Apr 29, 2010

Mid Valley

my brother went into a bible quiz held in our church unwillingly and got himself 2 movie tickets...so our initial plan was to watch The Clash Of The Titans in 3D. chen yi said it was bad in 3D, but wth...so we went to the counter and that receptionist ws like TCOTT is not '*' yet...and most of the other movies were unapropriate for my brother's age, so we went to watch TCOTT in normal dimension instead...zzz

it was my 'friend's' birthday btw so we went to look for something for her last minute...
can you believe that the whole mid valley had no good sesame street items to offer?

anyways...panasonic had an exhibitions and here are the pictures of the people at different angles...

People crowding around the new Panasonic TV with Blu-Ray Avatar on at Mid Valley.

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