Feb 28, 2010

Get To Know Yourself Better

Dear Ee Rick Chan, below are your Personality Tests result:
Who is your true self: You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.
Yourself:You are really hiding your true self.
Girlfriend/boyfriend:You are a true romantic.
Relationship:You are ready to commit.
Love:You are very serious about relationships.
Education:Education is very important in life.
Job:You have many goals and want to achieve as much as you can.
Success:Success in your career is not the most important thing.
Afraid:You are afraid of having no one to rely on.

tryout yourself here


i needed some help with translation so i went to my list of msn contacts since Google translator sometimes give inaccurate translations. so i went called up this person and ask her for help. then later only i realise that she was woking while chatting. LOL.

what it looked like to her.



my personal checklist of things i need to buy and do

- chocolate 3-1 beverege.
- shampoo
filp flops
- pen
- buy LAN switch, p1 modem and registration and 15m LAN cable. (Y)
- new shoes. canvas i suppose.
- new formal shoes.

neeeeeed morrreeee casshhhh...


friend yet to be/may not be. something about her that attracts me very much. the looks in her eyes. darn.


we had bible study today. denise, nick, jon, chen yi, steve and auntyicannotrememberhername and myself were in the same group.

dadada...asked a lot of stuff...had a bit of debate there...disagreement of ideas...

but i remembered this question, good one, and probably remember it for sometime.

Denise: what would you do if Jesus will be coming tomorrow?

Jon:  be normal.- something like that. cause you cant just accept the sudden change.
Nick: go to the altar to pray. (repent i suppose) - something like that.
Chen Yi: i cannot remembered what he said.
Denise: i cannot remember.
Steve: i cannot remember also :P
Ee Rick: Post it on Facebook.

Feb 27, 2010


during lectures, especially boring ones. you will be able to see many people dozing off.

lectures eventually turns to napping sessions.

Feb 26, 2010

Friend Facts



i wanted to post up on why getting kick or whacking the testes hurts scientifically. but all that came up on google was sort of irrelevant, funny and not so accurate answers.

some said because of the many nerve endings, then something about blood, something about the abdomen and stomach. wtp, cannot find lar.

then the most logical staement i saw (or rather answer) was:

Q. Why do testicles hurt so much when hit?
A. To stop you hitting them again.

LOL. someone do a better research then post it up please. wth.


i dunno what to blog about.

thinking or sleeping?
and...what do you think of the filter used in this photo?

Feb 24, 2010


i will sumarise on what i went through the whole week and give a short update.

- timetable for the next 7 week sucks. all assignments and test are around week 4, 5. and 6. that means no MYF Youth Camp 2010 for me. great.
- my right selection key on my phone, broke/cracked.
- my roommate finally is using earphones. thats good.
- Fridays is a public holiday.
- Ive finally obtained the beast and tremor wyrm on my Facebook war metal.
- almost everyone in my class looks different.
- things are looking good so far.
- im getting lazy
- i spent too much money
- Finally fixed my microsoft office problem.
- FINALLY finalised on registering and installing p1 WiMax next week with my friends
- FINALLY manage to get the Adobe Photoshop CS4 and install it AND ts super hard to use.

Finaly kau tim and manage to post up this post. Wth.

Feb 21, 2010


my 3rd semester is starting tomorrow. Its by far the busiest semester. 3 subject with 2 lectures and 2 tutorials per subject in a week to be completed in a 7 weeks. Luckily i do not have any day offs. People will brag about their day offs but then again, that is before they go through so many classes in a week. Good for us as we have 5 days for all the torture but they have to pack everything in 4 days. Whos better off now? ngek ngek...

Feb 20, 2010

Hotlink Youth Club

Hotlink Youth Club SMS rate from Maxis/Hotlink to other operators will be revised from 5sen to 6sen effective 19Mar. For info, visit www.hotlink.com.my.

im sure you members out there would have received this message by now already. wth, 1 cents increase. LOL.

and this was their rate before compared to others just so you know

Feb 19, 2010


This is what happens when you dont leave your mark on the images you upload to anywhere online.

The Original Image taken by my mother

(The Initial one I cropped and edited)

but somehow later...

