Sep 9, 2016

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Malaysia Pricing

Hey guys I know I have no been blogging for a while because I use my instagram to micro blog instead here.

anyways I'm here to share what I've done enough research for all the Malaysian friends that are curious and want to start eating grass like me too.

What the new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Malaysia Pricing should be since its the same as the last model but with double its memory capacity.
I thought I will do this because I couldn't find it on our Malaysian tech websites yet.
You're welcome.

Sep 3, 2014

20 things

20 facts

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1.    I always have wanted to do great things in life but I am too realistic and self-aware of myself so I aim for mediocrity although I do want to achieve the best I can.
2.    There are many things in life that I want to do but I am not. Hence I always have many regrets.
3.    I think I am very sensitive to my surroundings. I use to think I have great senses but then my eyes now are less good already LOL.
4.    I take comments and critiques very personally although I try not to show. But I do accept them if they are true and I do analysis it and try to improve myself every day.
5.    I am studying Business Management / Admin if you do not know. The reason is because I am but not good enough with talking, not good with drawing, not creative enough, not smart enough to be an engineer or something like that. Hence at that point of my life I thought studying business would be safe. I wanted to be an IT guy but I suppose it’s too late for it now. Oh I do want to be a professional photographer though.
6.    I think I am a geek. And an audiophile (although I am still using mediocre gears now).
7.    I love my gadgets. Every one of them
8.    I used to be skinny. Like underweight kind. Probably about 5 years ago actually then 2 years ago I decided that I don't want to live my old life and want to improve and to become someone better so I started working out and 2 years I didn’t stop. I am less skinny now.
9.    I want to be a musician. I want to be in a band and the leader preferably but I am too shy. Actually I am in a band and it’s called ‘That Band’ but when the time where I was supposed to say something, I chose not to and hide away.
10.  I play the acoustic guitar, a bit of the electric guitar and ukulele and bass but I’m always half way to be considered to know how to play them properly. I own these instruments too btw :X
11.  I believe that I am 48% introvert and 52% extrovert. At times I can don’t talk or share certain things. If you get to know me personally, I will probably share everything to you and do things that you wouldn’t have imagined with you.
12.  Not sure if cliché or not but I take relationships seriously before I really want to ask someone to be with me. Because I am looking for a wife. Not for a girlfriend. Unfortunately my past has proved that I’ve made bad choices.
13.  I think I may have misled and disappointed many people before and I am really sorry for it even though they do not know it. I am sorry if you are one of them.
14.  My Chinese name when interpreted directly means 'Determination'. I do try to live up to my name.
15.  I am usually bullied in class because I can speak better or speak better English. By bullying I mean doing things I am forced to do which I do not wish actually.
16.  When in secondary school I became the assistant head prefect (even though I totally would’ve gotten the head position) to get to know more people and girls actually. But it didn’t help me in anyways in that aspect. LOL! Hopefully it will look nice in my CV or something.
17.  Every post you see on my Instagram I take great effort to capture the moments (although some are spontaneous and spammed), chosen and edited carefully. The editing process for a single picture itself usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes if not more.
18.  I like likes. My friends would know that. I get excited for it.
19.  I whine a lot. I think it’s because of the personality. And I share not because I think I want attention. It’s because I really am bothered by the fact and just want to say it out. Loll. I don’t think I care for the attention.
20.  I have done many kinds of job. From standing in malls to sell perfume, McDonald crew, papa john waitressing, sales / promoter jobs for property, computer stuff and concert crews and have gone to many concerts for free and see international starts that I don’t even know :P
21.  I try hard not to be a jerk and someone I hated.
22.  I’ve been attending church since I was 6. I still attend them regularly every Sunday. Although I do not have that intimate relationship with the Lord yet but I know he loves me and I am doing the best I can to love the others around me too.
23.  Now when I really like someone, I actually do pray and ask God about it. Although I am not that kind that hears him so I am still waiting for his replies.
24.  I try to please everyone and be a friend to everyone. I really do but unfortunately some still hate me for some particular reasons if not jealous for don’t know what childish reasons LOL
25.  I wrote 24 things about be because writing 20 is too mainstream.

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