Apr 26, 2010

Facebook Chat Emoticons

if you didn't know they exist, well they do!

Facebook chat Like emoticon - (Y)
Facebook's trademark thumbs up or better known as 'Like'. Needless to explain :)

 Facebook chat aiya emoticon – >:o >:O >:-O >:o >:-o
Aiiiyaaa! What did you do?! I can’t believe you said that!

Facebook chat shark emoticon – (^^^)
The second newest Facebook chat emoticon in the whole of chat, it was introduced to a vigirous welcome and is used by more chatters than almost any other! Be careful going near the water!

Facebook chat penguin emoticon – <(")
The newest Facebook emoticon, and probably also the cutest! The super penguin Facebook chat emoticon is the one to send to your girlfriend if she asks for a present!

Facebook chat woot emoticon – o.O O.o
If you can’t believe what the person you’re talking to just said, give them a w000t face! They’ll soon realise you’re suprise!

Facebook chat kiss emoticon – :* :-*
The first of the romantic emoticons to use in your chats – the kiss also incorporates a small wink!

Facebook chat wink emoticon – ;) ;-)
A cute wink can deliver any number of different meanings – just remember if you’re going to send it to your crush, make sure your girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t watching!

Facebook chat tongue emoticon – :p :-P :P :-p :p =P
Sticking out your tongue in some cultures can be very offensive, however if it’s a Facebook chat emoticon I think you won’t be sent to prison (yet!).

Facebook chat sunglasses emoticon – 8-| 8| B-| B|
My future’s so bright, I have to wear shades! But I will never wear them indoors – only movie stars do that!

Facebook chat smiling emoticon – :) :-) :] =)
The classic smiling icon, for use to show how happy you are with your life!

Facebook chat Putnam emoticon – :putnam:
There was a lot of controversy when this emoticon was first seen in Facebook chat – it turned out to be the face of Facebook engineer Chris Putnam.

Facebook chat heart emoticon – <3
Another romantic Facebook chat emoticon, this love heart can have your boyfriend or girlfriend eating out of the palm of your hand (maybe!).

Facebook chat pacman emoticon – :v
As described previously, this throwback emoticon is one of the most popular (especially among those Facebook users who were not born in the 1990s!).

Facebook chat glasses emoticon – 8) 8-) B-) B)
People with glasses are often discriminated against when they are growing up, but now glasses are seen as a fashion item (and people who don’t need them wear them!). Try it for yourself with this glasses smiley.

Facebook chat gasp emoticon – :o :-O :O :-o
Another shocked face to show your friends that you have no idea why they would say what they just said!

Facebook chat errr emoticon – :/ :-/ :\ :-\
Errr I think you need to rethink what you just said, because it makes no sense!

Facebook chat doh emoticon – >:-( :( 
Doh! I can’t believe you’re so stupid!

Facebook chat devil emoticon – 3:)
Is it a sexy emoticon or an evil emoticon? With Halloween coming up, the devil emoticon might be one of the most useful in your chat arsenal!

Facebook chat crying emoticon – :’(
Don’t cry, just pretend to (using this smilie!). Whoever you’re talking to will soon change their mind about whatever they did or said!

Facebook chat cat smile emoticon – :3
Never has a man looked so content as this one!

Facebook chat big smile emoticon – :D :-D =D
Another classic Facebook chat emoticon, the bigggg smile which can let everyone know how absolutely ecstatic you are!

Facebook chat angel emoticon – O:)
The last (but not least) emoticon, the angel, can show your pure and wholesome side (if you need help in convincing people!).

Facebook chat happy eyes emoticon – ^_^
Inspired by Japanese manga, this ‘happy eyes’ emoticon is a good way of showing your complete contentment with somebody close.

Facebook chat squint eyes emoticon -_-
Inspired by Japanese manga, this ‘squint eyes’ emoticon is a good way of showing your complete dissapointment or ''potongness'' with somebody close.

Facebook chat sad face emoticon – :(
Did someone say something to upset you? Show your displeasure with this Facebook chat sad emoticon.

Facebook chat robot emoticon – :|]
Do they robot! Show everyone you haven’t forgotten how to breakdance by adding a robot into your chats!

Facebook Red 42 emoticon – :42:
This is the newest emoticon to be added to the Facebook chat system! 42 is meant to be the meaning of life…whatever that means!

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  1. who loves vampires!

  2. 42 is a meaning of life = a position of sex...look it up ^_^


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