(the result after being stolen on facebook and re-edited by one of the girls above)

stolen sounds means but wth. the credit will somehow go the other person who re-edited it to make it look 'better' even if it might or might not. whatever.

its not the picture or whatsoever that matters, its the principle. the law. the rights. the respect.

Aside from this pragmatic reason found in social contract ethical theory there is the fact we possess empathy. You know how it feels to work hard for something and how you would feel if that something were taken away unfairly from you. This should help you to understand why you should not do such a thing to others nor they to you.

HERE (its where i got the above paragraph above from) on why we shouldn't steal. LOL.

so the lesson here is, if you want to share your photos online, literally, as in for them to see only, not for others to use them for their for own purposes, leave your trademark or mark on it. even if its a picture you randomly took or something. people are selfish to screw it. Its your hard work and effort.

unless if you dont mind people using it so its a different matter lar...

HERE to have a brief knowledge on image editing.

sorry for reading me whine on small matters.

Feb 18, 2010


sorry for the misleading title...

however this IS a photo taken at my church....
(taken quite some time ago)

Feb 17, 2010


went out with few of my ex collegues from papa john's last week at TS...

1 sarawakian girl, 1 Chinese and   4  5 Malay boys.

We were suppose to be there at 2 but i reached there 40 minutes earlier due to the time inconvinience of 2. But Joyce lagi geng cause she went there at 12.
Then, the 'rest' of them all arrived late and the last one of them met us at 3. Malaysia Boleh!

So what did 1SG ,1CB and 5MBs can or should do?

First we went to subway and Joyce tried her sandwich with all the dressings on with my dare.

Then, we went to KTV which is a very outdated like to almost to 10 years malay orientated smoky karaokay place in between of  TS, Sg Wang and Low Yat. When we went there, there were no more rooms and only the VIP room was available. The room cost rm45 per hour but since one of the malay fellas went sailing and his salary is in USD, hes a rich dude now and so he was like takpe takpe saya belanja.
The room was darn spacious for 6 people BUT the english songs they had there were like backstreet boys and some other 'old-school' outdated songs.

after that we went to pavilion, and all there was were only malay fellas and foreigners. Duh! cause all the chinese people were already home waiting for the reunion dinner. I then notice that DSLRs is the new trend among malay youths (when did these people get this rich?)...but at least its better than rempit lar...

And my malay friends cam whored. Wth.

there were more but these were the only ones that i manage to get hold of.

People can be so unpredictable. I didnt know malay dudes like to cam whore like the girls i knew and;

its amazing to see how my friends have moved on with their lives with all of them doing seperate things and when we meet up one year after, all look so different already...


seriously it was fresh.
see the blood and shit still on it.


I notice some bloggers have some certain programs or certain html stuff that disallow viewers to right-click on their page or blog...not once but ive come across many blogs that has these things on...
it could get frustfrating as the funtion of the right-click is actually to make life easier for the user...


(This is an image of what right-clicks look like on the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Ghrome, Opera and Safari)

As you can see...they all sport the same functions...reload/refresh, bookmark, print etc...
so erm, i will assume that people disallow right-clicking because they want to ensure privacy?

So let see now...what harm can the owner of the blog can possibly get if they allow right-clicking

1. saving your photo without permission?
2. copying texts from your blog without permission for whatsoever reasons?

lets see here...im sure the images bloggers post in their blog they post it in their facebook profiles as well. so whats the point of not allowing people to not right-click?
okay...let say if they didnt post it to facebook ALSO, people can still save the photo by saving screenshot and then editing it, or better yet use some snipping tools to just save their photo.

next, If readers are really that keen or desperate to copy the the text, im sure they dont mind typing it out manually la ...

what else can the right-click do to harm people until the extend where owners have to disallow right-clicking? (see the image above) Not that i could think of anymore...LOL

SO whats the point of not letting people right-click? It only makes readers' life harder and make them potong nia..

however we must rememeber it is their own blog and websites so they can do whatever they wish and we cannot stop them...

* not pointing out anyone here anyways :P

Feb 15, 2010


i dont know much about the 1Malaysia thing but if you want to see people from different backgrounds and races together, the bus is where you can see that.

black white yellow brown tall short young old. macam-macam pun ada lah.

