?

    A: cocktail

  45. Q: What is the capital of the Dominican Republic?

    A: Santo Domingo

  46. Q:Which French book was written without using the letter 'E' once? (Hint: L_ D__________)

    A:La Disparition

  47. Q: What was the average age of United States soldiers in the Vietnam war? (Hint: n_______)

    A: Nineteen

  48. an english translation is wind and water. how do we know the more common original? (Hint: f___ s___)

  49. Q: What part of Betty Grable was insured for over a million dollars?
    A: her legs

  50. an english translation is wind and water. how do we know the more common original?

    A:Feng shui

  51. Q: what linda rondstadt album had a new wave approach?

    A: Mad Love

  52. why did david bowie come to earth for in the man who fell to earth?

    A: water

  53. Q: From what animal is "ambergis" obtained?
    A: sperm whale

  54. Q:From what Irish words is 'Dublin' derived?

    A:dubh linn

  55. Q: as loud as?

    A: thunder

  56. Q: Pulp, crown, and root are parts of a(n) ______.
    A: tooth

  57. Q-who played donna stone ? (d_____r_____)
    A- Donnna reed

  58. music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: call on me? (Hint: c______)

  59. Q: how many trials is each competitor permitted in javelin throwing?
    A: six

  60. Q: last name of the author 'roots'?
    A: Haley

  61. Q: stretching of the ligaments of a joint, often with rupture of tissues, but without dislocation?
    A: sprain

  62. Q: In what city is the Leaning Tower?
    A: Pisa

  63. Q: The Inquisition forced him to recant his belief in the Copernican Theory.
    A: Galileo

  64. Q: What is the full name of the flavour enhancer MSG?
    A: monosodium glutamate

  65. Q: What was Dorothy's last name in "The Wizard of Oz"?
    A: Gale

  66. Q: what movie showed brooke shields receiving her first screen kiss?
    A: Blue Lagoon

  67. Q: Which Californian desert drops below sea level?
    A: Death Valley

  68. Q: What was the nationality of Marco Polo?
    A: Italian

  69. Q: This was the sequel to "The Empire Strikes Back".
    A: Return of the Jedi

  70. Q: music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: philadelphia freedom?
    A: Elton John

  71. Q: What is the capital of Liberia?
    A: Monrovia

  72. Q: which one of the three tenors is not spanish?
    A: Pavarotti

  73. Q: montreal 1976 olympics: how many silver medals were won by: venezuela?
    A: 1

  74. Q: In american football where is the Orange Bowl?
    A: Miami

  75. Q: Meaning 'fresh' in italian. The technique of painting on moist lime plaster with colors ground in water.
    A: Fresco

  76. Q: who recorded 'run like hell' in 1980?
    A: Pink Floyd

  77. Q: This re-opened in 1975 after being closed for 8 years.
    A: Suez Canal

  78. Q: Which famous male actor made his name in 'I Dream Of Jeannie'?
    A: Larry Hagman

  79. Q: 5% of Canadians don't know the first seven words of the Canadian anthem, but know the first nine words of which anthem?
    A: The American anthem

