Apr 29, 2010

College Life Thus Far

It has been almost a year since i entered college with 2 long semesters and 1 short one and now here i am...entering year 2 in my course soon.

throughout this year ive made many new friends and will be loosing some since they will be graduating from tarc and moving on soon.
Some very great things that im proud to tell is able to get to know many people that i wanted to know...many started from facebook so THANK YOU FACEBOOK! and there also many awkward situations and moments but mananged to survived through everyone of them...
as people say, college or uni is where people try new things...but im proud in a way to tell you that ive never been to a club before :P
so is shisha or cigarretes...there are shisha outside college and its very tempting...but wth...no money so thats the excuse to not try it XD
Also its mainly because of the friends im mixing with...most of them are of good influence...but that is also subjective as what may be good to me may not be to you...but what im trying to say is they all have been good to me and i would like to thank them all for that.
Some ungrateful things that ive come across were of course the boring lectures, BMS the subject im most afraid of, a BAD ASS ROOMATE (but lets not talk about him in this post), FFKs but there were not many and friends leaving after this...
Other happy things to treasure my own laptop, internet in my room and great friends so far...
Now...i will try to remember every close friends of mine and briefly thank them individually...ready? Still with me?

John : for being my class rep who MIA a lot...but seriously, tq for helping us and being there for me
Shyne Sze : for all the guidance, movies, music, stories, interest, gossips :X, nuffnang and sharings...oh btw shes one of the reasons why i started blogging again.
Kah Fu ; great fella with a lot of philosophies and friendliness...and thank you for your warmness in offering rides X)
Patrick : for offering rides and good friends that can share things with...im sorry for teasing you last time :P
Zi Yang : almost similar with patrick also...just that dont teach us bad things so much X)
Zi Houh : for going to the AAR concert with me and sharing same interest in music, girls, dressing, lifestyles and girls XD
Yuet Xin : for the softwares and computer and technical knowledges...
Eric, Chris, Benny, Pui Mun : for the lame jokes and being good people XD
Wai Leong, Seng Keong and Kok Chyuan : for the wm gifts and guidance...and for the lameness and jokes XD
Yun Juan, Jing Yue, Hong Siew, Yen Yen, Ejie, Michelle, Li Xin, Matt, Kent, : not the closest with me but we had our laughs and tq for all the help you guys have offered me XD
If you do not know, there are like 4 groups in my class and i can proudly tell you thank i mix with everyone of them...its call socialising which some of my friends dont understand :P
Sharronne, David and Belinda ; for playing a long and thank you all for the guidance you guys have given me X) thank you very much, definitely will not forget you guys...and yes i still owe you david :x
Eunice, Justin, Karen, Jia Wen : for guiding me in CF and stuff :P
Michelle : for tagging me along to go swimming and some other movies and stuff :P
Shaun : for the WM gifts and guidance...and other CF stuff XP
Keh Guan, Tai : for sharing P1 with me and all the good times and jokes XD
See Kai, Hoi Lun, Jian Ann, Wee Fong, Gasing, Wei Lim, Daniel : for being good hostel floormates and all the lame jokes and all the good times together XD
Rachel : for your p1 and sharing interest, gossips and secrets :X
Yunni : for playing along and being a good course rep...keep on going and dont give up :) btw if you need help you can dont need find me XD
Poney : for being a good listener, friend and also for the companionship online...good everything...zzz...still got others wan but i dunno how to say X)
Abby : neh...you know i need to thank you for what de la XD

sorry i left out some very good people :P
Kristy, Esther, Kian Wai, Chee Lim, Stela C. : for teaching one another things that we didnt know before...and for being good people...all are good swimmers btw X)

im sorry if i left you out but deep inside me you know i want to thank you but this blog post is getting too long and i dont wanna split it soo....XP


ps: thanks to mami sharonne for helping out with the editting part


  1. Lucky you, are blessed with so many amazing people. ;)
    Well well. Thank you. For:
    1)being the only friend I could talk to, in ENGLISH
    2)being the one whom I can lepas geram on ;P
    3)introducing the hot chicks/friends
    4)invitation to party which I never make it
    5)for the encouragement and kind words?
    6)your cooperation on those assignments we did for the past two semester and hopefully the coming semester too.

  2. huiyo,im inside..bt im last..so sad..XD..
    u're welcome..

    thank you too..

  3. oh shynesze...you forgot about zi houh :P he speaks english too X)

  4. yay!! but how come you write until as if you are leaving tarc soon?

  5. ERM...cause i dunno how to write it properly :P


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