Feb 14, 2010


Q. What could be more annoying than a jumping mouse?

A. A malfunctioned keyboard.


sorry i havent been updating my blog regularly lately...erm...
i have the drafts all in my head already...but no time to really type and post it out..
have been busy lar doing all the chinese new year cleaning all...
anyways i will post something related to a very old post of mine.

my question was 'How come there aren't any Chinese new year songs in English'.
i guess i know the answer to my question now.

most probably its because if there really are any Chinese new year songs in English, they would suck ass because by listening to those songs, it will most probably give chills to the listener especially youths since i think most of us are not VERY fond of Chinese new year songs at ALL.

another reason would be because if Chinese speaking people sings CNY songs in English, listeners will be ROFL if you get what i mean.

next, since youth nowadays listens to music all the time and they usually have a mentality of being rebellious. so whatever their parents like, they usually do not like them. therefore when their parents play Chinese new year songs, youths will automatically dislike them. so there is not even a need for CNY songs to be in English and without the youthful music listeners, the market will be surely smaller therefore they will only rugi if the record them. LOL(ignore this paragraph if you dont get it,)

this post is based on my opinion only. dont screw me too badly if you disagree with it. LOL.

anyways, have a Happy Chinese New Year and most importantly, Happy Valentine's Day to my all female readers and friends! :)

may you peeps find true love and bla bla bla no need to explain for that. lol.

and oh!
there was someone playing or rather erm...showing off their electronic firecracker outside. LOL

Feb 12, 2010


i live on the 10th floor...but mosquitoes are still able to reach my house.
now there could be only a few possibilities on why these beings are still able to do so.

1. there are takungan of waters around...but then again, a mosquito must first be able to reach that spot to breed. so that leads us to the next few points.

2. the stairs. they fly up through the stair and onto floors which has their door open,

3, the LIFT. mosquitoes are not stupid. they go in when people goes in and comes out when the lift door opens or they follow the people out.

4. erm...they got stuck to your clothes or they went in to your bag without you realising?. LOL.

5. or some idiots just like to breed mosquitoes as their pets and they let them go when they are mature enough? LOL.

(click it for the next point since i couldnt post that image without permission and paying)

6. or they could have a GPS system...

Feb 11, 2010

More Than Words

sibeh pro.

Hair Styling Products

crazy fella doing crazy stunts.
warning : dont watch if you have a weak stomach. just reminding.

Lee Hom in new Celcom Advertisement

lee hom was featured once again in celcom's advertisement. this time, a cute girl unconsciously bumps into lee hom and the stuff they were holding falls all over the floor. They then somehow tried to pick up the blackberry that fell to the floor (its to show that celcom is selling blackberry phones along with their packages lar)...then when the girl realised that she had just bumped into lee hom, she shrieked.  lee hom then walked away and the ad pun habis. LOL.

funny ad but i couldn't find the video online yet...

Feb 10, 2010


i was chatting with poney the other day...crazy random stuff we chatted about...
we were talking about friends and then lead to girl friends and boy friends.
and we came up with this 'summary'.

BEWARE when :-

a girl tells a guy '' i want to be your Good Friend '' because...

it could mean i want to be your GF a.k.a GIRL FRIEND!

or when

a guy tells a girl '' i want to be your BFF '' because...

it could mean i want to be your BOY FRIEND FOREVER!

its total bullshit i know. dont screw me if you dont like this post or find it annoying.
this is what people do when they are too free.

Ice Age in Malaysia

okay...this will be a very blur post. forget it if you dont get it and dont come trouble me :P

i went shopping with chee lim yesterday...which was successful because i finally manage to buy something for chinese new year. bought some crazy stuff and saw something which i wanted but was not worth it so i didn't get it.  also i was suppose to bang into my friend which i didn't manage to. but, thats not what i want to tell now...

as we were walking around times square we came to a corner where we saw this new 'thing'...
it looked like a haunted house when we first saw the mural but it wasnt a hounted house. GUESS WHAT IS IT?

it is a Ice Age museum sort of thing. Im not sure. i cannot find anything on the internet about it. well maybe not yet. but a staff did came to us. he looked like one of the managers there because of his approach of friendliness and fluentness in english. im not sure. LOL.'

he explain what was the exhibition about and said its not really a musuem. its more like fun plus education sort of thing and the word he use was 'funducate' i think. LOL. i cannot remember what he said but it was definitely something like that. Its built to educate people on the importance of the ice ages and he said that this thing they are doing is first in the world. People do not know much about ice age compared to times like the dinasour a.k.a jurassic era although there have already been about 30 ice ages since like 200000 years ago.

