Nov 29, 2009

Maxis Brodband

Suft faster, learn more is what they say...

this is what a customer said...

A warning from one consumer to another:


If you love your kids, don’t let them use Maxis broadband.
Kids who surf slower, learn slower and with the added pressure from having an unstable internet connection and constant disconnection could lead them to having suicidal tendencies at such a young age.


must be a really frusfrated customer...saw this on


been staying there for 19 years now.
i know the place like the back of my hand.
my family stays there.
all that i have is/was/will be there.
i go back every week.
i dont know why but i just have to and want to.
it feels safe there.
i am how now.

do you miss your home?
time do not wait...go home and see your beloved ones immedietly because you might not see them tomorrow...

Nov 28, 2009

English Presentation

70% complete...almost there...WOOT!
spend like 6 hours on it already :P


A real informative site...

very useful for those who saves pictures or 'cuts' pictures from the Internet...explains which formats suits which type of picture you are planning to save...

by the 7 now comes with this feature or rather program which is called 'Snipping Tools' so there is no need for the old school print screen then edit/cut thing again if you get what i mean...


Whats the first thing you will see when you go to a blog?

its layout of course!

so ive manage to fix the spacing thing which i had previously and now as you can see....more colours has been added to this blog...maybe i should include some green also since its good for the eyes :P

Rogue Vampires

(a vampire post)
was threaten by this fella who said who will destroy my tombstone just because i helped my covenant leader to help him defend his'.

Big bully a.k.a monster.

as you can see he is in level 36 where i am only in level 34...and he threaten me by telling me im next. truly a fella with big ego. i almost manage to whacked him out but hes just plain lucky. i have double the amount of his health but he manage to knock me out first but its not impossible since he is higher level than me...

to join me in my vampire world, here is the link.

for all those twilight saga fanatics out there, you guys should really join this game to experience how it feels to be like a vampire...watching some chick flick vampire movie is definitely not enough i tell you...


thats more pondan or gay pose from me. cause i think im getting good at it...wth

Nov 27, 2009


(25th of november)
YAHOO!'s youreka event thing...


i was there.

manage to get zi yang there and got oursleves cool yahoo tshirt, adidas socks and water bottle and some other cool freebies.

was recognise by the girl when went for the second freebie XD

YAHOO! ROCKS but Google rocks more. LOL.
and thank you michelle for 'ínviting' us there. :)

(i look damn gay in the photo which i did it on purpose i think wth)


this post is a little about trains again and there is nothing to be proud or brag about...
first the air-cond was down.
so we decided to change compartments...(that is what its called i think)
and then...
the dumb door closed too fast...
so i was squashed by the door with like 10 people seeing what had happened...
not really myself that was squashed but it was my bag.
the door couldnt close, and my bag was stuck in between...luckily john help me from outside to push my bag in while i was struggling to save my bag and my fa

so i would say yesterday was like the worst day i had this saying this is also because i almost pokai twice on the same

not only public back account for whichever reason was also barred from withdrawing money...and thats 3 in a row.

phone credit also kong. 4.

windows 7 update 273,1 mb. with the Internet connection in my house, it would be equivalent to forever. 5.

and btw, my bag tore when i tried to pull my bag. 6.

my its tutor cha me kau. 7

my toes bengkak because walk to much. 8.

and finally, its 4 and im hungry,

*thank you john for helping and teman-ing and sending me home today. thanks.

Nov 25, 2009


Whats with everyone? you dont need me to invite you to come wan le...i mean who am i to invite you guys?

Nov 24, 2009


Twitter's 'what are you doing' tag line is no more. Instead...'what is happening' is their new tag line/question...


17-Nov-2009: Order Received
19-Nov-2009: Work in Progress
20-Nov-2009: Manufacturing Build Complete
24-Nov-2009: In Transit

finally its almost more day before it arrives and another 2 days before i head home. :)

Nov 23, 2009


there have always been something between earphones and me. be it earphones, headphones, neckphones, clipphones, circumaural, supra-aural, earbud, or in-ear. All have one thing in common to me and that is max lifespan of 6 months. From expensive to inexpensive ones, branded to cheap, good sound quality to bad sound quality ones, sony phillips or sonicgear all the same...

its either the volume thing somes off or wire to the earphone piece comes off or disconnects(number 1) or one side of the earpiece starts to have no sound due to the disconnections of the wire or the fine wires of the plug 'putus'es or 'karat's(number 2).

im writing this post because my 3rd earphone/headphone this year has just malfunctioned yesterday.

