May 24, 2010


Had been very busy with things and planning things. im organising a bbq party and everything is so messy. one important principle that i need is to follow is to stick with whats finalised. just because someone says certain things would not be enough, you have to discuss and change the quantity you're planning to buy. but then afterwards, someone else tells you that the changes youve made will cause surplus (im talking about things like chicken wings so yeah...) very annoying...zzz...

past week...busy...coming week...busier...luckily Daniel replied my message and told me he will take over my task he asked me to help for...but still i have other things to worry about...and church camp is this friday, means i have to go back on thursday night, which also means i have to miss the outing with the new hostelians...zzz...sad...

Methodist Youth Fellowship Week
(taken by uncle patrick)
what i had been up from last month till yesterday. nice X)
Glory goes to God!

btw during the closing song, my B sting sort of snapped 0.0,,,like seriously...i only realised it when i heard vibrating sounds coming out of it when i hit the string...seemed that it went loose...giler...too tensioned i guess XD

so for the coming week i pray that i will be ableto stay healthy and awake in all my classes...:P

*i hope its okay to use the images :X im using them without the owner's permission


  1. you attend methodist church? is it the one beside epf?

  2. yeah...but more of like behind epf...Trinity Methodist Church is the name :)


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