In the exhibition-musuem-thing he also said, you can see replicas of the mammoth, sabre tooth and some other not so well known species that hollywood didnt feature and also have a feeling and atmosphere of the ice age . he said, the mammoth you see in 10000 b.c is sort of wrong because its not really that big...dadada. the exhibition's purpose is also to educate people to preserve the environment sort of thing and to not kill animals and told us something about human and animal's adaption to the environment and dadada you know the drill. i did not made this thing up and please forgive me if i got the facts wrong or ter-misinterpreted!

i remembered, pricing for adults are rm12, then theres a rm9 dunno for which category...its just the test run for now BTW. its oficially opening on this friday so you guys out there if you are interested make sure you check out the local newspapers as im very sure that there will be ADs and articles reporting on this Ice Age exhibition-museum thing.

location: its somewhere above the theme park
time: this friday gua if everything goes accordingly

sorry i did not manage to take any pictures as my phone is unavailable now and i was too lazy to ask chee lim to help me take photos...

Feb 9, 2010


for the first time in my life, i spent so much money on shopping...LOL

Feb 8, 2010


if Coke is bad, then what about their chocolate McShake? its much sweeter than coke...


i do not like this subject. but tons of people take this as their major every year.
my dad is an accountant. Ive got one cousin sister from my father's side, accountant. Her sister, my cousin studying  accounting also. then there is another cousin sister and some distant cousins from my mother's side doing accounting as well. people say its easy thats why they like this subject. i for one, have nothing to say on that. BUT, one thing i cannot deny is that, all the hot girls are in the accounting course. seriously. others also got lar. but not as many. LOL

Feb 6, 2010

Simon Cowell

Simon cowell of X factor and the judge of american idol seen tooling around town in his Bugatti Veyron, the world's most expensive and fastest street-legal car.
lion dollar ride: Simon Cowell took to the mean streets of Los Angeles in his $1.2million Bugatti Veyron supercar.

With an excess of 1000 horsepower, the Veyron - built by Volkswagen - has top speed of 253.81 mph (408.47 km/h).

But clearly, poseur Simon will be content to maintain cruising speeds on LA's wide boulevards.

thats MYR(RM) 4,110,334.85 mind you.

Feb 5, 2010


typing messages on a handphone with numeric keypad sucks. its troublesome as you have to press on the same keys for lots of times...which is sick. now that my Nokia e63 has been sent for repairing, i have to use my old Nokia 6070 which sunks because its numeric keypad. QWERTY, is far more convenient as you just have to press once for that letter you want and maybe a combination or two to get the upper case or symbols...
i cant wait for my phone to come back. and since ive already moved on to QWERTY keypad almost a year ago, there is no more turning back to old school numerics anymore for my future mobile phones...lol

Feb 4, 2010


some random email adress added me on msn. this is what we talked about. LOL. (ammended for the suitability of the audience here). this is the whole history of 'us' chatting. and i played along to get responses to see how it would react.

-eerick says (6:00 PM):

--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:00 PM):

-eerick says (6:00 PM):

you are?
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:00 PM):

i'm 21/f your a male right?
-eerick says (6:00 PM):

yea i am male
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:01 PM): 
nice, I just got off work and finally got some time to relax which site did i msg you from again?
-eerick says (6:01 PM): 

youre 21/f?
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:01 PM): 

I am a little busy right now, trying to upload some new pics to my photobucket if ya wanna check them out go http://photobucket.com/JustMe3 tell me what ya think :-)
-eerick says (6:04 PM): 

--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:04 PM):

I know a way we can chat and have a better time.. do you cam? 
-eerick says (6:04 PM):
i dunno
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:05 PM): 

Well i don't do yahoo cam or any other cam because i have been recorded before... But i do know one site you can watch me on cam, that assures me no one records...
-eerick says (6:05 PM): 

which is?
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:05 PM):

I mean... Do you want to see me on my cam?
-eerick says (6:05 PM): no. its okay.
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:05 PM): 

Ok go to im wearing almost nothing :-) click here http://www.mywebcamcrush.com/Lookn4Love accept the invite on the page baby
-eerick says (6:05 PM): 

are you a real person?