Now anyone kind could donate one pair of new earphones to me or give me suggestions of average priced earphones that are super durable?


i hate you.


if you were observant would have notice that i have not been wearing my wrist watch for the past month. the reason for this is because there was water vapour in the watch. i dunno how it happened but its now fixed after giving it back to the factory cause its still under warranty. lol. i love my watch.


have been wearing shorts to college for the pass 4 weeks and earned the tittle malay boy for doing so.

Nov 22, 2009


ive got new taglines
1. what doing you?
2. you emo ah?


Seems like forever to arrive. Now the only thing i could do is to only hope it will arrive by this thursday...
(click on the photo to have a larger view.)


will be very dry from next week onwards. so do not ajak me to mcdonadls, pasar malam, shopping, movies, futsal, clubbing(zi yang) or jusco. LOL :P

Nov 21, 2009


she has changed...shes not what she used to be anymore...still the same in certain ways but definitely has changed...time must have been the factor...


not really a fan of korean songs but they're hot...

Nov 20, 2009


i had a weird dream few days back. i was stalked and chased by an evil witch. she was trying to kill, burn and curse me. i couldnt remember why she was chasing me though.

havent had a nightmare in a long time...

Nov 18, 2009


i think i need to clarify something...i think the baby owl that was taken care by use few weeks ago has died. i myself is not really sure of the info i get. my friend told me it died. but i went to look at it for a few times that morning. it was just plain not moving...sleeping i guess. then the gardener came, and pushed the wheelbarrow(ta pian was in it) away. so conclusion is...i do not know what had happenned to the owl...
i dont believe its dead but my friend said so...but at least it didnt had to suffer anymore right?


okay...i will compile the things i want to say in one post...

first...dont gap lui when you walk...could be embarrassing when you do something embarrassing when not looking at where youre going.

secondly...PTPN loan money fast finally been deposited. this means those that applied for the loan should have their money in their bank accounts already :).

thirdly...4 blackouts in 2 days in college. every blackout was around 20 minutes. WOOT.

Nov 14, 2009


The ptpn loan processing is so darn long. They only stated that they need 1 week for the loan to come...but now...after 3 weeks...still not here yet...


another rock has been set on my back...
looks like my responsibilities has increased again...

New Moon

what the moon ads on my blog.


Each of the pictures below has its own story...

The Owl (Ta Pian) which i think is no longer living.

Ta Pian under human care.

The AAR concert which i got for free.

The place where i worked for 2 months.

Cool Uncle i saw in section 17 pj.

Lonely girl hugging a pillar
Lonely trash.

Owner of this blog.
(picture taken 2 months ago)

most of the pictures here were taken last week...
credits: my brother's w595

Nov 13, 2009


is this really happenning? i couldnt believe this...and will not...
and should i go for it?
or should i wait longer until when the time is right? at least wait till when everything is more stable and settled i think.
should i?


i think i just managed to fish 2 fishes. big ones some more. grand prizes.
talking about grand prize...i won 2 raffles in Rogue Vampires last week. not one but two...WOOT!

woot = coincides with the gamer term and was originally an trunicated expression common among players of Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game for "Wow, loot!"



potong was and still is one of my favourite words. might sound rough but i dont care because the to stop using the word potong will be very potong LOL.
the word is also now very commercialised by the P1 Wimax advertisement until the point where anything that regards cutting someone will surely come up with the phrase 'sudah potong ah'?

anyways, i am at home now and just returned from the bbq party which i had with my classmates.
almost everything went well...
-Zi Yang advance birthday suprise went well (although can see that he suspected something was on when the guys went to hold him back).
-Everyone went there and went home safely.
-Food was sufficient until we wasted some by disposing some away (Lung Wang did it...not me).
-Nobody ffk and came.
-everyone had a great time...i think.

