Oct 31, 2009


those new ads on this blog was super confusing to put on.
the guide that they provided is outdated.



this is the day that i've been waiting for the whole month. The All-American Rejects concert is today and Halloween day is on in Rogue Vampires. Its' the most anticipated event in the game ad obviously its because we're vampires and we get to roam freely with the mortals without them knowing that we're vampires.

Have a happy day ahead.

Oct 30, 2009


I just found out that the word 'screw' could bring the exact same meaning with the most common 4 letter english vulgar word.

I feel

i feel that

-i will have bad hair day tomorrow
-it will rain during the concert
-its going to be very awkward
-its going to be very very potong
-i will feel like dipermainkan
-i feel like not going anymore
-i will not do good on monday
-i will screw up this semester again
-im going to be sick
-im very tired now
-i feel like not doing anything
-i feel like giving up.

Oct 28, 2009

Empty Post

people are always around me but i still feel weird, alone and isolated. is there anything wrong with me? or is god trying to tell me something?

Hot and Cold Water

you know the saying where they say removing oil with hot water is effective?
well personally i do not think so. I know this might sound weird but i realise that removing oil when washing dishes with icy cold water is far more effective than using hot water. best part is it does not burn your hands.


Finally a free wednesday night for myself.

Oct 26, 2009

UK Time Change

London, England, United Kingdom London is the capital of the constituent country England
When local standard time is about to reach Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 1:00:00 AM clocks are turned forward 1 hour to Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 2:00:00 AM local daylight time instead.
This means Rogue Vampire the text-based game that i've been playing for 2 years plus now will be an hour later compared to yesterday.
This also means that in the morning i will not be able to play it and do my Vala training.


by the way if you would like to join the game this is the link for you http://www.roguevampires.net/register.php?code=257

Oct 22, 2009

Oct 20, 2009

Sunday School Batch 1991

(From left: Lindston, Me, Jonathan, Rebecca, Daniel, Felicia,, Weng Yee, Mike, Andrew and another Andrew )

Had our first outing since ever.

I grew up with most of them and we've knew each other since 5. There were many more but most of them left church one by one. I could still remember the days when we were still young, joking in class and teasing each other. We still do it sometimes though but it was never the same feeling compared to when we were small.
I really enjoyed being around them even though i stoned a lot.

Now lets just hope that it does not end here and we could still keep in touch.

i know i ended it cacatly...but i cant help it

Oct 18, 2009

What if?

What happens if i call someone on the phone who is beside me and is faking a phone call?

Oct 16, 2009


Idiots are those who hog the holding poles in the train.
LRT, KL Monorail, Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM)
all the same.

i have nothing agaisnt them. hogging them are perfectly fine...but not when the train is occupied and full.

Echad People

ECHAD members are POSERS...

Oct 15, 2009

Swimming Cg (Unofficial)

Date: should be Every Thursday
Time: should be Around 6pm (tentative)
Venue: College Swimming Pool, Sports Complex
Location map: http://www.tarc.edu.my/ctour/ctourm2.htm (number 35)

The only things we are currently doing are fellowship, swimming, and more fellowship.
A activity organised to relieve stress and to fellowship. And i heard it from errol that he will straight go swimming after floorball. Now that's refreshing.

What to bring?
towel, shampoo if needed, extra garments, Swimming Attire (duh) and googles if needed.
Where do we go after swimming?
Tbr makan.
What happens if it rains?
We will look at the condition, decide and inform the people who confirm are going.

To know more you can approach David Ng at 016-askhimyourself, Michelle Tan at 017-nottelling or Ee Rick(me) at 012-comefindme :)

now did i leave out anything or anyone? scheduled

Guitar Geek

Ee Rick Chan 4486500 pts
Choong Mei Yee 872350 pts

meiyee says:
u waitla.
meiyee says:
rick says:
then wait i shall
meiyee says:
ee rick says:
meiyee says:
im gonna play everyday man

is it really that additive?

Semester Two

Ahh...2nd week of the second semester already...
All the coursework and test dates are also already given out...
Had been very lazy, distracted, busy, tired, exicited, broke and boring these 2 weeks. Dont ask me why...

Anyway, just came back from charis and realised that many of my floormates are still awake (dota-ing LAN, FIFA 10-ing while ONE is 'studying').

Had hostel cg earlier which ended at 10.30pm and four of us stayed back, went to charis, managed to get daniel along and went to the mamak. Daniel, Michelle, Shaun, Carmen and me then went back to charis for a movie marathon. We watched Pink Panther 2 and then followed by Drag Me to hell. DMTHell was very fake...and funny. Daniel and i became the spoilers and tried to guess what would happened next and laughed when we were suppose to 'freak out'. It was more of a cheating-and-convincing-myself-to-be-brave sort of thing to me. ***and your scaring thing not working michelle :)

Shaun slept halfway of the second movie and we had to wake him up to get us going Lol.

Then we the hostelians walked back and star gazed on the way and reach the hostel at 4+. The reason i went for this is because my class is at @pm :P

Best part is my phone's battery died.

*written at 5.01am 15th of oct 09
*posted at 1.46pm 15th of oct 09
***the computers here have a weird time...

Oct 14, 2009


i say LOL when i dont mean it...

Corny Name

dont ask me why i put such a corny name as my url...

it was random...

An Introduction...

i'm back ...yay?

should be as bored as my provious one...LOL?

expect only short post from me :)
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