(no reply for a moment)

You have just sent a nudge.
You have just sent a nudge.
You have just sent a nudge.
 You have just sent a nudge.

(i have nudgetoolscripts on therefore i can spam nudges)

-eerick says (6:08 PM):

--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:08 PM):

if it doesn't work, click the link right under my name on your msn messenger baby!
-eerick says (6:08 PM): 

--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:08 PM): 

sweet, fill out the info ur info.. i can not wait for you to see me baby let me find something nice to wear
-eerick says (6:10 PM):

nice boobs (playing along)
when are you available?
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:10 PM):

if your internet is slow the site will load a bit slow, but don't worry, you'll see me sexy!
-eerick says (6:11 PM):
are you a virgin?
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:11 PM): 

its the sites policy to ensure no minors get access to the site, so they might ask for CC to verify your age babe.
-eerick says (6:12 PM): 

i am looking for sex (bullshitting here)
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:12 PM): 

when was the last time you had any? I want it NOW! lol
-eerick says (6:12 PM):

just now (bahh)
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:12 PM):

What color Panties do you think i should wear? i might have you favorite color here somewhere...
-eerick says (6:13 PM): no need for that
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:13 PM):

Your such a good boy, i'm gonna show you what good boys deserve.. you can tell me to do anything you want me too!
-eerick says (6:13 PM): 

--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:13 PM):

Ok let me know when you get in so I can invite you directly to my cam.
-eerick says (6:14 PM): 

already got it (was playing along)
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:14 PM):

try again sweetie...looking to have some fun right now  just click on this http://www.mywebcamcrush.com/ComeSeeMe and accept the invite accept the invite on the page baby
-eerick says (6:14 PM):

f*** you
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:14 PM): 

what's with the language!?
-eerick says (6:14 PM): youre a whore
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:14 PM): 

there's no whores here!
-eerick says (6:15 PM):

i am
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:15 PM):

u have to enter a cc, atm, or debit card so they can tell your of age, thats the ony way to see me sweety :-(
-eerick says (6:15 PM): 

i have better things to see and do
f*** you bitch
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:16 PM):

k you in yet babe??
-eerick says (6:16 PM): 

*** me
--TaunyaBussink2384@hotmail.com says (6:16 PM):

-eerick says (6:16 PM):

how old are you?

(and then i blocked and deleted it)

my friend had 2 of these adds as well but she denied them, so the lesson here is do not simply add or let people add your msn AND do not give out your email if unnecessary. BTW i made up the crap so see what was the respond i would get by it.

here is another one which i found online. here is the link where you will see this guy had the same experience too same pattern of qustions. LOL..


Too Free

these people have nothing else and better to do. lol.


i realise i stick my head very near to the monitor when i use the computer. does this mean that i need glasses? or is it just a bad habit?

Feb 3, 2010


there is a wishlist of things that i want i achieve which is basically the things i want to learn and own before i get to 30 actually...some might seem impossible, some might not though...they are :-
  • own a good acoustic guitar. or guitars if i may
  • own an electric and bass guitar AND crazy pedals
  • own a super computer that can run and play any thing available
  • own a nikon DSLR camera
  • improve on playing the guitar till able to play it effortlessly
  • learn to play crazy guitar solos
  • learn to know how to play the bass more
  • learn to play the drums
the list goes on but i couldnt remember cause maybe ive already 'achieved' them or some seems to to less important now...lol?

Feb 2, 2010


random stuff.


if you do not know, i have strict parents. so, there were many things that i couldn't do and have. and so the time came for me to enter college and dadada...freedom was given. finally had my own laptop which previously i do not have a proper computer at home. so as a urban or should i say modern kid without a computer, thats sucks. a lot. i did not get to play computer games which my friends did since young and i was a little envious of them because i couldn't talk much with them since they talked a lot about games then...

today, i officially completed a computer game for the first time! woot!
old game though...Devil May Cry 4!