Now there were also many potong moments that occurred.
-Zi Yang's Matrix's brake tak makan.
-Yuet Xin's Wira's clutch tak makan also.
-Shyne our big sister and Yun Juan (Patrick's leg) didnt join us because of their boyfriends.
-Not enough of charcoal, went out to buy them, then had extra in the end.
-Brother not cooperating.
-Dumb and UNfriendly guards.
-Cannot play by the pool.
-Went out for the second time to guide Zi Houh and Matt home.
-The GIRLS FFK-ed me,

Now i would like to elaborate the part where the girls ffk-ed me,

i will upload the pictures as soon as i gather all the nice pictures that were taken.

if you went through the whole post, YOURE THE MAN or WOMAN. Cause you had the patience and determination to complete reading my useless rants and displeasures. LOL

But im fine. Its okay. Just dont ffk me especially on such big things(quite big i suppose).

Lessons i learnt tonight are:
-Girls could change their mind just like that(saying this through many past experiences)
-Chris is a good fire started
-Shyne is quite loyal after all. LOL
-DO NOT FFK PEOPLE. Could be very hurting.

Ffk= fong fei kei
Fong fei kei= rough way of saying breaking promise in cantonese

Nov 10, 2009


Wasted half an hour attending the same lecture. Didn't know group B lags one lecture behind of us in ITS.

One messages that keep flashing in my head now is to not have such high hopes because you might not get what you want.

And i cant wait for the party on thursday. Be prepared people...

Nov 9, 2009


Earned my first 25 cents from Nuffnang...WOOT :D


Finally am able upload the pictures...
The Baby Owl which was found on the 5th of november 2009
We also name it 'Ta Pian'
My friend with the owl on the first attempt to put the baby owl up.
Ta Pian

I personally suggested the name because that word is used very often by my hostel floor mates.
cool name for an owl?

i will try to accumulate and get more pictures and upload it

Nov 7, 2009

Google Translator

Google Translator totally rocks.
this is how i read my friend's chinese blogs btw...grammar might not be perfect bt at least the meaning is there...

Place To Stay

for those who will be going to the bbq party next coming thursday and would like to stay for the night...
good news for you guys
i have a place for you guys in my cousin's newly bought condo...
its empty and might smell like paint though...
but if you guys dint mind i can arrange something for you guys to sleep on...
for further information contact me at 012-comefindme... :)

Baby Owl

two days ago...
after i woke up i felt the urge to go walk around...having this feeling i would normally cycle around the hostel or just walk around my block...the owner of the bicycle was not around so i took the option of walking around.

i walked around till i reach my window. i noticed that there were a lot of bird dropings outside my window. only my window.
then only i realise that something was moving and is alive.

It was a baby owl.

i called my friend which then he took it to his room and i manage to get a few pictures.

(now due to whatever reasons, i cannot upload the pictures. i will try to upload it as soon as possible.)

We decided to put it back up the tree which was where it has suppose to have fallen from we guess. The lowest reachable nest-hole-sort-of-thing is like 3m high. The first attempt i climbed up with my friends' assistant and left the owl there. It was up there and it looked fine but it fell down not long after that. So i took it and put it in a container and leave it in my friend's room. Went to class, then ffk michelle and david.

At around 7pm, my tallest friend who also have a dlsr came back, took some shots, and put it up again for the second time.

The owl was fine for the night and stayed up on the tree the whole night.
Yesterday morning, it was on the ground again. We gave up and just left the thing there...
theres nothing we can do about it...the odds of the owl are only die of hunger, eaten by cats, drown by the rain, eaten by other animals or died of coldness only.

It should still be alive now but im not sure...if you want to look for it you can try going to J block and the window outside of G008. Its somewhere under the tree.

Nov 5, 2009

Big or Small?

SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big SMALL big.

this is a pointless post. thank you for reading.


Would having a baby owl as a pet be cool?

Nov 4, 2009


This blog is now officially able to be googled, yahooed, or binged. And could be found by whichever other search engines as well.

Nov 2, 2009

The All-American Reject Concert

will try to tell you about the concert as simple as possible...

had two things in mind throughout the whole concert
-chilled F&N Ice Cream Soda
-chilled 100 plus

the concert was
-very potong
-very sweaty
-very sticky

-it rained
-went back early
-missed their single GIVES YOU HELL
-didn't get any souvenir
-DIGI organised it badly
-15000 people went and i was one of them

would like to thank
-Bob for getting me the tickets
-Edwin for getting me the tickets also
-Zi Houh for going with me
-Mei Yee for letting me tag along
-and Zi Houh again for making me miss GIVES YOU HELL. You owe me big time.

Happy Ending

its great everyone is happy and satisfied in the end.
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