  80. Q: Alexander the Great was king of which country?
    A: Macedonia

  81. Q: Name the sea north of Alaska.
    A: Beaufort

  82. Q: what is the collective noun for a group of rhinoceros?
    A: crash

  83. Q: What was King Arthur's mother's name?
    A: Igraine

  84. Q: n the game of cluedo what is the name of the reverend?
    A: Green

  85. Q: What is the current name for south-west Africa?
    A: Namibia

  86. Q: What is the atomic number of sulphur?
    A: sixteen

  87. Q: how many tines are in a standard dinner fork?
    A: four

  88. Q: music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: call on me?
    A: Chicago

  89. Q: He was heavy-weight champion in boxing from 1934-1935, and known as The Livermore Larruper
    A: Max Baer

  90. Q: A dance with a fast or moderate tempo.
    A: Allegro

  91. Q: Which mountains are regarded as the east border of Europe
    A: Ural

  92. Q: What is the capital of Philippines?
    A: Manila

  93. Q: What is James Naismith best known for?
    A: Inventing Basketball

  94. Q: What comprises than 54% of humpback whale's milk?
    A: fat

  95. Q: This first king of Israel reputedly had 700 wives?
    A: Solomon

  96. Q: Who died three days after Elvis Presley?
    A: Groucho Marx

  97. Q: This is the heaviest naturally occurring element.
    A: Uranium

  98. Q: The practice of joining the parts of two plants to make them grow as one is called ______.
    A: grafting

  99. Q: What mountain has the figures of three mounted confederate heroes of the Civil War?
    A: Stone Mountain

  100. Q: who said, 'i'm trying to be a good guy and i'm not that good a guy'?

    A: John Mcenroe

  101. Q: In which continent would you find the Volga river?
    A: Europe

  102. Q: what was the name of the ruling party which was overthrown by the communists in china?
    A: Kuomintang

  103. Q: How is 75% of petrol in an engine wasted?
    A: combustion

  104. Q: Football: The Seattle ______.
    A: SeaHawks

  105. Q: what airline was owned and operated by the central intelligence agency?
    A: Air America

    Q: Where is the Louvre located?
    A: Paris

  106. Q: how many chromosomes does an normal human being have?
    A: forty six

  107. Q: --isms: The belief that there is no God.
    A: Atheism

  108. Q: name the artist/band: hold on
    A: Wilson Philips

  109. Q: What product built Hershey, Pennsylvania?
    A: chocolate

  110. Q: what do you call a group of vipers?
    A: nest

  111. Q: music : 70's chart toppers: name the artist: at seventeen?
    A: Jason Ian

  112. Q: In which opera does Leporello entertain a vengeful jilted lover?
    A: Don Giovanni

  113. Q: what was the famous sister ship of the olympic?
    A: Titanic

  114. Q: With which period in music do we associate with composers such as Bach, Handel and Vivaldi?
    A: Baroque period

  115. Q: On 'Dragnet', who played officer Bill Gannon?
    A: Harry Morgan

  116. Q: cupid was the roman god of love, but what did the greeks call their equivalent?
    A: eros

  117. Q: What color are French Letter Boxes?
    A: yellow

  118. Q: crossword: sea duck?
    A: eider

  119. Q: What is the term for the group of plants that catch and digest insects?
    A: Carnivorous

  120. Q: The highest man-made temperature was ______ million degrees Celsius?
    A: seventy

  121. Q: What is an emasculated stallion called?
    A: gelding

  122. Q: What country borders Sudan to the North?
    A: egypt

  123. Q: an estimated ______ lab mistakes are made in the 100,000 laboratories in the u.s. every day?
    A: the millions

  124. Q: what Vitamin is Thiamine?
    A: B1

  125. Q: what color square does the white king start a chess game on?
    A: black

  126. Q: What gift is associated with the 20th Wedding Anniversary?
    A: china

  127. Q: Which is the Earth's second largest continent?
    A: africa

  128. Q: Ulna, radius, and clavicle are types of ______.
    A: bones

  129. Q: what federal agent had john dillinger gunned down by a theatre in chicago?
    A: Melvin Purvis

  130. Q: Who is the greek equivalent of the roman god Minerva?
    A: Athena

    Q: what did abolitionists try to end?
    A: slavery

  131. Q: what is the national religion of scotland?
    A: Presbyterianism

    Q: He was heavy-weight champion in boxing from 1962-1964, and known as Sonny
    A: Charles Liston

    Q: What is the main component of Brass and Bronze?
    A: Copper

  132. Q: 70's chart toppers: name the artist: song sung blue?
    A: Neil Diamond

  133. Q: group of comparatively simple organisms, called protists, that have characteristics of both plants and animals?
    A: Protista

  134. Q: indiana jones: what did indy and his father use to drive to berlin in?
    A: motorbike

  135. Q: ho is Tippi Hedren's daughter? (Hint: M______ G_______)

    A: Melanie Griffith

  136. Q: Name the first full length color cartoon talking picture Hint S____W___ Steamboat Willy

  137. This one isn't here:
    name the artist/band: michelle? (Hint: t__ o__________)
    answer: The overlanders

  138. who recorded the album 'extraterrestrial live' in 1982?

    Blue Öyster Cult

  139. In snooker, how many points are accumulated in a perfect break?


  140. which white american won the 1998 us ladies open tennis championship?

    Lindsay Davenport

  141. Ladd in his element as a soft-spoken but iron-willed railroad agent whose hot-headed best friend becomes involved in shady dealings.(Hint: W______ S_______) Whispering Smith

  142. Q:Steve Martin's "Cyrano" was in love with this woman whose name was also the movie title. Name her?

    A: Roxana

    Nope. Charlie "C.D. Bales was Martin's character in "Roxanne."

  143. Q. Music: 80's chart toppers: name the artist: Angelia

    A. Richard Marx

  144. Q: Something like "what are rays originating from the sun and stars?"
    A: Cosmic Rays


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