Nero or Dante?


hahahahahahahahahhahahaha = lol


Underwater Plane?


The £415,000 carbon fibre prototype Necker Nymph will swoop 130ft under the surface but Sir Richard, 59, is building a stronger version to go deeper than any sub has ever been.

Sir Richard said: "It is very similar to an airplane flying in the sea. You can literally do loop-the-loops."
It could eventually reach the Mariana Trench, believed to be the world's lowest spot in the Pacific Ocean.
US company Hawkes built the 15ft "winged" sub which has three 360-degree view cockpits and is steered like a plane with a joystick.
Film director James Cameron used one of their subs to look for underwater inspiration for his 3D blockbuster Avatar.


i saw it in the news earlier and decided to post about it.
whats next? underground planes?


i dont get whats the craze people especially girls have with blackberries. SO i went over the web to check on some details on the blackberry smart phones. it might get technical though. (note that the points below are highlighted but not edited so the actual meaning might vary since its highlighted but it wont vary much.)


Why blackberry?
Integrated All-In-One Device – These days the BlackBerry is a phone, email, sms, organizer, address book, arcade, media player, picture taker, navigator, chat messenger, calculator, alarm clock, best friend and more all-in-one device. bla bla bla nothing special there.

Ease of Use – A lot of well-spent thought and effort has gone into the BlackBerry’s navigation menus, which becomes apparent when you begin to use the device.

Best Email Ever – BlackBerry’s ‘push’ email can’t be beat. Whether a BES (corporate) user or BIS (consumer) user, your email will arrive to your BlackBerry the second it’s received by the server. Doesnt symbian phones does the same?

BlackBerry Appeal – It’s a common belief (often talked about in the CrackBerry.com forums) that the quickest way to boost your Sex Appeal (men & women) is to get a BlackBerry. WTH?

Community – When you get a BlackBerry, you immediately become part of a community of BlackBerry users. Meet another BlackBerry user and you will notice the instant bond you form immediately. WTH again?

Others are : BlackBerry Messenger, Battery Life, Games, Security.

Still with me?!
Alright, thats from one web. here is another:


Ten Things They Hate About BlackBerrys

The BlackBerry Browser is horrible — The BlackBerry is definitely not a device designed to effectively browse around the internet. It is truly amazing to me at just how slow and bad the BlackBerry Browser is and it has little to do with the small screen.

he color of the BlackBerry you want is always on another carrier — For the passed couple of years, you have been able to, for the most part, get the same model BlackBerry devices from each of the carriers. The major differences are in the color schemes.

No native HTML email support — Since 2002 has anyone, with the exception of BlackBerry users, sent an email that didn’t have some type rich text or HTML formatting embedded in it?

Can’t play YouTube videos — Why is it that every cool mobile phone except the BlackBerry can play YouTube Videos. I know that the BlackBerry doesn’t have the Flash player necessary to play YouTube videos. The question, though, is “Why?”

The Media Player —The BlackBerrys Media Player is so bad that RIM shouldn’t even list the ability to play music as a feature. RIM is the company that produces blackberry phones

CDMA BlackBerrys come out a year after their GSM cousins — (too technical. not highlighted)

Too many frigging BlackBerry outages — the number of major BlackBerry service outages has gone up dramatically. say what?

BlackBerry clock doesn’t automatically adjust to different time zones — not a major issue. at least not to me. :P

And there is no no.10 cause they wanted the people to state it out themselves.

other issues include : troublesome and dirty trackball, memory(ram), smses doesnt resend, you cant delete the included bookmarks.

another useful website would be http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-11309_7-6624304-1.html. A quick guide to handheld operating systems if you live in the dinosaur age.

you getting any of this? LOL.


whine  (hwn, wn)
v. whinedwhin·ingwhines
1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion.
3. To produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch: jet engines whining.

Feb 1, 2010


if you are real sensitive, you would know what im trying to say.
do you notice or realise that milks are always placed beside the breakfast cereal section?

but this is what we saw in mid valley...
pampers and breakfast cereal in the same section.

Pictures (January)

Pictures as promised.
(only my favorite ones i posted them here)

Location : TARC Hostel
Taken by : Myself
Camera : Nikon D3000 borrowed from keh guan my neighbour
more at my facebook profile here

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